Ranger Art, Classroom Spotlights, and a Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater Coming Soon!

Take a Peek at High School Art Projects

Ms. Rohloff’s students have been very busy creating art in their fantastic new art space. Below is a preview of the art produced by our Rangers. Be sure to click on the following link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zaQVChG1xCv71WypD4o-btD6HfsXOfQMHeZanH_9HBc/edit?usp=sharing to see all of the completed art projects our Rangers have produced this fall!

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NHS Drama and Choral Departments To Host Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater!


Northwood HS Drama and Choral Departments will be hosting a Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater on Saturday, November 4th at 6pm in the school’s cafeteria. What is a Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater? Think of a giant game of CLUE, but the audience is directly involved in the problem solving to find out who the murderer really is.  The main characters of the theater will be professional actors from The Magical Mystery Theater Company from Michigan.

The story is “A Dance with Death” (a 1950’s Sock Hop that’s gone sour) rated PG-13. This 1950’s prom is a doo wop disaster! When a death on the dance floor makes this prom night a party foul, it is up to you to figure out “whodunit” and get this dance back on track. Trade clues with your guests, gather information about the crime, and reveal the one that made the dance go sour. This night of laughter and dancing is now too heavy to razz anyone’s berries, so it’s up to you to find the murderer!

Word from the bird is this is one show you will not want to miss. This night is shootin’ to be swell despite the disaster. Ladies and Gents feel free to dress in costume for the Sock Hop, or come as you are! Get ready to put on your thinking caps; you’ll need your wits about you to solve this crime!

This event is sure to be a night of fun, laughter, and great food. The food will be catered by Emily Bires of Northwood. Tickets are available by contacting Annette Slater at aslater@northwoodschools.org or by calling 419-691-3888 ext.2159. Advanced tickets are only $20 including dinner. Tickets at the door will be $25. Profits from the dinner theater will go towards the choir’s trip to Chicago and the Drama department’s spring production!

Physics Students Study Constant Velocity with Buggies


Mr. Kohring’s Physics students have been focused on objects moving with a constant velocity. Students were asked to represent the motion of an object moving at a constant velocity in the following ways: via a written description, a position vs. time graph, a velocity vs. time graph, a motion map, and a mathematical model (or equation). With these representations, students were able to make predictions and solve complex problems.

Mr. Kohring stated that students enjoyed working with the buggies  to collect data and report information on their motion. As a wrap-up to the unit, students were asked to collect information on the motion of a fast moving buggy along with a slower moving tank. With this information, students were asked to predict an exact position in which the two vehicles would collide when starting from given positions. Different prediction methods were used to accomplish this. Mr. Kohring concluded, “The students did great with this as all had predictions close to where they actually met!”


2nd Graders Investigate Service Dogs


Mrs. Reiter’s second grade language arts students are working on their research skills  Mrs. Reiter explained that students are focusing on the author’s purpose for writing a story, finding evidence to support, and analyzing and evaluating details to decide which are important to the story. The students will then take their facts and turn it into a piece of writing with a topic sentence, details, and a closing sentence!

IMG_2588Students have been researching and collecting facts on different breeds of dogs as well as how dogs are used for individuals who have an illness or disability. Mrs. Reiter explained, “We have read nonfiction stories about dogs that were heroes and we have read about different types of service therapy dogs provide people.” When asked what students have enjoyed most about this unit, Mrs. Reiter stated that students have really enjoyed looking at the different ways that therapy dogs are used to help people through their nonfiction books and informative videos!



NES Author Visit:

Author Visit 17

Northwood Fall Festival:

Fall Festival 17

Spirit Wear Sale:

Spirit wear 17

Financial Aid Night:

IMG_5751The Salvation Army Thanksgiving & Christmas Applications:


Trunk or Treat:

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Mark Your Calendars:

Friday, Oct. 13th: NES Author’s Visit Day

Tuesday, Oct. 17th: Marco’s Pizza Night

Wednesday, Oct. 25th: Fall Choir Concert / Trunk-or-Treat

Friday, Oct. 27th: NES Pumpkin Run / End of 1st Quarter!

Thursday, Nov. 2nd: Marching Band Concert

Wednesday, Nov. 8th: NES Picture Day / Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Nov. 9th: NHS & PK Picture Day / Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, Nov. 10th: No School for NES / NES Parent-Teacher Conferences





Claire’s Day and Life Cycles!

“Claire’s Day” Annual Reading Celebration

Claires Day 1

Saturday, April 8th, several of our Northwood Rangers took part in the annual “Claire’s Day” celebration at the Toledo Public Library – Main Branch. Twenty-one students were nominated by their respective teachers to receive the C.A.R.E. award (Claire’s Award for Reading Excellence), which recognizes students for increasing their reading skills. The students were awarded certificates and vouchers for a free book of their choosing. The day included free creation stations with hands-on art activities for students and their families, guest readers, author/illustrator demonstrations, and special characters in costume. The event is held annually in memory of Claire Lynsey Rubini by her parents Brad and Julie Rubini, who began the award ceremony and book festival. Below is a  list of our recipients from Olney and NES:

Sarah Xaiyarath

Hailey Carey 

Julien Chappell 

Drew Cuevas

Logan Dale 

Samantha Forbes 

Garren Hannum 

Meghan Horton 

Taylin Kretz

Ethan Leonard

Audrey Miner 

Kadence Newman 

Tyler Osley 

Jolyn Powell 

Ethan Powell 

Trenton Scaggs 

Adrian Schimmel 

Seline Starnes 

Maelyn Vendt 

Marcus Zattau 

Logan Rivera 


1st Graders Learn Life Cycles


Mrs. Duckett’s first grade students have been taking a look back at their “younger” years by comparing their baby pictures to how they look now. This unit even includes a guessing game of “Who is Who?” Students have noticed that some of them haven’t changed very much and are easy to tell, while others have changed a lot! Mrs. Duckett stated, “It isIMG_1011 fun to look back and see how much we have grown and all the things we can do now!”

Mrs. Duckett explained that the current first grade unit is all about the cycles of life, including plants, animals and us! First graders have learned that living things grow, change, and reproduce, while non-living things do not. Students have also been discussing recycling and caring for the earth. Students went as far as to “re-purpose” old, mismatched socks by turning them into grassheads! Mrs. Duckett concluding that students have really enjoyed “realizing how much they have changed and grown so far, and how much they have accomplished in first grade!”


District Reminders

Weekly Update from Principal Krontz

Check the following link for important elementary reminders including information regarding Kindergarten registration! https://www.smore.com/jfg6n


Kindergarten Registration

NES Kind Reg

Northwood Elementary Carnival 

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STARS Summer Enrichment Program

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Northwood Safety Town

Safety Town Flyer


NHS Ranger Art Show Awards

We are so fortunate to have such artistic students at NHS! Check out the NHS Art Instagram at @nhsrangerart for photos of this year’s outstanding works of art!


Ranger Construction Instagram 

We have updated photographs of our construction project on Instagram. Check out the progress at @ranger_construction

aeri9al 1


Crispen Wins Poetry Contest & Art II Studies Screen Printing

Mariah Crispen Finds A Passion for Poetry


Junior, Mariah Crispen, has found a passion for poetry! You might remember, last year, the Ranger Roundup featured Mariah’s first poetry contest win and publication. Mariah is back at it this year, as a winner of The American Library of Poetry 2016 Winter Student Poetry Contest. She once again can look forward to having her selected poem published in the collection Imagine. There are several grade divisions for this contest, and an overall winner will be selected March 30th. This winner will receive $500 and the Editor’s Choice Award. Mariah added that her poem had to meet very specific requirements. It could only be 20 lines or less and could not be a blackout or concrete poem. To be published in this contest is quite an honor, as less than 20 percent of submissions are selected for publication!

For this competition, Mariah chose her poem “It Started in May.” She acknowledged that much of her writing is rather dark, but she explained, “I believe some of the darkest writing holds the most emotion and has a deeper story.” Mariah’s selected poem is about a couple who starts dating in May. An affair takes place and someone seeks revenge. Mariah stated that she didn’t have any personal inspiration for this poem, but rather found words that rhymed and created a story based off of those words.

When asked about the benefits of having one’s poem chosen for this contest, Mariah stated, “I like to share my thoughts and writing with others.” She explained that she found comfort in Jennifer Niven’s novel, All the Bright Places, and so she hopes to provide that comfort for someone else. She added, “If my work gets published, it’s out there for others to enjoy and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I plan to continue submitting poems to every competition the American Library of Poetry has, along with any local poetry competitions, such as the Rossford competition, in which I won third place last year.”

Reflecting on her passion for poetry, Mariah explained, “I enjoy all kinds of writing. I enjoy writing poetry because you can fit so much emotion and a deep story into 20 lines with a  couple words in each. Poems can be vague, and the reader interprets it how they want.” She added that not every poem or story will have a happy ending, and the best kinds of writing are those that evoke emotion in the reader. She continued, “I always have a lot going on in my mind, so writing helps me relieve that as well.” When asked about the importance of seeking out competition and publication opportunities, Mariah stated that being published is an amazing feeling! She concluded, “I’ve never been the competitive type, but I know that I’m good at what I do and I want to share it with everyone. I found comfort in a book when I was at a dark place in my life, and maybe my writing can do that for someone else.”


Screen Printing in Art II


Art II students have recently been studying the art of screen printing. Within this unit, students create a design and cut a stencil out of Ulano film using an exacto knife. Students also learn how to stretch silk screen on a wooden frame. Once the stencil is cut, it is adhered to the silk. Students then learn how to pull a print from the frame using a squeegee and screen printing ink.

Ms. Rohloff explained that this unit gives students the opportunity to discuss various artists and to generate creative ideas. She added, “We specifically look at Andy Warhol and how his screen prints were influenced by popular culture. We also compare and contrast block printing and screen printing.” Finally, when asked what students have enjoyed most during this unit, Ms. Rohloff stated that students really enjoy the opportunity to not only create a design, but to actually print it on clothing!

Congratulations Cassidy!

20160314_144344Congratulations to fourth grade student Cassidy Genson, who won the state division of the Fire Safety poster competition. She is the first student from Northwest Ohio to achieve this recognition. A special assembly was called in her honor. State representative Troy Huth (sent by Fire Chief Frank Conway, Division of State Fire Marshall) and Northwood Fire Chief Joel Whitmore served as the presenters for the assembly. Cassidy was presented with her original artwork – framed, a certificate of her award, a bag full of minion goodies, balloons, and tickets for her family to attend the Wood County Fair, where her artwork will be displayed, later this year. Great job Cassidy; you make Northwood Proud!


Art Class with Ms. Diamond and Ms. Rohloff!

Ms. Diamond’s Sixth Grade Art Class:

Currently, Ms. Diamond’s sixth grade students are working on Egyptian Masks in collaboration with Mr. Roach’s History curriculum. The students have worked with m20151116_090434.jpgolds and made paper-mache faces that they will transform into Pharaoh’s, Gods, and Goddesses. They will work to depict their historical significance in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. The heads of animals and the colors chosen to paint the skin (for instance, females were painted yellow to represent an indoor life) are all considerations and decisions that the sixth grade artists will make. In addition to the masks, there is an incorporation of Hieroglyphs. Students will20151116_090133.jpg write their own names in this picture language. The students need to transform their mask with painting, and the
additions of collars and false beards, or headpieces and crowns.


20151116_090127.jpgMs. Diamond added that students have worked hard in between the recent musical performance they put on. Students have learned to multi-task, especially because some of the students are also band members! Ms. Diamond stated, “I have seen the students enjoy the research they do on their iPads and they have given a 20151116_090414.jpglot of thought as to how they want to represent their selection.” She explained that art takes time, and that students will most likely conclude their finished works by Christmas. These pieces will then be displayed for all to enjoy. Lastly, Ms. Diamond added, “I am fortunate to be able to witness growth, and joy in the creations of students.”


Ms. Rohloff’s Art II Class:

Ms. Rohloff’s Art II course is comprised primarily of sophomore sIMG_1392.JPGtudents. Students are currently working on Monochromatic Pop Art Portraits. Ms. Rohloff explained that this unit is important because IMG_1396.JPGit utilized digital tools, teaches technical skill and craftsmanship, and incorporates Art History. During this unit, students learn about the Pop art style, use Photoshop to alter an image, and learn about stretching a canvas, drawing an enlargement using a grid, recognizing value changes, and mixing correct paint values.


IMG_1393.JPGMs. Rohloff stated that students enjoy being able to choose an image of a person who inspires them. They also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment because they are starting with four single stretcher bars and an iIMG_1294.JPGdea and finish with a very impressive 16×20 painting. Ms. Rohloff added, “The students definitely look forward to this project!” This project has many steps and takes quite a bit of class time to complete. Ms. Rohloff concluded, “It makes me proud to see the students work so hard on this and get genuinely excited to work on it day after day.”