NHS Art Show, Prom, and Academic Banquet

The Northwood High School Art Show

Over 200 projects have been displayed in the F-Pod, featuring watercolor, pencil, acrylic paint, screen printing, block printing, sculpture, plaster casting, ceramics, scratch board, oil pastel, chalk and ink. This showcase represents all of the hard work that students have put into their art this school year!

Congratulations to senior Brooke Schmitz, who was awarded “Best of Show!”

Both students and teachers alike, enjoy seeing the artwork on display. Students can be especially proud to have their work chosen for the show. The artwork fills the common areas and makes the space colorful and inviting for all students!

Students and staff in grades 7-12 voted electronically last week. Each person voted for their 6 favorite pieces. Forty ribbons were awarded, including a “Best of Show” for overall votes!

“An Evening in Venice” NHS Junior/Senior Prom

The NHS Junior/Senior Prom took place on Saturday, May 4th at Sunrise Banquet Center in Millbury, Ohio. A huge thank you to our junior class and our advisor, Ms. Blausey, for a wonderful evening!

Academic Awards Banquet

The annual Academic Awards Banquet took place on Monday, May 6th. Students in grades 9-12 were acknowledged for their academic achievements. Additionally, our “Alumnus of the Year” award was presented via Skype to Meryl (Smith) Groff, a 2004 graduate of Northwood High School. Below is her biography that was featured in this year’s program.

Meryl graduated from Northwood High School in 2004. She earned a B.A. degree in Journalism from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2008. In the last ten years, Meryl’s professional career thus far can mostly be described in one word – eclectic.

After a very impactful trip to New York City through Northwood High School, Meryl chased her dream to live there through her four years in college. In Spring of 2008, she accepted a junior level project manager position at a management consulting company in the Big Apple. Throughout her four years in the consulting world, she used every opportunity to take inventory of herself and the feedback of others to further develop and grow as a professional, hone her strengths and improve on her weaknesses. While she had achieved her dream to live in New York City, Meryl knew she would eventually want to pursue a profession that appealed to her more creative ambitions.

In 2012, Meryl was offered the opportunity to be an office coordinator at a growing television production company. In a risky move, she decided to start over in this new career, but quickly learned it was exactly where she was meant to be. Over the last seven years, Meryl has taken project opportunities that have introduced her to many new people and cultures and has cultivated a fulfilling and exciting occupation that has taken her all over the world. Some of her credits include “Dark Waters” on Discovery ID, “Secrets of the Underground” on Science Channel, “Behind Bars Rookie Year” on A&E, “Secret Space Escapes” on Science Channel, “Amish Mafia Season 3” on Discovery and “Breaking Amish Season 3” on TLC.

Currently Meryl is the Production Manager for a new documentary TV series for Travel Channel. She lives with her husband, Kevin, in Maplewood, NJ with their two cats, Frankie and Penny.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

The following students were inducted into the Northwood High School Chapter of the National Honor Society:

Mitchell Hurley      

Lydia Long               

Davonte Sauer                    

Zoe Sherman

Logan Urbanyi                    

Natnicha Vayavong

Sierra Vendt           

Christina Zielinski

The new inductees join our current members:

Ashley Crampton

Kylie Grant

Alex Hoffer

Northern Lights Acapella Choir

Congratulations to our new and returning Northern Lights acapella members for the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to another wonderful year of talented musical performances!

Safety Town:

Kids Eat Free:

STARS Summer Program:


For more information on purchasing a brick, please visit 



The Northwood/Wood County Preschool, operated in collaboration with the Wood County Educational Service Center, is pre-registering for the 2019-20 school year.

The preschool programs are developmentally appropriate, play-based preschools supporting the Ohio Department of Education’s model curriculum. The Wood County Preschool Program is an inclusionary preschool program serving children ages 3–5 who have delays in development and children who are typically developing. Tuition, based on a sliding-fee scale, is charged for children without special needs. Children attend preschool two full days per week (either Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri).

Please contact Naomi at nstickles@wcesc.org or 419-354-9010, ext. 133 to get on the 2019-20 mailing list. Parents who have questions regarding children who may have special needs can also contact Naomi.

  • Fri. May 17th – Senior Awards, 1:30pm
  • Wed. May 22nd – End of 4th Quarter – Last Day of School
  • Thurs. May 23rd – Teacher’s Records Day
  • Fri. May 24th – Graduation Practice, 12pm
  • Sun. May 26th – Class of 2019 Graduation, 1:30pm
  • Thurs. August 15th – 2019-2020 Open House
  • Tues. August 20th – 2019-2020 First Day of School!

A Final Farewell to the 2016-2017 School Year

Val and Sal Set Their Sights on OSU!

Graduation season is upon us! This week, the Ranger Roundup was able to sit down with Valedictorian Bhakti Merchant and Salutatorian Tim Hall, both of whom will have the honor of addressing their peers at the Northwood Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, May 14th.

Valedictorian Bhakti Merchant

Merchant,BhaktiDuring her time at NHS, Bhakti has made sure to keep very busy with extracurricular activities. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club (serving as Key Club President this school year), and Teen Institute. She has participated in musical, Student Council, volleyball, basketball, prom committee, and the “Northern Lights” Acapella Choir. Outside of school, she has participated in YiPEE (Youth in Philanthropy Encouraging Excellence).

In 2015, Bhakti was chosen as the Northwood representative for Youth Leadership Toledo, which extended her involvement in community service groups. Additionally, she received the Most Outstanding Soprano Award in choir for two years, as well as the National Chorale Award. She is the recipient of the Kiwanis Award and was recognized as Student of the Month this past September.

This fall, Bhakti will attend the Ohio State University to study biochemistry. Bhakti looks forward to staying actively involved and hopes to participate in either the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars Organization or the Women in Philanthropy Organization during her time at Ohio State University.  

When asked what she will miss most about Northwood High School, Bhakti stated, “I will definitely miss the suspense about the annual musical, as well as participating in all my extracurricular activities, especially my sports and acapella. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with my volleyball and basketball teams, as well as singing at concerts for acapella.” Nonetheless,, Bhakti is really looking forward to her college experience. She explained that she is looking forward to the specialization of her chemistry and biology courses, as well as the clubs and activities that she will be able to participate in outside of class. She added, “Like in high school, I also look forward to the enthusiasm and school spirit at games and other activities” Additionally, she can’t wait to take action and continue with her volunteer work.

As she looks to the future, Bhakti hopes to attend medical school to become a doctor. She is not yet sure if she wants to specialize or conduct medical research after completing her degree. However, she does plan to continue her philanthropic efforts as she completes her degree and beyond!

“To my parents, I would like to say ‘thank you’ for supporting me through all my endeavors and helping me reach my true potential with each of my accomplishments,” said Bhakti. She continued to thank the rest of her family, friends, and teachers for supporting her throughout her high school career and for making her high school experience unforgettable, stating that her high school experience would not have been as special and unique without them!

Salutatorian Tim Hall

Hall TTim Hall, having ranked second in his class, will serve as this year’s Salutatorian. During his time at Northwood High School, Tim served as an active member of our Ranger Football team. He too, will attend the Ohio State University this fall. Tim plans to study Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Exercise Science. In the future, Tim hopes to have a career in Orthopedic Surgery.

When asked what he will miss most about NHS, Tim stated simply “the people.” However, he is very much looking forward to meeting many new people in Columbus! Tim stated, “I would like to thank my friends and family, my scout leaders, and my football coaches.”


Congratulations to Bhakti and Tim, as well as the entire Northwood Class of 2017!

NLS Says Goodbye to Five Special Retirees

This year, we have five Ranger staff members that will be retiring. The Ranger Roundup took some time to speak with each of the retirees and reflect on their time as a NLS staff member.

Mrs. Smith

IMG_4807Terrie Smith has worked for NLS for 17 years. She started out as a Northwood parent who spent a lot of time volunteering within the schools. She explained that she started out as a playground aide at Lark and then moved into a library aide position at Lark until the Lark building closed. Most recently, Terrie can be found serving as the high school library aide in the high school media center.

Mrs. Smith stated that the most rewarding parts of the job for her were the times when she knew that something she said or did made a positive impact on someone else! When asked to think of a memorable story that she will always remember from her time at Northwood, she stated, “I have many, but I think the one that stands out was the time I needed to take the state test. Being out of high school for several years, I was a little nervous, but my co-workers stepped up and cheered me on and tutored me.” She continued, “There was another time when I passed a Lark school bus on my way home that had broken down. I sat with the students and read their library books to them to keep them calm while they waited. I just kept thinking to myself, ‘These are my kids.’ I wanted to be there for them.”


Mrs. Gallaher

IMG_4806Robin Gallaher has been an employee of Northwood Schools for 22 years. Mrs. Gallaher explained that while her kids were attending Northwood High School, she was asked to sub at the schools occasionally. When the study hall position opened up, Mr. Szabo encouraged her to apply. The rest she said, “is history!”

Looking back on her time as the NHS study hall monitor, Mrs. Gallaher stated, “My first year was the most memorable because I hated the job. After I got to know the students and understand them better, I realized what a great job I had.” She added, “It’s difficult to pick one special moment or story. It’s amazing to see the transformation as our students grow into adults.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of her time at Northwood High School, Mrs. Gallaher said, “The most rewarding aspect of being a Northwood employee is the wonderful staff I get to work with everyday.” She continued, “The success of my children can be directly traced back to Northwood school system and the people that helped shape their lives.” She concluded, “The jeans fairy ranks as a close second!”


Karen Donegan

12220NES Secretary Karen Donegan, also started her NLS career as both a parent and a substitute. She explained that she left AT&T after 20 years due to some of the changes in the company. She started subbing at Northwood that fall. She served as a substitute in the cafeteria, study hall, playground, and as an office secretary. She reminisced, “I remember walking into the high school office one day and told the secretary that I was available to sub anytime. From that point, I worked in the high school for a steady few months. In March of that year, I was asked to cover Lark while Mrs. Everett went to the high school. That June I was hired for the upcoming year.”

Mrs. Donegan had a hard time designating one memory as most memorable, as she explained that there were so many! “Thinking back on the good old Lark days, we had a special thing there. I know we all look back on those days fondly. Then, there was the day I cried when I went to the middle school because I was overwhelmed. I don’t think Mr. Kozina knew what to do with me! Then, NES with many more memories to be made, like doing the announcements and having an awareness day….many at NES know what I’m talking about.” She concluded, “Mr. C. was always very entertained by my announcements… so many fun memories. Thanks to all of you for that!”

A lifelong resident of Northwood, Mrs. Donegan explained that her husband and children grew up as Rangers. She added, “The best part of becoming an employee was getting to know so many more people in the community as well as the staff. I have really enjoyed the friendships that I have found at Northwood. It truly is a good place to live and work!”

Lori Kamelesky

FullSizeRender (61)Lori Kamelesky, the head cook at Olney Elementary, will also be retiring at the end of this school year. Mrs. Kamelesky has worked for NLS for 23 years. She explained that her sister-in-law worked at Lark and Olney and told her to apply. The people that she works with have been the best part of her career at NLS. She added, “I will miss the laughter with my co-workers.”
Reflecting on memorable stories, Mrs. Kamelesky stated, “When we were in the auditorium on opening day this year, Mr. Clark said, ‘Look around and say to yourself, this is the last time I will be in this auditorium for opening day, and do that all through the year as you experience your last times.’ I did it and was surprised how emotional I felt. Thanks for the memories!”

Phyllis Tucker

Bus driver, Phyllis Tucker, will be retiring after 20 years of service at NLS. She explained that her sister was driving for Northwood and told her that it would be a great job  opportunity, and so she applied! When asked about one story that she will always remember, she stated, “My coconut bus from Superintendent Ron Matter!” She explained that the relationships between students, parents, and Northwood staff have been the best part of working for NLS. Tucker concluded, “I have learned much in the time that I have spent here at Northwood. It has been an honor to work at Northwood Schools as a bus driver. As a driver, I have had the best boss and more than that, a great friend, Greg Hornstein.”

National Honor Society Inductees 

This year’s NHS Academic Awards Banquet was held Monday, May 1st. The evening started with dinner provided by our NHS food service staff. After dinner, all scholars and their parents were invited to the auditorium for awards and further recognition. The evening included the Alumnus of the Year Award given to 1996 Ranger Alumnus Sean DeLauder, and ended with the annual National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony. Below is a list of the current and newly inducted NJHS and NHS members:



National Junior Honor Society – Shellie Semler, Advisor

Current Members:

Kennedy Brossia

Mary Paengrord

Christina Zielinski

Bailey Garno

Zoe Sherman

Mitchell Hurley

Logan Urbanyi

Lydia Long

Natnicha Vayavong

New Members:

Olivia Cox

Davote Sauer

Kyleigh Derr

Sierra Vendt

Bethany Gillespie

Andrew Kozina


National Honor Society – Cristina Toflinski & Emma Elinski, Advisors 

Current Members:

Riley Bisbee

Kyle Moore

Sarah Steenbergen

Hannah Garno

Allison Roach

Allison Vogl

Bhakti Merchant

Morgan Satkowski

Hannah Moore

Zakary Sherman

New Members:

Megan Goins

Philip Ottinger

Kylie Grant

Kyra Simmons

Alyssea Hart

Tim Zielinski, Jr.

Alexandra Hoffer

Congratulations to all of our NHS Scholars on another year of hard work and dedication to academics! 


parent info District Calendar Reminders:

The end of the school year is fast approaching! Check out this list of Ranger events so that you can plan accordingly!


May 4th – Seniors Last Day of School

May 5th – Circle K “Fueling Our Schools” from 4-8pm

May 8th – 3rd – 5th Grade Awards / Athletic Boosters Bingo

May 9th – Grades K-2 Field Day / Senior Awards

May 10th – 3rd – 6th grade Olympics

May 11th – Last Day of School for Students / 6th Grade Send Off

May 14th – NHS Graduation for the Class of 2017


Weekly Update from Principal Krontz

Check the following link for important elementary reminders including information regarding Kindergarten registration! https://www.smore.com/eypcv



STARS Summer Enrichment Program

FullSizeRender (57)

Northwood Safety Town

Safety Town Flyer

Northwood Local Schools To Hold Tour Prior To Building Demolition

Northwood Local Schools invites members of the community, alumni, and guests to tour the buildings currently in operation on our campus prior to their demolition.  On Friday, October 7th those interested will be welcomed to the Northwood Elementary Building beginning at 4:00 PM in the cafeteria. There will be light refreshments, student projects, and historical memorabilia on display during that time.

The tour will travel through the Northwood Elementary building and then on to Olney Elementary. Following the tour, guests are welcome to tour Northwood High School on their own and are invited to the alumni tent, sponsored by the National Honor and National Junior Honor Society that will be adjacent to the football field.  October 7th also marks our annual homecoming festivities and football game which also takes place that evening.

For further information please call Kelly Neundorfer at 419-691-3888

NHS Valedictorian & Salutatorian, NHS/NJHS Members, and 6th Grade Guest Columnists!

Our 2016 NHS Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Mecchi_JasonJason Mecchi is our Northwood High School 2016 Valedictorian. During his time as a high school Ranger, he participated in marching band, pep band, jazz band, National Honor Society, Quiz Bowl, musical, and Creative Writing Club. He is also a recipient of the Victor Thaper Award. When asked what he will miss most about Northwood High School he stated, “I will miss the organization and regularity of having the same classes every day and seeing the same people all the time.” This fall he will attend Bowling Green State University as an undecided major. When asked what he is most looking forward to while at BGSU, he explained that he looks forward to spending more time with friends while also meeting new people in a different environment. Jason’s hopes for the future include having a family and friends that he loves, as well as a job that he enjoys. Lastly, he stated, “I want to thank all of my teachers, my friends, and my family for always supporting me.”

Sawmiller_KristinKristin (Kristi) Sawmiller is our Salutatorian for the Northwood Class of 2016. Kristi has participated in varsity volleyball, basketball, and track during her time at NHS. Additionally, she is a member of the National Honor Society and Key Club. As she ends her high school career, she will miss participating in sports and all of the fun school spirit events. This fall she will attend Mercy College of Ohio where she will pursue a degree in radiologic technology. Kristi looks forward to meeting new people and pursuing something she enjoys learning about. Her hope for the future is to provide high quality medical care to people who need it. Kristi stated, “I would like to thank my parents, teachers, friends, and coaches for shaping who I am and helping me through my journey at Northwood Schools.”

Congratulations to Jason, Kristi and the entire Northwood High School Class of 2016!


National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony


The Northwood Chapters of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society would like to congratulate their newest members. These newly inducted students completely a lengthy application process that included maintaining an outstanding grade point average, completing at least five community service hours, and obtaining a letter of recommendation, while also being scored in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The induction ceremony took place during the Academic Awards Banquet on Wednesday, May 18th. Congratulations to the following newly inducted members:


National Honor Society

Bhakti Merchant

Allison Vogl

Hannah Moore

Zakary Sherman

Hannah Garno

Morgan Satkowski

Allison Roach

Kyle Moore

Sarah Steenbergen

Riley Bisbee


National Junior Honor Society  

Bailey Garno

Christina Zielinski

Logan Urbanyi

Lydia Long

U-sa Vayavong

Mitchell Hurley


2015-16 NES Student Council

By: Max Closson, Student Council President, 6th grade

Ellee Weiss, Student Council Representative, 6th grade


Student Council began with voting for our representatives and officers. We took a poll on who would be on the student council team. Each class selected their representatives, then the whole school voted on President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Once we got those results, we gathered together on a Tuesday morning and started to make plans for the upcoming year of fun and games.

The first event we came up with was a canned food drive. We sent out flyers around the school to tell about the upcoming event. We had “Canned Food Drive” buckets and boxes around the school that the students would put the cans in. We collected lots of cans, and we sent them to the food bank to be distributed to families in need in our area. The second event came soon after. We set up posters around the elementary that told everyone to get ready for the next occasion. We were collecting blankets, towels, food, and water for the humane society, along with wearing blue and red for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We had lots of students wear blue and red that day. We also had many donations come in for the pets and animals that needed owners.

The next occasion that was happening was the clothing drive. We had over one thousand pounds of clothes brought in! We gave the clothes to Goodwill. The winning class got a pizza party, and the second place class lost by only two percent!

Our fourth event was door decorating for Right to Read Week. We had three different categories of winners. Best supporting class, best class, and best overall. The students did the door decorating, for the most part!        

Lastly, we had movie night. The students had to bring in one book to get in, and another book to get snacks. We had many books brought in that night. The students watched Hotel Transylvania 2. They liked watching the movie and talking to their friends. A little while after the movie event, we had a spirit week. This is a week where the students could dress in crazy clothes, wear their favorite hats, wear their favorite team’s colors, and bring in a pillow and blanket to watch a movie instead of doing school work.

This has been a great year for student council. We had lots of fun activities and made so many amazing memories. Thank you to everyone who provided their help and support this year. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Turner, our terrific Student Council Adviser!


My 6th Grade Year

By: Bethany Gillespie, 6th grade 



This 6th grade year of school may have been my last one at the elementary school, but definitely my favorite. The best project of the year (in my opinion) was the carnival. The sixth grade ran the carnival by creating games for the customers to play. The customers paid with tickets, to play and receive a prize. This taught us supply and demand, while we had to think about display, and customer amusement. The whole carnival had an ending profit of $6,100! The money funded an awesome field trip to Cedar Point!

This year we had 3 teachers, Miss Murphy, Mr. Roach, and Mrs. Wilson. In Miss Murphy’s room we read 2 novels, and wrote 3 big essays while working on other curriculum. The whole sixth grade read over 105,000 hours in independent read in her class. In Mr. Roach’s room we planned the carnival, made roller coasters, and took a ton of cell-fies (we learned about cells for a long time). In Mrs. Wilson’s we were able to work at our own pace, which helps children to learn faster. We also made board games and had lots of fun in her room. My three teachers have been a great help to me this year, I wouldn’t have chosen any others.

This year for me was great, it was super easy to fit in. This was my very first year in a physical school, from 1st-5th grade I have been homeschooled. At teacher conferences in the middle of the year, my teacher just then found out I was homeschooled! My teachers, school, and friends, made it super easy to be comfortable in a new school. This is the best year of school I have ever had, all thanks to the great school that picks out the right teachers, students, and staff to help each student succeed. I am very glad I came back to school, especially glad I came to Northwood school.


National Honor Society

IMG_2446The Northwood High School Chapter of the National Honor Society has been very busy this school year! On Sunday, September 27th, these students volunteered as course marshals for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, in downtown Toledo. The students cheered on the runners and walkers as they made their way to the finish line. Many participants made a point to wave and give a thumbs up to our students, and some even came right up to them to give them hi-five’s along the way to share their appreciation. The students left with raspy voices and smiles on their faces.

TTTGShow2Earlier this month, on Saturday, October 10th, the NHS students volunteered at the “Things that GO Show” at Levis Commons in Perrysburg, Ohio. Our students worked the toy tractor station, and helped many young children who participated in the event.

Next up, these students will be participating in the “Trick or Trunk” event at NHS, immediately following the PowderPuff game. This will take place next week, Wednesday, October 28th!

These students and their advisors are actively looking for more volunteer experiences, both on the weekends and during the weekdays. If you have a need for volunteers, please contact NHS advisor Mrs. Toflinski at ctoflinski@northwoodschools.org.