Clothespin Dolls & NaNoWriMo

Clothespin Dolls in Mrs. Hammel’s Class

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Mrs. Hammel’s third grade language arts students just read the book Molly’s Pilgrim. In Carl Ashton Native Americanthe book, the children were instructed to make a Pilgrim or Native American doll by using a clothespin. Mrs. Hammel assigned her students the exact assignment, and the product can be seen on display in Pod C! Mrs. Hammel stated, “We are in awe at the creativity that many children used when constructing the dolls!”

Emma PendreyMrs. Hammel went on to explain further that Molly’s Pilgrim not only discussed the traditional Thanksgiving, but it also introduced students to modern day Pilgrims. In the story, Molly and her family were from Russia, so Molly’s clothespin doll was dressed like a young Russian girl. Students learned that it takes all kinds of Pilgrims to make a Thanksgiving!

When asked what students enjoyed most about this unit, Mrs. Hammel said that the students enjoyed receiving a bag with a clothespin, a few pieces of cloth, and two pieces of yarn. Students were allowed and encouraged to use any supplies from home to construct the Pilgrim or Native American doll. Mrs. Hammel concluded, “Each doll is unique in its own special way, just like the clothespin dolls in the book we read.”

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NaNoWriMo Takes Over Creative Writing 11-12


Have you ever tried to do something new for 30 consecutive days? It’s not an easy task, but it is exactly the challenge that the juniors and seniors in Mrs. Toflinski’s Creative Writing class have taken on in the month of November. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and people all over the world take on the challenge of writing a complete novel, start to finish, in the 30 days of November. Mrs. Toflinski explained that the adult goal is set at 50,000 words while the young writer’s goal is more flexible. For this year, the students have individual goals of completing 35,000 words each during November. That’s a total of 805,000 words for the entire class!

IMG_6073Students spent the entire month of October planning their novels for NaNoWriMo. Students completed various graphic organizers and writing activities to get them thinking about their protagonist, setting, and major conflicts. They even had a guest speaker, 2017 alumni of the year and published author, Sean DeLauder, who spoke to them about the rules of writing and how to successfully break them!

“Because NaNoWriMo is a month long project, all of our assignments IMG_6068are associated with NaNoWriMo. Students use the Schoology discussion board to update word counts and to answer exit slips. Writing assignments involve turning in about 500 to 1,000 words at a time,” said Mrs. Toflinski. She added that students have also been using FlipGrid to record video reflections regarding their NaNoWriMo progress. “It’s fun for the students because the videos only have to be about a minute in length and students can use SnapChat filters while recording the videos. Once the videos are uploaded to the grid, they can see everyone else’s video reflections.” Students were also able to use the Canva app to create their own book covers and back of the book “blurbs.”

IMG-0059Students have gone through an array of emotions through the first half of the month. “Some students started out very excited and some were very unsure of the entire project, but everyone has been writing!” Mrs. Toflinski added that she is very proud of the progress that students have made in the first half of the month. “It’s great to see their excitement when they reach a mini goal!” Mrs. Toflinski encourages everyone to check out the F Pod where the NaNoWriMo progress chart is located and to continue cheering on the Creative Writing students. A little encouragement goes a long way when taking on such a unique challenge!

Check out a sampling of the NaNoWriMo book covers below:


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“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”

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Daily 5 and Greek Myths!

5th Graders Enjoy the Daily Five


Currently, students are using the Daily 5 as their literacy structure. IMG_2483Students are working on rereading a story from Journeys in “Read to Someone” and reading an AR book of choice during “Read to Self.” Students are working on vocabulary words in “Word Work” and writing stories that have problems with humorous solutions during, “Work on Writing.” Finally, this week during “Teacher Time,” students are working in small groups learning about decoding words, specifically dividing VCV pattern words into two syllables.
IMG_2482 (1)Mrs. McKanna added that students are using the Daily 5 structure for the very first time this year! Students select the activity that they want to begin with and rotate through the centers over the course of two days. Each student spends 20 minutes in each of the 5 centers. Mrs. McKanna added, “Some weeks we might take part of a third day to finish up any writing that may require additional time or to reteach a concept if needed.” She added that everyone in class enjoys the flexibility of the Daily 5 structure. Mrs. McKanna ended by stating that students have expressed how much they enjoy the independence and choices they have been given. Students also enjoy having small group instruction during “Teacher Time”!


Greek Mythology with Mr. Myers


Mr. Myers’ second period language arts students are currently studying Greek mythology. Mr. Myers explained that studying Greek mythology is important for many reasons. img_0013First, it helps build a bank of references for students, as many stories allude to Greek mythology. It can also help with learning terms such as allusion, symbolism, theme, and different word roots. Additionally, it provides students with a chance to compare fact and fiction. Finally, the study of Greek mythology provides students with an opportunity to view life through the lens of the Ancient Greek people.

img_0015So far, students have really enjoyed the Greek Explanation Stations. Mr. Myers explained, “Students are working at three different stations. One focuses on the constellation myths, another contains an article about a supposedly sunken Grecian city, and the final station contains a video that explains why there are volcanoes on Earth. All of these stations are paired with myths that align with each topic!”

Mr. Myers went on to explain that during this unit, students will also complete a Greek Gods presentation, write their own myths, study Greek and Latin root words, and create their own mythological hero!

Welcome Annika, Mrs. Reiter’s Reading, and the Buggy Lab!

Annika’s American Adventure

FullSizeRender (19)We are honored to have Annika Mueller as our foreign exchange student this school year. Annika is from Braunschweig (or “Brunsvig” in English), Germany. Annika will be spending her school year at Northwood High School, where she will attend classes as an 11th grade student. When asked how she became interested in the foreign exchange student program, Annika explained that she has always been interested in different countries. She loves to travel, to get to know new people, and to understand new cultures. Additionally, she would like to improve her English speaking skills.

Annika explained that in order to become an exchange student, she had to look for a foreign exchange student organization. The application process was quite lengthy and included almost 100 pages of paperwork and a 30 minute interview in which she had to speak completely in English. Annika and her parents had to sign several contracts and Annika attended a weekend trip to prepare for her school year in the United States. Near the end of the application process, Annika had to apply for her Visa and go to Berlin, to the consulate. On August 3rd, her American adventure began!

When asked about the biggest differences that she has seen between her school back home and Northwood High School, she explained that classes are generally much longer and that there are no electives such as Creative Writing or Film. She added that at her home school, they do not have iPads and still use books. Finally, she stated that her school in Germany does not have athletics after school. In fact, in order to play a sport, one must join a club outside of school. This means no Friday night football games, or cheers being led by cheerleaders.

annika 1

Clearly, there are several things that Annika would like to do during her time in the United States. She would like to see Chicago and Columbus. She would like to visit New York again, though she has been to NYC two times. Unfortunately, she won’t be indulging in any American burgers, as she is a vegetarian. Annika added that she has been talking with her host family about taking a few road trips during this year. But, she concluded that just going to an American supermarket is pretty exciting!

Second Graders Learn Sequencing and Descriptive Writing

IMG_1594Mrs. Reiter’s 2nd grade reading and writing students have been working on comprehending and sequencing literature. Students read Henry and Mudge and worked in cooperative learning groups to sequence events in the story. Students have also been working on writing descriptive paragraphs about the main character, Mudge. Mrs. Reiter’s students used the iPad app Popplet to create a graphic organizer. Then, they shared their graphic organizer with the class using the Apple TV and Smartboard. After sharing, the students used details from the story as well as their graphic organizer to write a descriptive paragraph. Mrs. Reiter explained that focusing on sequencing and using details from the story allows students to understanding how events, told in order, can help aid them in comprehension. She added that students “have enjoyed using technology to create graphic organizers. Our culminating activity was creating Mudge and retelling the story.” Mrs. Reiter encourages everyone to stop by the second grade hallway to see students’ creations!


Physics Students Complete Buggy Lab

IMG_0006Mr. Kohring’s Physics students are currently working on their Constant Velocity unit and have been working on the “Buggy Lab.” During this lab, students collect data with the goal of representing the buggy’s motion mathematically and graphically. Mr. Kohring explained that later in the unit, students will be asked tIMG_0007 (2)o represent the motion of different objects in various ways, such as motion maps, position-time graphs, and velocity-time graphs. When asked what students have enjoyed most about this unit, Mr. Kohring explained that students have really enjoyed the hands-on learning and application. They have also enjoyed the opportunity to work with their classmates!