Learning about Penguins and Preparing for Spring Testing

Second Graders Learn about Penguins

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Penguins are the hot topic for second graders in Ms. Nice’s classroom.  
“We learned a lot about how mother and father penguins work together caring for a brand new penguin egg in Penguin Chick by Betty Tatham,” said Ms. Nice.  She explained that the book is a narrative nonfiction book, which is a true story about a topic.  20180328_131737_resized (1)

Did you know that female emperor penguins lay their egg and then the father penguins keep it snuggly warm and safe from the cold in their brood patch over their feet for two whole months?  After that, mom comes back with lots of food and takes over caring for the young penguin while the father goes to get more food. What teamwork!!!
20180327_132719_resized (1)Ms. Nice continued, “We have practiced teamwork too, working together to research 14 different kinds of penguins on our iPads and in books so that we could write research reports about their characteristics and habitats.  When our research was completed, we wrote books using the facts that we learned about our penguins.” Students had a lot of fun working together, reading books for one another, and finding out lots of new information about these birds!  The second graders also loved watching videos of penguins living on the land and swimming underwater in their natural habitats! “Penguins are a big hit in our classroom,” concluded Ms. Nice.


5th Graders Prepare for AIR Testing

Mrs. McKanna’s fifth grade ELA students are currently focusing on preparing for the Spring AIR tests. Students are spending time reviewing the skills that they have been working on all year. Mrs. McKanna explained that students have collected notes in their interactive notebooks throughout the year. Now, they are going through the table of contents and reviewing the skills listed. Additionally, students are working on an opinion essay using the OREO format in order to remember all of the aspects required to write an effective opinion essay. The “O” stands for opinion, the “R” for reason, the “E” for explanation, and the final “O” is for restating the opinion. Students have even gotten creative enough to pack two additional “R’s” and “E’s” to make a triple-stuffed OREO! Of course, students have also indulged in a few delicious OREO cookies along the way!

Additionally, students are doing other review activities such as using pairs to work their way around the room where short stories are placed on the wall. Students work together to determine main idea and theme. They work in small groups to read other cards in which they have to create a summary. Students also play “I Have Who Has” as a class. Additionally, students have found various apps whose format for questioning closely matches that of the AIR tests. Students read short stories, read paired texts, and sometimes listen to embedded videos before answering questions. Students have been able to share short answer responses from their iPads to the Clevertouch so that they can learn from one another about what makes a great response. Students have enjoyed their opportunity to “be the teacher” as they share their work on the Clevertouch board.

Mrs. McKanna added that as the testing days draw near, it is important for each student to remember to get a lot of rest each night, eat a great breakfast, and come to school prepared to focus. Each student will need headphones for the testing weeks, and they will need to have their iPads fully charged every day! Mrs. McKanna concluded, “We have worked so hard all year and soon we will be able to show what we know!”

NLS District Updates


The Northwood/Wood County Preschool, operated in collaboration with the Wood County Educational Service Center, is pre-registering for the 2018-2019 school year. The preschool programs are developmentally appropriate, play-based preschools supporting the Ohio Department of Education’s model curriculum.

The Wood County Preschool Program is an inclusionary preschool program serving children who have delays in development and children who are typically developing. Tuition, based on a sliding-fee scale, is charged for children without special needs. Children attend preschool two full days per week (either Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri).

Please contact Naomi at nstickles@wcesc.org or 419-354-9010, ext. 133 to get on the 2018-2019 mailing list. Parents who have questions regarding children who may have special needs can also contact Naomi.



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Summer Stars Program 2018


Mark Your Calendar!

 Tuesday, April 10: NEO Meeting at 6pm

Friday, April 13: Senior Citizens Luncheon at 11am

Monday, April 23: Marco’s Pizza Night 

Wednesday, April 25: NHS Talent Show at 6pm

Tues. and Wed. May 1 & 2: Kindergarten Screening 

Wednesday, May 2: 7th grade & NHS Band Concert and Awards at 7pm 

Saturday, May 5: NHS Prom 2018

Monday, May 7: Academic Awards Banquet (grades 7-12) at 6pm

Tuesday, May 8: NEO Meeting at 6pm 

Wednesday, May 9: 5th & 6th grade Band Concert at 7pm

Friday, May 11: K-2 Field Day

Saturday, May 12: Drew Murray Magic Show, 6:30pm

Wednesday, May 16: 2nd & 3rd grade Music Program

Friday, May 18: NES Carnival

Sunday, May 20: High School Choir Concert at 7pm

Tuesday, May 22: Senior Awards at 1:30pm / JH Choir Concert at 7pm

Thursday, May 24: 4th Grade Music Program

Friday, May 25: NES Olympics Grades 3-6

Sunday, May 27: NHS Graduation 

Monday, May 28: Memorial Day – No School

Friday, June 1: End of 4th Quarter – Last Day for Students

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