Polar Animals, Escape Rooms, and the Drone Rangers!

Preschool Rangers Learn About Polar Animals

Our preschool Rangers are currently focusing on a unit in which they are learning about Polar Animals. Students have had choices to play with penguins on an iceberg in the dramatic play area, search for polar animals in the sensory table, look at books about animals in the reading center, put animals in the correct habitats on a zoo magnet board, make animal habitats from play doh, and build habitats with blocks for plastic zoo animals. The preschoolers have really enjoyed the iceberg and penguins in the dramatic play area as well as songs and Clevertouch activities about penguins and other polar animals.

Mrs. Walker reminds us that Mr. Rogers once said, “Feeling good about ourselves is essential in our being able to love others…play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But, for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” In preschool, children are given the opportunity to learn through play. Activities and toys are carefully selected to give children a variety of learning experiences.

Sixth Graders Break Out of “Escape Room”

Mrs. Kaylor’s sixth grade language arts students are currently learning about point-of-view and perspective. These lessons help students to analyze texts and to determine how information is presented and why it is presented in a certain way.

Students really enjoyed collaboration in their groups to “break out” of the escape room. The activity featured several different “locks,” which required certain numbers or words to unlock. Students had to complete a series of tasks in order to receive the clue or puzzle for the lock. Then, students had to solve that clue to figure out the lock. It was challenging for everyone, but Mrs. Kaylor stated that students had a great time and were really proud of themselves each time they solved a clue. Mrs. Kaylor concluded, “It was so much fun watching students work through the puzzles and seeing what they could really do when it came to practicing point-of-view.

Have you Heard About the Drone Rangers?

Northwood Schools is always looking to add new extracurriculars for our students. Recently a drone team, affectionately named, “The Drone Rangers” has been formed in our junior high school. The team came about when Penta Career and the Challenge Center through Lake Erie West offered a drone set-up to area teachers. Mrs. Fish went to a session where teachers learned how to build and use the drones. She then gathered a group of students who were interested in drone racing. Greg Huber, a parent who is very knowledgeable about drones, has helped get more drones along the way and has helped to train using the pvc pipe gates. Mrs. Fish stated, “All of the parents have been so supportive in helping get t-shirts for the team, practicing with the kids, and having such a positive attitude with the students.”

Through this program, students are not only learning to build and fly drones, but are also learning teamwork (they have a team pilot, co-pilot, and technician, and continuously switch through these roles), build confidence, and learn organizational skills. When asked what students most enjoy about the drone team, Mrs. Fish explained, “I think the students enjoy helping each other out and being part of a team. They also like the donuts, hot chocolate, and other snacks that parents provide for sustenance!” Mrs. Fish concluded, “We have really enjoyed growing in our drone flying skills. We started out having very little knowledge of how to use and fly drones and have improved our skills by leaps and bounds!”

The Rangers currently involved with the Drone Rangers include: Garrett Hill, Marcie Hill, Nick Genzman, Jocelyn Huber, and Jet Stribrny.  These students practice every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 2:40 to 4pm in the D-Pod of the junior high wing of the school. There are a total of four competitions, once a month on Saturdays, either at Penta Career Center or at the Challenger Center in Oregon. These competitions take place from 9am – 1pm.

Reserve your tickets for “Mary Poppins!”

Ticket Information:

Tickets for this year’s show are $10 each for students/seniors and $12 each for adults. Tickets can be reserved online by using the url’s below. Tickets can also be reserved by calling the school office at 419-691-3888. This is a show you don’t want to miss!

Friday:  https://bit.ly/2RYOtEf

Saturday:  https://bit.ly/2U7yukL

Sunday:  https://bit.ly/2CC8SFd


The Northwood/Wood County Preschool, operated in collaboration with the Wood County Educational Service Center, is pre-registering for the 2019-20 school year.

The preschool programs are developmentally appropriate, play-based preschools supporting the Ohio Department of Education’s model curriculum. The Wood County Preschool Program is an inclusionary preschool program serving children ages 3–5 who have delays in development and children who are typically developing. Tuition, based on a sliding-fee scale, is charged for children without special needs. Children attend preschool two full days per week (either Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri).

Please contact Naomi at nstickles@wcesc.org or 419-354-9010, ext. 133 to get on the 2019-20 mailing list. Parents who have questions regarding children who may have special needs can also contact Naomi.





  • Sun. March 10th: Daylight Saving Time
  • Fri. March 15th: End of 3rd Quarter / NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” (opening night) at 7:30pm
  • Sat. March 16th: NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” at 7:30pm
  • Sun. March 17th: NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” (final show) at 2:30pm
  • Mon. March 18th: NEO Meeting, 8am
  • Tues. March 19th: HS Winter Sports Banquet, 6pm
  • Wed. March 20th: 5th-12th grade Band-O-Rama Concert, 7pm
  • Tues. March 26th: 7th-12th grade Choir Concert, 7pm
  • Fri. March 29th: NES Carnival, 6pm
  • Mon. – Fri. April 1st – 5th: NES Testing Week
  • Tues. April 2nd: NEO Marcos Pizza Night
  • Mon. – Fri. April 8th – 12th: NES and NHS Testing Week
  • Fri. – Mon. April 19th – 22nd: Spring Break
  • Tues. April 23rd: Teacher In-Service Day – No School for Students
  • Tues. – Sat. April 23rd – 27th: Junior and Senior NYC Trip

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