Classroom Spotlights and Coming Home Information!

Kitchen Safety in Family and Consumer Science Class

Eighth grade students in second semester Family and Consumer Science class will be learning about foods and nutrition. Mrs. Metzger explained, “We’ve started off the semester familiarizing students with the food lab rules and the kitchens they’ll be working in during our cooking labs. We also will be learning and practicing safety and sanitation while cooking.” Students will also practice reading recipes, budgeting money for meals, and analyzing nutritional content of food.

Currently, students are learning about the rules of the food lab and where the tools and utensils are located in each of their kitchens. Mrs. Metzger stated, “This is important as we will be cooking several times during the semester and students will need to follow these rules for their own personal safety and to prevent contamination of food that they’ll be working with. In addition, we’re spending time learning about how to use the equipment in their labs.”

Students have enjoyed telling stories of “kitchen disasters” that they’ve had or observed in their own kitchens. They also enjoyed watching a video of a girl doing a terrible job cooking a meal, while the students identified the many things she did wrong. Mrs. Metzger said that our Rangers did a great job identifying the food safety violations in the video. Finally, students enjoyed conducting scavenger hunts in their assigned kitchens to correctly locate the tools and utensils they will be using in their labs!

Third Grade Math with Mrs. Turner

Our third grade Rangers are focusing their energy on multiplication, as multiplying is an everyday life skill. In order for students to be able to do higher math, students must first master the four basic operations. Students are currently working on fact fluency, finding area, and using the distributive property.

Mrs. Turner stated that students love working through the twenty-six tests to earn their black belt in multiplication and 13 test to earn their division belt. You can often catch Mrs. Turner’s tweets in which our Ranger Multiplication Masters are featured!

American Government’s Study Political Ideology

American Government students have been learning about Political Ideology and what is really behind our two party political system. In order to make research fun and allow students the chance to showcase what they have been learning, they did a “Stick Political Figure.”

After doing some basic research and note taking, the Government students were given a task of identifying the differences in political ideologies and then trying to match up the political parties that would best fit their figure. Each Stick Man had to include the beliefs of the party (thought bubble), five things you can count on their side voting on (open hand), what their side stands for (legs), their sides biggest strength (heart), and their biggest weakness (heel).

They were also encouraged to add their own creative touches like adding a mirror with the person their side most admires, a house with their family values, and some kind of wallet to depict their economic concerns or beliefs. Some added famous names, images or other political symbols into their pieces in order to really emphasizes points.  

In addition to making these fun Stick Men, the students participated in an online discussion that allowed them to investigate both the two major parties as well as third parties in order for them to see how the ideologies of the Left and Right have become intertwined with our Two-Party system.

Coming Home 2019

King Candidates:

Queen Candidates:

Spirit Week Information:






  • Fri. Feb. 15th: NES Jump Rope for the Heart & Valentine’s Day Parties / Coming Home & High School Dance
  • Sun. Feb. 17th: Honors Band & Choir Performances
  • Mon. Feb. 18th: No School, President’s Day
  • Fri. Feb. 22nd: Senior Night
  • Wed. Feb. 27th: NES Spring Picture Day 
  • Sat. March 2nd: Lift-a-Thon
  • Tues. March 5th: NES Marco’s Pizza Night
  • Sun. March 10th: Daylight Saving Time
  • Fri. March 15th: End of 3rd Quarter / NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” (opening night) at 7:30pm
  • Sat. March 16th: NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” at 7:30pm
  • Sun. March 17th: NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” (final show) at 2:30pm

Roller Coasters and Flat Stanley!

Designing Roller Coasters in Physical Science

Mr. Donegan’s 9th grade Physical Science students are currently designing a roller coaster! The catch is that the roller coaster will need to stop within 10 centimeters of the end of the ride without hitting an object. In order to do this, the students will use their knowledge of the law of conservation of energy to get the marble to stop at the end of the track. The students will then calculate the potential energy, kinetic energy, and energy transfer that occurs throughout the roller coaster.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed designing their roller coasters. Mr. Donegan stated, “This unit is very math heavy, so it was nice to provide students with some ways to apply the knowledge that we have been working on in class.”

Differentiated Instruction in 1st Grade Reading Class

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade reading class students have been busy working in their reading groups. Mrs. Anderson explained that during reading groups, one group of students has begun reading The Adventures of Flat Stanley. While these students are reading their chapter books, other students work on various activities at their own level. Those students can read books of their choice, write in their monthly journals, practice their spelling words, or listen to reading using their iPads. Mrs. Anderson added, “The students like the freedom of choosing their own activity and feel accomplished when they can complete their own work independently.”

Additionally, those students who are reading about Flat Stanley, read a chapter together and dig deeper to describe characters, sequence of events, learn new vocabulary, and create things that go along with the chapter. Using this beginning chapter book allows differentiated instruction while still working to meet the first grade reading standards. Mrs. Anderson concluded, “This group has enjoyed reading and working together. They like to create their own ideas and extend their knowledge using the information they’ve read.”

CCP Night 2019:

  • Thurs. Dec. 20th: End of 1st Semester 
  • Fri. Dec. 21st: Teacher Records Day / Winter Break Begins for Students 
  • Mon. Jan. 7th: School Resumes! 
  • Tues. Jan. 8th: NEO Marcos Pizza Night
  • Sun. Jan. 20th: Drama Class Mystery Dinner “Clue” 
  • Mon. Jan. 21st: No School, MLK Day
  • Fri. Feb. 15th: Coming Home 
  • Mon. Feb. 18th: No School, President’s Day
  • Wed. Feb. 27th: NES Spring Picture Day 

Ranger Learning Experiences Abound!

JH Rangers Receive Stewardship Award for Dedication in Testing Water Quality

On Friday, November 9th,  nine junior high students from Mrs. Fish’s environmental science group in the Northwood Outdoor Classroom participated in the annual Student Watershed Watch, sponsored by the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG). Eight different schools participated in the event, which was held at the University of Toledo.

Northwood students picked their outdoor classroom at Curtice and Bradner Road to collect water samples. They tested the water along Dry Creek for several different variables including pH, nitrates, phosphates, streamflow, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and fecal coliform. Their results can be found in the presentation they gave. (Click HERE to view the presentation).

Our students won the stewardship award for their dedicated work testing water quality. This accomplishment means the world to our students because of the care they give to the outdoor classroom, which extends beyond water testing. Not only do they care about the health of Dry Creek and the flow of water into Lake Erie, but they also care about restoring the twenty acres of farmland at the Northwood Outdoor Classroom to a native habitat, with a bluebird trail, infinity loop, monarch butterfly tagging, soil testing, story walk, and seed dispersal.

Our students visit the outdoor classroom weekly to learn and care for different aspects of the environment. The Northwood Outdoor Classroom is open to the community, and we wish to share our successes with Northwood. Congratulations to these students for caring so much for the environment and putting in the dedication and hard work to make our programs successful.

You can find out more about what our students are doing in the Northwood Outdoor Classroom by following us on Twitter @nhsoesl.

6th Graders Study the Rock Cycle

Mrs. Welker’s 6th grade Science class has been studying the rock cycle, minerals, and soil as natural resources. Additionally, students have discussed how fires and storms have caused erosion, which has greatly affected many areas of the United States. One highlight of this unit are the labs completed in class. In the first lab, students identified aspects of minerals. A second lab was done in which students identified whether rock specimens were igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.

Students enjoyed learning the folklore behind the different gemstones as well as the various hands-on activities with the rocks and minerals. Students were even able to look up information related to their birthstones, such as the hardness of the gemstone, where it is mined in the world, and the folklore related to their specific gemstone. They then created posters that they shared with their classmates!

6th Grade Spelling Bee Winners

Eden Schoch, Aubree Lamb, and Lizzie Caspar are the winners of the recent 6th grade spelling bee. They will be competing against Mr. Myers’ 7th and 8th graders on December 14th for a spot in the county spelling bee!

Researching Current World Problems

Mrs. Geerken’s 6th grade gifted students are currently focusing on effective research skills and connecting research information to current issues in our world today. Students are completing an “Independent Study” in which they have chosen an individual focus topic. This topic has to relate to a current world problem. For this project, students will complete history and background research as well as current event research. They will then research possible solutions for the problem, and create a product and Google Slide presentation.

Mrs. Geerken explained that students are in the beginning stages of the project. Students are enjoying exploring their topics and learning new information. Currently, students are using Infohio (EBSCO), Newsela, KidRex search engine, and books provided by our school library, to gather information about their topics. Some of the topics include how space weather from the sun threatens our technology, deforestation, feral cats and animal shelters, illegal pet trade, and water pollution.

Physics Students Complete “Elevator” Lab

Physics students are currently focusing on unbalanced forces and how they cause objects to accelerate. Mr. Kohring explained that this unit helps clear up misconceptions about the relationships between forces on an object and the motion of that object.

During this unit, students performed an elevator lab. This lab required students to stand on a bathroom scale and record their weight at different points of travel in the elevator. Students were able to observe how their weight seemed to “change” when the elevator was speeding up, slowing down, and moving at a constant velocity. Students also drew force diagrams and used Newton’s Second Law to solve complex problems regarding forces and motion.  

Toys for Tots:

CCP Night 2019:

PENTA Career Night:

Skilled Trades Open House:


Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg
  • Mon. Dec. 3rd: Athletic Boosters BINGO @ 6pm in the AAA Building / Penta Career Night 6-8pm 
  • Tues. Dec. 4th: NEO Marcos Pizza Night
  • Tues. Dec. 11th: 5th Grade DARE Graduation @ 11:30am, AAA Building
  • Thurs. Dec. 20th: End of 1st Semester 
  • Fri. Dec. 21st: Teacher Records Day / Winter Break Begins for Students 
  • Mon. Jan. 7th: School Resumes! 

Kylie Grant & Josh Bowen Represent #OneRangerNation, Classroom Spotlights, and More!

Kylie Grant Named as Buckeye Broadband Scholarship Recipient

By: Philip Brice (Class of 2019)

IMG_0070Senior, Kylie Grant, has been chosen for the Buckeye Broadband Scholarship. The scholarship grants $1,000 to eight chosen high school seniors. Out of the eight, one is selected for the “spotlight” scholarship. Gaining the spotlight scholarship grants another $2,500. Kylie will learn if she is the winner of the the additional “spotlight” scholarship in March of 2019.

To be chosen as a Buckeye Broadband Scholarship recipient, two applicants are selected from each school in the Toledo area. From those students, eight are selected. Kylie had this to say about being chosen for the eight, “I feel honored because not many people are chosen, and since I was, I think that’s crazy.” She completed an interview with BCSN discussing the scholarship. The interview aired on all Buckeye Broadband channels from October 22nd to November 5th. In April she will be attending an awards banquet with the other recipients. Congratulations, Kylie!

Josh Bowen to Represent the Wood County Teen Institute

By: Philip Brice (Class of 2019)

IMG_0083.jpgSenior, Josh Bowen, will travel to Washington D.C. later this school year. He is planning to travel in February. Josh will be representing the Wood County Teen Institute program in the Capital. He will be meeting with our states representatives and senators.

Teen Institute is a program responsible for planning events for families and teens. These events display examples of how to enjoy high school without harmful substances such as alcohol or drugs. He will be in D.C. to talk about these topics. Josh said this about the visit, “I am honored to be chosen and I am very excited to represent Wood County.” Josh will be traveling with the advisor of our Teen Institute program, Mr. Hamilton. Congratulations to Josh!


RR with Mrs. Russell


Many have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the same vein, it takes a village to run an effective and supportive school district. Mrs. Julie Russell has played an integral part of our school district for almost 20 years. The “Ranger Roundup” took the opportunity to sit down with Mrs. Russell to reflect on her time at Northwood and her current position in the high school.

“I have been in the Northwood family for 17 years. My two sons are Northwood Alumni, Erik (Class of 2011) and Nick (Class of 2013).” Mrs. Russell began as a substitute for the district and then served as a recess monitor and bus aide for four years before taking on her current position as the NHS RR (Study Hall) Monitor.

When asked what initially interested her in the position as the RR Monitor, Mrs. Russell stated that she enjoys interacting with students on a daily basis. So, when the position became available, she thought that it would be a good opportunity. She added, “Getting out of the cold was a perk for the new position!” While keeping students focused during RR time can be somewhat of a challenge, Mrs. Russell truly enjoys interacting with our Rangers and getting to know each student on a personal level. In fact, it’s the most rewarding part of her job!


Superhero Creative Writing Collaboration

IMG-0919 (1)

One of the most popular units in Mrs. Berlekamp’s Creative Writing 9-10 class is the narrative writing unit in which students work to incorporate sensory details into their writing. They use their newly developed writing skills to create children’s books for kindergarten students in Mrs. Canaday’s class. Mrs. Berlekamp explained, “The students brainstorm a conflict for their children’s book before planning the plot. They then write the text of the book and include pictures for their kindergartner to color. When the books are done, they are printed so that students can read the books together.”

IMG-0916 (1)This year, Mrs. Canaday’s students created a superhero as the basis for their personalized books. Each kindergartner drew a picture of a superhero and came up with a few powers and abilities for their superhero to have. The Creative Writing students used these ideas as the basis for their books. This week, the high school students were able to visit Mrs. Canaday’s classroom to share their books with their assigned Kindergarten student. We hear it was a great visit, and even ended with an epic dance party!  


Stress Management in Psychology Class

Students in Mrs. Schmeltz’s 8th period Psychology class just completed a unit on Stress and Health. These junior and senior level students spent class time looking at different ways stress affects individuals and then looking for solutions to such stressors. During this unit, students created projects to depict stress management and coping mechanisms. Students were given a great amount of autonomy for this project and were able to choose the manner in which to complete the project. Students particularly enjoyed the playlist version in which they were able to create a playlist that depicted stress as well as another playlist that would help to relieve stress.


Fall into Fitness

On November 2nd, the elementary students participated in the 34th annual walk, jog, run.  This year, it was called “Fall into Fitness” and the emphasis was on moving to keep your body healthy.  Water bottles for every student were purchased by the NEO and decorated in Art.  Students were encouraged to fill their bottle with water every day and choose to drink that instead of sugary beverages.

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Holocaust Memorial Center Field Trip

Each year, our 8th grade students have the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This field trip is always an eye-opening experience for our Rangers.

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NLS District Updates


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Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg

Mark Your Calendar!

Mon. Nov. 12: NEO Meeting @ 8am / Music Boosters Meeting @ 7pm

Thurs. Nov. 15: Picture Retake Day / 5th and 6th Grade Music Program @ 6:30pm

Mon. Nov. 19: Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30pm 

Wed. Nov. 21 – Fri. Nov. 23: Thanksgiving Break – No School 

Mon. Nov. 26: Teacher In-service Day – No School 

Tues. Nov. 27: School Resumes

National Bus Safety Week, Brewing Up Coffee Shop Ideas, & Creepy Crawly Writing Lessons!

Providing Safe Transportation for Students

515BrQg7VkL._SX425_.jpgDid you know that this week is National Bus Safety Week? This year’s theme, “My Driver – My Safety Hero,” reminds motorists, students and school bus drivers the important role they each have in ensuring children’s safety.

Prior to stopping, school buses display yellow warning lights that signify the bus is about to stop. Once a bus stops, flashing lights and a stop sign are displayed. Motorists approaching a stopped school bus from either direction are required to stop at least 10 feet from the bus while the bus is receiving or discharging students. When a road is divided into four or more lanes, only traffic driving in the same direction as the bus must stop. Drivers may not resume their travels until the bus resumes traveling.

From 2015 to 2017, 4,198 drivers were convicted of failing to stop for a stopped school bus in Ohio. During the same time, 4,036 traffic crashes involving school buses occurred.

“School buses remain the safest mode of transportation for students to and from school,” said Col. Paul A. Pride, OSHP superintendent. “Along with the watchful eyes of our school bus drivers, the cooperation of motorists, parents and children will make this a safe school year in Ohio.”

The greatest risk to children is when they are outside the school bus. Students need to wait for the bus drivers signal to cross and walk where the bus driver can see them.

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with NLS Transportation Director, Greg Hornstein, in regards to the safe transportation of our Rangers and the bus evacuation drills that took place at the beginning of the school year.

During these drills, the drivers were able to remind students of the exits on the bus, as well as have students practice exiting the bus through the rear door/front exit. Students were also made aware of the window and roof hatch exits available in an emergency situation. Mr. Hornstein explained that bus drills are so important so that in a situation in which the bus breaks down or in the event of a crash, students can be as prepared as possible.

Additionally, Mr. Hornstein reminded us of how important it is for our Rangers to treat the bus as an extension of the classroom, in which following the rules are just as integral. Mr. Hornstein reminded us that students should be ready when the bus arrives, not running out to the bus, as this is often times when safety problems arise.

Mr. Hornstein and the entire NLS transportation department continually do their best for the safety of our Rangers and we would like to thank them for consistently getting our Rangers safely to and from school!


Entrepreneurship Students Brew School Coffee Shop Ideas

unnamed (1) (1)

Students in Strategic Entrepreneurship (a mix of students in grades 10-12) are currently working on the “School Store Operations” unit. By researching how to open and operate a school coffee shop, students are taking the first step in becoming young entrepreneurs. Topics for this unit include: organizational structure, merchandising, supply and demand, buying and pricing, inventory, staffing, and customer service.

IMG_0426 (1)These students are currently developing a merchandising product mix for the school coffee shop. Students find actual vendors and quotes for the products needed to run the store (cups, equipment, flavoring, baked-goods, napkins, signs, coffee, etc.) as well as costs for merchandise students anticipate selling such as travel mugs, lanyards, and spirit wear.

IMG_0428 (1)Mrs. Myers added that these Ranger Entrepreneurship students have the opportunity to earn college credit through the CTAG program. She concluded, “Students most enjoy being able to design the logos for each product and are amazed at the number of items needed to ‘just sell coffee.’ Students also enjoy creating survey questions to ask students, teachers, and staff that provides valid data to drive their business decisions.”


2nd Graders Study Spiders


Mrs. Reiter’s second grade reading and writing students are currently focusing on informational writing, topic sentences, closing sentences, and fact and opinions, while using a very special creepy crawler as their inspiration…the spider!

IMG_3516Mrs. Reiter explained that students are researching, reading, and writing all about spiders. Students started by reading and researching different books on EPIC and using the internet. They picked five amazing facts about spiders and wrote them down on a graphic organizer. They then wrote two opinions about spiders and put those facts and opinions together to form a spider booklet. From there, students will use their facts to create an informational paragraph about spiders. Students will be working to create topic and closing sentences, as well as providing many details, and editing for IMG_3510proper capital letters and punctuation.

Students have been amazed at some of the facts they have found. For example, did you know that some spiders can be as big as a dinner plate? Or, as tiny as a speck of dust? Our Rangers have been hard at work and excited about their learning. So, the next time you see one of Mrs. Reiter’s second grade Rangers, be sure to ask them all about spiders!

NLS District Updates


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Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg

Mark Your Calendar!

Wed. Oct. 31: Halloween = Trick-or-Treating in Northwood from 6-7:30pm

Thurs. Nov. 1: Middle School Fall Sports Awards @ 2pm in the Cafeteria / 7-12th grade Band Concert, AAA Building @ 7pm

Fri. Nov. 2: NES Fall Parties /  “Fall into Fitness” Walk, Jog, Run

Sun. Nov. 4: Daylight Saving Time Ends 

Tues. Nov. 6: NEO Marco’s Pizza Night 

Wed. Nov. 7: HS Fall Sports Banquet @ 6pm

Scientific Method, Johnny Appleseed, Glitter Paintings and More!

Using the Scientific Method in Mrs. Sheets’ Class


Mrs. Sheets’ students have been focusing on data collection and analysis in their scientific method unit. Students have enjoyed hands on activities while collecting data such as stacking cubes, shooting baskets, standing on one foot the longest, and recording water temperature.

Through the scientific method, students have learned to ask a question, such as “Which drinking fountain is the coldest?” They then learned to make a hypothesis (an educated guess). A list of controlled varies were created to make sure the results would not be skewed. For example, for each water collection, students made sure they used the same container and the same amount of water. Then, groups were sent around the school to collect water samples. To record their data, students created a Google document. Finally, students analyzed the data and concluded that the drinking fountain in the gym produced the coldest temperature!

Third Grade Students Celebrate the Legacy of Johnny Appleseed

Audrianna Brown.JPG

Mrs. Hammel’s third grade Language Arts students recently celebrated the legacy of Johnny Appleseed. Students read several books about the famous man and created a web by collecting important information regarding Johnny Appleseed’s life. Mrs. Hammel explained, “We used the web as our foundation and we wrote a biography essay about him. We were very excited to use our keyboards during the essay writing process.” As a culminating activity, the children brought in apples, and made applesauce to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. The students said that it smelled like apple pie in their classroom all day long!

Creating Google Slides Presentations in 6th Grade ELA


Miss Murphy’s sixth grade Language Arts students are currently studying theme, main idea, and how to write objective summaries. Recently, students worked in collaborative groups to read about a historical event of their choice. Then, they created summaries of the event and a Google Slides presentation to teach the rest of the class about the topic. Miss Murphy explained that students enjoyed learning about different events in history that they were not familiar with. Additionally, students also enjoyed working together on Google Slides to customize their presentations. Many students even found extra pictures, quotes, and videos to add to their slideshows!

Glitter Paintings in Art IV


Art IV students have been working on creating levels of value using material other than paint. For this unit, students worked to create an image of glitter! The steps for creating these beautiful masterpieces include: drawing an enlargement of their image, evaluating the different levels in their image, and selecting and mixing glitter to create the right levels. Miss Rohloff explained, “This project takes some time because each value needs to set before doing the next.” She also added, “Students LOVE glitter!!! They also like the process of carefully applying the glue, shaking on the glitter, then pouring it off to reveal the image.” Miss Rohloff concluded, “My classroom is covered in glitter during this project. You can even find a trail of glitter leading out of my classroom!”

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Chalk the Walk 2018

Thank you to all of our Rangers who participated in the “Chalk the Walk” during Homecoming week!

NLS District Updates


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Tuesday, Oct. 16th is NES Picture Day. Wednesday, Oct. 17th is NHS and PK Picture Day!


Family Fun Tailgate.jpg


financial aid night_18



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400 (1).jpgWe have over 400 Ranger Alumni signed up for our Alumni Newsletter! Don’t miss the first edition, coming out this month!

Stay up to date with all the events and projects at your Alma Mater by signing up to receive the new Alumni Newsletter here:


Book Fair Shopping hours:

Tuesday, October 23: Class Previews during school;

Wednesday & Thursday, October 24-25: 9:15 AM – 6:30 PM;

Friday, October 26: 9:15 AM – 2 PM

If you are unable to attend the Fair in person, we invite you to visit our online Book Fair at Our Online Fair is available from October 17 to October 30.


Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg


Mark Your Calendar!

Mon. Oct. 15: BOE Meeting @ 6:30pm

Tues. Oct. 16: NES Picture Day

Wed. Oct. 17: NHS and PK Picture Day

Fri. Oct. 19: End of 1st Quarter 

Sat. Oct. 20: Trunk-or-Treat from 2pm – 4pm

Tues. Oct. 23: Book Fair Begins 

Wed. Oct. 24: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences / Powder Puff Game @ 7pm

Thurs. Oct. 25: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences & Financial Aid Night @ 5:30pm

Fri. Oct. 26: NES Parent/Teacher Conferences (No school for NES/NHS in session)

Wed. Oct. 31: Halloween = Trick-or-Treating in Northwood from 6-7:30pm

Thurs. Nov. 1: 7-12th grade Band Concert, AAA Building @ 7pm

Fri. Nov. 2: NES Fall Parties /  “Fall into Fitness” Walk, Jog, Run


Field Trips, NES Book Fair, Hoco Info, and More!

Classroom Routines and Butterfly Life Cycles!

Mrs. Duckett’s first grade students are currently learning all about friendships and getting classroom routines established. “First graders can tell you that it is ok to make mistakes! No stress, just try your best! We are also learning what it means to do your part – so you can be super smart!” said Mrs. Duckett.

Additionally, the students are watching the life cycle of a butterfly as eggs on milkweed have turned into caterpillars, then made themselves into chrysalis’, and finally hatched into beautiful butterflies! Mrs. Duckett’s students have released several already, and are waiting for more to hatch!

Juniors & 3rd Graders Visit the Northwood Municipal Building

Mr. Dickey’s 11th grade American Government students recently took a field trip to the Northwood Municipal Building. Mr. Dickey explained, “The trip is centered on one of the state standards that requires your child to identify and explain roles that Ohio’s citizens can play in helping state and local government address problems facing their communities.” Additionally, this trip was part of the Government Portfolio Project, which allows students to incorporate the class into their everyday lives.

20180921_134058During the trip, students met with the mayor, a city councilman, as well as having discussions with both the fire and police chiefs. Additionally, students looked at the various offices at the administration building to learn about some of the things citizens need to be aware of when they turn into adults. For example, students learned where to go to file taxes, register to vote, pay tickets, etc. The Wood County Board of Elections also provided a voting booth to show students how to use the new booths.

The juniors were accompanied by the 3rd grade Rangers to work as peer mentors, helping our younger Rangers to learn more about the community at large and the roles we play as citizens. This was the first time for this particular field trip collaboration and it was a fun and educational experience for all!  

The Northwood Local Schools libraries are holding a Book Fair during Parent-Teacher Conferences in October!

The Book Fair will turn the Lark Gym into our very own bookstore. Students, parents and staff will find hundreds of books from new and favorite authors, popular series, cool posters and school supplies, not to mention fun! The Scholastic Book Fair will be here readingfrom October 23 to October 26, and everyone is invited!

All students in PreK through 6th grades are invited to preview our Scholastic Book Fair. Those who choose to purchase books or other reading materials will be able to return on Wednesday and Thursday during school. In addition, the Book Fair will be open to all during Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 24-26.

Did you know? Reading just 20 minutes a day exposes your child to about 1.8 million words per year. Reading helps students develop a stronger vocabulary, and in addition, students who read for pleasure average higher grades in English, mathematics, science, and history!

Book Fair Shopping hours:

Tuesday, October 23: Class Previews during school;

Wednesday & Thursday, October 24-25: 9:15 AM – 6:30 PM;

Friday, October 26: 9:15 AM – 2 PM

If you are unable to attend the Fair in person, we invite you to visit our online Book Fair at Our Online Fair is available from October 17 to October 30.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Book Fair! Remember, all purchases benefit our school libraries. For more information, contact any library staff member (Kris James, Library Media Specialist; Connie Hughes, Library Aide; or Martha Willey, Library Aide).

All for Books!

all for books

Since reading is such an important skill, one that translates into improved standardized test scores and access to virtually anything, the Library staff wants to get books into the hands of as many students as possible. The Book Fair will help pump up our collection of new books, but we also want students have books of their own.

All for Books is a program that will help us achieve this goal. Elementary classrooms will compete to collect the most loose change and dollar bills that will go into our All for Books fund. We are also inviting Northwood community members and businesses to make donations towards All for Books. Every penny of the funds we raise will go into providing books to Northwood students. If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact Connie Hughes at for more information.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown Pre-Sale benefits Northwood Libraries

The thirteenth book in Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series goes on sale on October diary of wimpy kid30, but you can pre-order your copy and help the Northwood Book Fair at the same time. In The Meltdown, a wintry blast closes Greg Heffley’s middle school and turns his neighborhood into a battleground, complete with snow forts, alliances, betrayals, and epic snowball fights. The book retails for $13.95, but Northwood students can preorder theirs for $9. You can pre-order on Northwood’s site or send a cash or a check (to Northwood Local Schools) and the books will be delivered after October 30. Preorders for The Meltdown are due on October 25 by 2:30 PM. Please email Kris James at for more information.

NLS District Updates


Congratulations to our Prince – Lucas Kachenmeister and Princess – Hadlee Young


image (5).png


mental health.png


To view the posting and to apply with a letter of interest, click on the following link:

Bus Drivers Needed.jpg


Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg

Mark Your Calendar!

Tues. Oct. 2: NEO Marco’s Pizza Night

Fri. Oct. 5: Homecoming 

Sat. Oct. 6: NHS Homecoming Dance @ 8pm

Tues. Oct. 9: 7-12 Choir Concert, AAA Building Auditorium @ 7pm 

Mon. Oct. 15: BOE Meeting @ 6:30pm

Tues. Oct. 16: NES Picture Day

Wed. Oct. 17: NHS and PK Picture Day

Fri. Oct. 19: End of 1st Quarter 

Tues. Oct. 23: Book Fair Begins 

Wed. Oct. 24: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thurs. Oct. 25: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences & Financial Aid Night @ 5:30pm

Fri. Oct. 26: NES Parent/Teacher Conferences (No school for NES/NHS in session)

Mr. Johnson to Lead NHS, New Faces, and Mrs. Canaday’s Kindergarten Class!

Mr. Erik Johnson to Lead NHS in the 2018-2019 School Year


Erik Johnson is no stranger to the hallways of Northwood Local Schools. In fact, Mr. Johnson has spent his entire 18 year professional career helping to educate and lead our Rangers. Mr. Johnson was first hired as a Social Studies teacher. Since then, he has acted as the Athletic Director, Dean of Students, and Assistant Principal. This year, he is taking on his newest role as the Northwood High School Principal.

Mr. Johnson plans to continue the joint efforts between our community and schools, to grow young people into successful contributing adults. He is looking forward to working with students in a different capacity and helping them to set and reach their goals.

Mr. Johnson added, “Northwood is a special place. A place where there is a strong sense of community. A place where students have a wonderful support network, both at home and school. A culture that helps to lift one another up when needed and to celebrate all of our victories, both individual and group. I look forward to continuing to have a role in our community, being part of our support network and growing our culture here at Northwood High School.”


NLS Welcomes New Teachers to the District:

NES Welcomes Chelsea Lord as Intervention Specialist

IMG_3439This year, NES welcomes Chelsea Lord as our new second grade Intervention Specialist. Mrs. Lord is a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University in Inclusive Early Childhood Education. Most recently, she completed her student teaching experience in K-2 Intervention at Anthony Wayne Schools.

When discussing special units, projects, or lessons that her students can look forward to, Mrs. Lord said that Telling Time is one of her favorite units to teach in the second grade. She explained that her students can look forward to a fun twist on the traditional math topic, including the use of props, games, and even a rap song or two!

Mrs. Lord also shared that at her previous teaching placement, she was well-known as the teacher that would trade Pokemon cards. She explained that during arrival and dismissal, students would read her the cards that they wanted to trade. “This was a really fun, high interest activity that allowed me to interact with all students while working on basic reading skills,” said Mrs. Lord.

When asked what she is most looking forward to this school year, Mrs. Lord replied, “I am looking forward to collaborating with such a knowledgeable staff. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite teaching strategies and lesson ideas while learning what the other educators have to offer.” She added, “This beautiful new school has so many resources available. I can’t wait to put them to good use and give my students an amazing year!” She concluded, “I am just so excited to be here!!!”

Haley Eaton to Join NHS Science Department

Mrs. Haley Eaton will be joining the NHS Science Department this year, teaching Biology, IMG_3435Anatomy, and Environmental Science. Mrs. Eaton, who is entering her first year of teaching, received her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Toledo. Last year, she student taught Chemistry and Physical Science at Rossford High School. When asked about a fun fact about herself, Mrs. Eaton stated that she played flute and piccolo in band from 5th grade to senior year of college!

Mrs. Eaton is most looking forward to getting to know all of the students and being a part of the Northwood community. Some of the things students can look forward to in her class will include dissections for Anatomy, outdoor lab work for Environmental Science, as well as interactive lab work and peer teaching for Biology.

Nicole Schmeltz Joins the High School Social Studies Department

IMG_3533.jpgWe welcome Mrs. Nicole Schmeltz as she begins her first year of teaching! Mrs. Schmeltz recently completed her studies at Huntington University. She is quite familiar with Northwood, as she explained that growing up, she had a Northwood address, but lived within the Lake Local School district.

Mrs. Schmeltz will be teaching Modern World History, Psychology/Sociology, and Economics/Contemporary World Issues. When asked about her new classes, Mrs. Schmeltz stated, “I am super excited for Psychology/Sociology and Contemporary World Issues because we can focus on what the students are interested in, for instance, different personalities! For Modern World History, I am excited for the World Wars because that seems to be what students enjoy most!” Above all, Mrs. Schmeltz is looking forward to building relationships with the students, as well as staff and faculty. Mrs. Schmeltz concluded, “I am so excited to be a part of this community and can’t wait to get to know you all better!”

Matthew Shirey Chosen as Leader of Northwood Bands

Mr. Matthew Shirey brings with him five years of experience as he takes on the role of IMG_3436band director to our Rangers. Mr. Shirey begins his sixth year of teaching as he begins his new journey in Northwood. Previously, he taught K-6 Music and was the Assistant Band Director for Sandusky City Schools. This year, Northwood Band students can look forward to participating in parades, Friday night football games, the Vermilion Band Festival, a Cavs pregame performance, the winter concert, Band-O-Rama, and the annual spring concert. Mr. Shirey said, “We will be performing a lot this year!” He added, “I also have several guest artists lined up to work with the students throughout the year, such as Dr. Younglove, Vandoren Artist and Professor of Saxophone at Wayne State University.”

When asked to provide a fun fact about himself, Mr. Shirey shared, “I was supposed to play the trumpet, but after telling my band director that I was about to get braces, he told me to pick a new instrument. My dad then told me to play the saxophone because then I could ‘be Clarence Clements’ from the Bruce Springsteen Band. I ended up loving it and even made a career from it!”

Mr. Shirey concluded, “I am looking forward to working with some great students and building upon the excellence of the Ranger Bands.”

Classroom Spotlight:

Mrs. Canaday’s Students Learn Letters and Numbers

IMG_0495 (1)

Mrs. Canaday’s Kindergarten students are learning letters and numbers, the building blocks of all learning! These students are using centers to learn all about letters and numbers. Within these centers they have especially enjoyed using various manipulatives, such as snap cubes, play doh, play foam, and tan-grams, to form all of the different letters and numbers! Mrs. Canaday said, regarding her newest class, “They are a great group of kiddos who are eager to learn and they try their best!”


NLS District Updates




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Mark Your Calendar!

Thurs. Sept. 13: Key Club Blood Drive

Mon. Sept. 17 – Fri. Sept. 21: 5th Grade Camp

Mon. Sept. 17: NEO Meeting, Conference Room, @ 8am

Mon. Sept. 17: Music Boosters Meeting, Music Room @ 7pm

Tues. Oct. 2: NEO Marco’s Pizza Night

Fri. Oct. 5: Homecoming 

Sat. Oct. 6: NHS Homecoming Dance @ 8pm


Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

NLS Welcomes a New Chapter with Superintendent Jason Kozina


Our students and community members have seen lots of new changes in our administration as we start the new school year. Mr. Jason Kozina, was selected to be the 13th superintendent to serve Northwood Local Schools. During his time at Northwood, Supt. Kozina has had the privilege of serving two years as the middle school principal and the past eight years as the high school principal. The 2018-2019 school year marks Supt. Kozina’s 20th year in education, 16th as an administrator, and 11th at Northwood Schools.

Supt. Kozina is very excited about his new position and his ability to serve our Rangers in a larger capacity. He states, “We have a wonderful team of administrators leading our school with dedicated teachers and staff in every area.” At the staff Back-to-School Welcome Breakfast, Supt. Kozina spoke about his hopes moving forward and making all decisions through the lens of what is best for student performance, student growth, and student well-being.

“Northwood’s success is shown every year as our students cross the stage at graduation,” said Supt. Kozina. He continued, “Our student speakers this May spoke about how important their school connections were, and they spoke about a feeling of family and connection to teachers and friends. That aspect of Northwood Schools is more important than any standardized test and we need to continue the focus on relationships and connections that make our students feel valued and supported.” While we do this, Supt. Kozina also hopes to have more opportunities to build upon our alumni relations and explore ways to focus even more on classroom curriculum and increasing performance. Supt. Kozina concluded, “If we can accomplish a few of these goals in the coming years, we will only make our school stronger.”

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Mrs. Tracey Petteys Switches Gears as New NLS Assistant Principal

For the past 16 years, Mrs. Tracey Petteys has been known as the Director of Bands at IMG_3441Northwood Local Schools. However, this year, Mrs. Petteys has welcomed a big change as she takes on the role of  NLS Assistant Principal.

When asked what she is most looking forward to in her new administrative position, Mrs. Petteys stated, “Working with our students in the music department and being involved with many of our Northwood activities through the years, I have had the opportunity to see and appreciate how amazing our Student Body, Community, and Staff truly are. As Assistant Principal, I look forward most in continuing to build those relationships and build new relationships among the entire district while promoting a safe and positive building culture.”

Among her new responsibilities, Mrs. Petteys will continue to build upon our PBIS program that was initiated last school year. In conclusion, Mrs. Petteys left us with this final message, “Our district provides a variety of opportunities for our students. If you have the chance, get involved! The more you can be a part of in your school and community, the better your relationships and overall experience. Northwood is a great place to be!”


*Stay tuned for a feature on new NHS Principal, Erik Johnson!*


11th Graders Study The Crucible

IMG_4424 (1)Mrs. Moses’ 11th grade English classes are currently reading Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. During this unit, students act out the play and make comparison to McCarthyism.

Mrs. Moses explained, “Throughout The Crucible unit, I want students to focus on the parallels between the real ‘witch hunt’ that occurred in Salem and the figurative ‘witch hunt’ that took place during the Red Scare.”

Mrs. Moses stated that plays are always great in the classroom because everyone gets involved. Plays help keep students moving around and really work well with the new modified block schedule. She concluded, “Students love plays! They love acting in front of the class and really take on the roles of the characters.”



NLS District Updates


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 Mark Your Calendar!

Monday – Sept. 3: Labor Day, No School!

Tues. Sept. 4 – Thurs. Sept. 6: Goodwill Donation in school parking lot 

Fri. Sept. 7: Announcement of Goodwill “Pass It On” Challenge Winner at home football game

Thurs. Sept. 13: Key Club Blood Drive 

Mon. Sept. 17 – Fri. Sept. 21: 5th Grade Camp