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Miss Marenburg Moves to Preschool

Photo Credit: Kahli Horvath, Yearbook Staff

Miss Jen Marenburg has supported NLS in various ways throughout the past few years. She started as a building substitute during the 2020-2021 school year, and served as a K-6 Strategic Intervention Teacher last school year. This year, she has taken a position as a Preschool Teacher at NES. She stated that she loved working with the preschoolers in the past and was looking for a change in environment, which led her to apply for the Preschool Teacher position. In regards to teaching preschool, Miss Marenburg says that the most challenging aspect is having a split class and only having so much time with each class. But, the most rewarding aspect is having a wonderful group of kids to work with! 

Mrs. Fish Takes a Leap to 5th Grade

Photo Credit: Kahli Horvath, Yearbook Staff

This year Mrs. Fish entered her 23rd year of teaching. After teaching 7th and 8th grade science (as well as health and reading from time to time) for 22 years, this year, Mrs. Fish took a huge leap in joining NES as a 5th grade science and social studies teacher. When asked what interested her in changing positions after so long, Mrs. Fish explained, “Sometimes people just need a change and this position was a perfect opportunity for me to try something new.” She continued, “I love my new position as a 5th grade teacher. I get excited about seeing my students every day. My students are fantastic and so excited to learn. I miss my junior high students immensely, but I enjoy when they come down to see me or I see them in the halls or at Coder Dojo.” 

Photo Credit: Kahli Horvath, Yearbook Staff

When asked about new challenges, Mrs. Fish said that she is new to getting student out to recess and buses, and dropping and picking them up from lunch, but she’s slowly getting into the routine. “I loved working with my colleagues in junior high, but my 5th grade team and Pod C have been so kind and supportive. They are all great to work with,” she shared. 

Mrs. Fish concluded by saying, “I want to thank the Northwood community for the opportunity to be a part of their kids’ lives as their teacher. While I teach, I also learn from my students and share in their joys and challenges. I am so blessed to do what I love – teach!” 

Mr. Warring To Serve as Student Service Coordinator 

Over the past 14 years, Mr. Mike Warring has worked as a substitute teacher for many districts, a writing tutor and instructor for Tiffin University, and as a Northwood Intervention Specialist in both the elementary and high school. This year, Mr. Warring has taken a huge step outside of the classroom to serve as the Student Services Coordinator for the district. 

This new position has Mr. Warring excited to continue helping Ranger students and families in a new capacity, including helping them to gain access to available resources. Mr. Warring stated that the most challenging aspect of the new role is becoming familiar with so many staff members from other districts. However, “This has also been a very rewarding aspect as well, because everyone that I have met has been extremely helpful,” he added. 

Flash Fiction in Mrs. Berlekamp’s Creative Writing 9-10 Class 

Freshmen and sophomores in Mrs. Berlekamp’s Creative Writing class has been reading various flash fiction stories and practicing the writing technique of “show, don’t tell.” Mrs. Berlekamp explained, “This unit is important since novice writers often struggle to translate their thoughts into words. It challenges them to begin thinking about the images their writing will produce for their readers.”

Mrs. Anderson’s First Graders Practice Math Skills

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade Rangers are currently learning how to count and subtract. Prior to this, students learned how to count and add. This unit is important because it helps with math fact fluency. 

Mrs. Anderson explained that during the math block, students get to work independently at their own level. Some students may be working on a math ipad app that helps with number sense. Others might be working on a dice math game. Students also have a math journal that they complete independently. While all of this is happening, a small group may be working on skills with Mrs. Anderson. 

Mrs. Anderson also shared that they have a mystery reporter during math groups. Their job is to watch for a student who is working independently and doing their best! She concluded, “This job is exciting for the first graders and it helps keep our classroom a quiet learning environment.” 

Mrs. Besgrove’s 4th Graders Compare Multi-Digit Numbers

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Besgrove’s class are currently working on comparing multi-digit numbers. Students are using place value charts and expanded form to compare two five digit numbers. Soon, the class will write comparison statements using < > and = symbols. 

Mrs. Besgrove explained that comparing numbers builds on students’ exploration of place value and helps them further develop their understanding of place value. Mrs. Besgrove added, “The fourth grade students love working in small groups and sharing their ideas with other students.” 

Homecoming 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 Fall Homecoming Candidates! Be sure to come out to tonight’s game to see the crowning of our King and Queen.

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#WeGetTo Celebrate Our Substitutes

Last week was Substitute Appreciation Week. While we have always appreciated our substitute teachers, the onset and aftermath of the Covid pandemic, put into focus the importance of substitute teachers. Here at NLS, we are fortunate to have four building substitutes that help to cover when our teachers are out of the building. 

Jen Huber

Photo Credit: Mason Smith, Yearbook Staff

Jen Huber serves as a substitute teacher at NES. She is a proud mom of junior, Nathan and 7th grader, Payton. Prior to working at NES, Mrs. Huber served as a substitute teacher with Toledo Public schools for 15 years. 

Mrs. Huber explained that she decided to sub for Northwood because her own kids started attending school in the district. She added, “I continue to sub for Northwood because of the amazing staff and accepting students. I believe I was put here for a reason and I am blessed each day to see that purpose fulfilled.” 

Photo Credit: Mason Smith, Yearbook Staff

While the most challenging part of being a sub for Mrs. Huber is the limited time she gets with students before having to move on to another classroom, she works to make the most of the time she is given. She loves the smiles, high-fives, and hugs from the kids in the hallways when they see her. “They make my heart happy,” she said. 

When asked if there was anything else she would like to share with our readers, Mrs. Huber added, “Our teachers work extremely hard each day and I am so happy to be able to fill in their spot and help to keep their progress moving forward when they can’t be there. We are all very blessed to call Northwood our home. Go Rangers!” 

Jessica Fitch

Photo Credit: Kahli Horvath, Yearbook Staff

Jessica Fitch also serves as a building sub for NES. When asked to share a little bit about herself she stated, “I am a licensed social worker and have tons of experience working with children and families. I live in Northwood with my four children and husband AJ. I just sent my oldest daughter off to Case Western Reserve University. I love being a part of the Northwood Local Schools Community and look forward to a great school year!” 

Photo Credit: Kahli Horvath, Yearbook Staff

Mrs. Fitch shared that she wanted to be a substitute teacher because education has always been a huge passion. “I understand there is a huge need in the schools for great people. I want to be able to give the kiddos a great start and a smiling, consistent, face who cares” she said. 

Sharing the challenges and rewards of being a building sub, Mrs. Fitch stated that learning all the names can be quite a challenge. However, smiling faces are the reward! “When they learn their teacher is going to be out, some students get worried about meeting a new person. However, when they see someone they recognize, they almost feel relieved. I am a familiar person and it’s not as difficult for them to adjust. Just being there for them and helping them get through the day, makes it all worth it.” 

Linda Hendricks 

Photo Credit: Kahli Horvath, Yearbook Staff

Life-long resident of East Toledo, and graduate of both Waite High School and the University of Toledo, Linda Hendricks is a familiar face around NHS. Mrs. Hendricks holds teaching certifications in comprehensive social studies and special education. Her passions include traveling, photography, creating, reading, and folk dancing! 

As someone who has subbed in the district for several years, Mrs. Hendricks was looking for a place to call “home” and the ability to be involved in the fun things that being in one place every day can bring! Having already experienced the great environment at Northwood, Mrs. Hendricks applied right away when the building substitute position opened. 

Photo Credit: Kahli Horvath, Yearbook Staff

For Mrs. Hendricks, the most challenging aspect of substitute teaching is “being a different person each day, sometimes each hour, while maintaining my own identity. Also, taking attendance and trying to pronounce everyone’s name correctly.” However, for her, the reward is meeting new and different people, learning new things, especially in unfamiliar subjects, discovering how different teachers teach a subject, and being able to work with students to help them with their individual needs. 

Katelyn Moorman

Photo Credit: Mason Smith, Yearbook Staff

Katelyn Moorman is also a building sub at NHS this school year. Miss Moorman was born in Oklahoma, but has lived in Utah, Arkansas, Wyoming, and North Carolina before moving to Ohio. After graduating from the University of Wyoming, she worked in foster care for a year and then moved to Ohio with a friend, most recently landing her in Northwood! 

“There is such an open and welcoming environment at NLS, and I enjoy meeting new people every day,” Miss Moorman said about Northwood. She added that while it can be difficult making connections with students in such a short period of time, knowing that she is providing a needed service for the school is rewarding. “I like to know that I’m helping students continue to learn,” she said. 

September “Cook of the Month!”

Photo Credit: Mason Smith, Yearbook Staff

This year, the Ranger Roundup will be featuring some of our most deserving staff members, those that feed our children! Ginger Cairl has been chosen as the September “Cook of the Month.” Ginger has been feeding our students for 20 years! She has lived in Northwood since 2000 and has two children who graduated from Northwood High School. In her free time she enjoys camping and photography. 

Some of Ginger’s responsibilities as part of the NLS Food Service Team is to make the menu, take care of deliveries, and order stock. While it can be challenging making sure everything is ready on time with multiple lines of service and service times, seeing the students get excited about new items that have been added to the menu, and seeing the growth in the students, is the reward for Ginger! 

When asked what her favorite meal is to prepare for our Rangers, she said, “Nachos, because it is my favorite and the students like it too!” 

Thank you for all you do, Ginger! 

Military Appreciation Night – Tonight!

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Congratulations to our Homecoming Candidates

Spirit Week: Sept. 26-30th

#WeGetTo Problem Solve

Third Graders Participate in Problem Solving Challenges 

As we start the new school year, Mrs. Bates’ third grade science students have been studying problem solving and working together to accomplish a goal. Students participated in a “Cup Challenge” in which they were challenged to stack cups using only a rubber band with string – no hands! They also completed a challenge called “Save Fred,” in which Fred the worm had been capsized by his boat. He needed his life preserver which was under the boat. Using only paper clips, students had to get the life preserver out from under the boat and put it on Fred the worm!

Students very much enjoyed working together on these difficult tasks! 

Jeffrey Agan Named as New Choir Director 

Mr. Agan welcomes his Drama students to class

This year, we welcome Jeffrey Agan as our new choir director at NHS. Mr. Agan recently married his wife in December of 2021. They share their home with three dogs and three cats. “We call ourselves the Agan Zoo,” said Mr. Agan. 

 Mr. Agan spent the last two years teaching within Toledo Public Schools, and most recently at Rogers High School. When asked what he is most looking forward to this year, Mr. Agan stated, “I am looking forward to building the choir program this year, as well as putting on a musical in the spring!” 

Special units and projects that choir students can look forward to include the previously mentioned musical, solo and ensemble, as well as the choir concerts scheduled throughout the school year. Drama students will have one-act plays (some student written and directed) to look forward to as the year develops. 

Welcome to NHS, Mr. Agan!

Goodwill “Pass It On” Challenge

Thank you to everyone who donated gently used items during last week’s Goodwill challenge. All of those donations helped us to secure a win for our school, while helping our community!

Parents’ Night is Tonight!

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Second Shift Cleaner Needed

#WeGetTo Begin Again!

NLS Welcomes Two New Counselors! 

Jen Wronkovich-Clark

Jen Wronkovich-Clark has taken the position of NHS School Counselor and brings with her over 16 years of counseling experience. Mrs. Clark is originally from Akron, Ohio but has lived in Northwood for the past 16 years. She has been married to her husband Greg for 19 years. She has a stepdaughter (Maddie), son-in-law (Victor), son (Jack), granddaughter (Maxine), and a Portuguese Water Dog named Rinty! She added, “I’ve been a Northwood resident since 2006 and am so excited to get to work within the community we call home. I love being a school counselor and the opportunity to do the job I love within the community where I live is awesome!” 

Mrs. Clark has both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Bowling Green State University. A fun fact about Mrs. Clark is that she was a member of the Falcon Marching band alongside another Northwood staff member! Can you guess who?

Mrs. Clark taught high school English for four years while she finished graduate school to become a counselor. She started her counseling career at Fostoria High School. She then worked as a high school counselor at Otsego High School from 2006-2022. 

When asked what she finds most rewarding about her job as a school counselor, Mrs. Clark stated, “I love working with my students! I want to learn about their goals for school and after high school and help them get there. It is such an awesome feeling to see them achieve and grow!” 

Charles Artino 

Charles Artino is a name that may be familiar to some in our Northwood community, as he graduated from Northwood in 2009. Since then, he married his wife in 2018, graduated with his Master’s Degree in School Counseling in 2020, and had a baby girl in 2021. This year, he will serve as our new Elementary School Counselor!

A fun fact about Mr. Artino is that he is a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. “Sundays in the fall are typically emotional roller coasters for me. And, most Mondays in my life I am down in the dumps because of the losses. However, I do utilize all the coping techniques I teach my students to make it through those days,” he said. He also added, “I am a Midwesterner that hates ranch!”

On a more serious note, Mr. Artino has spent the last two years serving as the K-4 counselor at Swanton Elementary School. When he was asked what he finds most rewarding and challenging as a school counselor he explained, “What I find the most rewarding part of being a school counselor is that I get the opportunity to learn who each student is as a whole person. I get to see who students are academically, emotionally, and socially. I also love that I get to provide tools to kids to help them deal with things going on in their lives, no matter the age. The most challenging part of my job is seeing the hurt that some of my students are feeling. Being a kid/teen is difficult. I just want my students to know that I am there for them, no matter what.” 

When asked what he is most looking forward to during his first year at NLS, Mr. Artino said, “Being back home!” He went on to add, “In the years that I have been gone, I have been in the school districts of Otsego, Toledo, Perrysburg, and Swanton. Each of those school districts are special to me, but there’s nothing like being home. I cannot wait to get to work!”  

NES Welcomes Mrs. Donegan 

The sixth grade team at NES is gaining a new teacher this year, Mrs. Heather Donegan. Mrs. Donegan has experience working at both Bennett Venture Academy and Fallen Timbers Middle School. A fun fact about Mrs. Donegan is that her husband and all three of her daughters are Northwood Rangers! 

Mrs. Donegan is most looking forward to getting to know all of her new students and the Ranger staff this year. Students in her class can look forward to solving mysteries as well as completing “escape room” challenges to have fun while sharpening their reading and writing skills! 

Alumni Visit During Open House

Jerry Grimes, NHS Class of 1966

It was very special to meet trombone player, Jerry Grimes, recipient of the John Phillips Sousa Award in 1966. Jerry and his wife Linda, who now reside in Kalispell, Montana, carved out time during their Ohio visit to attend our Open House this year, along with  brother Dale Grimes (who also played  trombone).

Thank you for this special connection to Northwood’s band legacy.

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Spring Brings Author Visits, Baseball and Awards!

Third Graders Meet a Published Author! 

Mrs. Hammel’s third grade class has spent the entire school year learning the fundamentals of writing with the culminating activity being a special presentation from author Tricia Springstubb. Springstubb brought the books she wrote and briefly discussed the writing process with our Rangers. She also brought all of her “sloppy copies” and rough drafts that it took to write just ONE book! The students were amazed by the amount of writing and rewriting an author must do, just to write one book! 

Mrs. Hammel added that students will be celebrating “Right to Read” Week next week and will take a field trip to the Downtown Toledo Public Library the following week. Of course, our Rangers will be looking for books by their new friend and author Tricia Springstubb! 

Juliana Moon Throws First Pitch!

Fourth grade Ranger, Juliana Moon, was chosen by her teachers to throw out the first pitch while on a recent field trip to a Toledo Mud Hens game. 

Juliana was chosen because she is a very hard working student who always has her homework done when due. She is very helpful and kind to others. Juliana is very respectful and always follows the classroom rules.  

Juliana’s classmates were so excited to watch her throw out the first pitch! The entire 4th grade cheered very enthusiastically as Juliana stood on the mound!

Claire’s Day 2022

Our 2022 NES Claire’s Day Recipients

On Saturday, May 7th, 23 students from NES were recognized at the Downtown Toledo Public Library during the C.A.R.E. Awards ceremony. These students were nominated by their teachers for Claire’s Award for Reading Excellence for demonstrating marked improvement in their reading skills over the school year. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the celebration which was founded by Brad and Julie Rubini, in honor of their daughter Claire. Claire was an avid reader when she died unexpectedly of a misdiagnosed heart condition in July 2000. She was 10 years old. 

Congratulations to our NES recipients: 

Kinders- Morgan Stull, Dayla Donaldson, Ellah Lovett

1st- William Levy, Ruby Shields, Rodney McCullough, Asher Dusseau

2nd- Mia Scaggs, Joshua Easter, Thomas Clark

3rd- Dominic Levy, Gavin Pasha, Anabel Downs

4th- Indiana Oancea, Ryan Rickner, McKenzie Baker

5th- Griffin Andrews, Grant Kocis, Valencia Silvas

6th- Rachel Ramirez, Austin Adamski, Payton Huber, Antonio Gonzalez

2022 Clean Plate Award

Our very own Emilia Bires and her food services staff, once again were awarded the Clean Plate Award by the Wood County Health Department. Congratulations and thank you for always taking the utmost care of our Rangers!

NHS Graduation 2022

Annual Senior Citizens Luncheon

Mark Your Calendars!

Looking Ahead: Summer Shredding Event

JH Literature Circles and NHS Art Show Awards

Students Participate in Dystopian Literature Circles 

Mr. Myers’ 8th grade ELA students are currently taking part in Dystopian Literature circles. Mr. Myers explained that this unit is important for many reasons. First, it teaches students independence and teamwork, as they have to develop their own schedules, assign roles within their groups, and work together to complete tasks. Second, it helps show students that reading can be enjoyable if they have a choice. Third, this specific genre of novels helps teach students to think critically and encourages them to be more aware and active in their world. 

Students have enjoyed choosing their own books. Students have also enjoyed having autonomy over their learning and of course, using the pod space to complete their assignments! 

Mr. Myers also added, “Even though she’s near the end of her time at Northwood, the 7th and 8th grade students have been lucky to have Miss McNutt as a student teacher throughout the semester. They’ll surely miss her!” 

2022 NHS Art Show Awards

The NHS Art Show returned this year. It’s always an exciting event to see our students’ artwork gracing the walls of the F-Pod in the Spring. Take a look at our award winning art below!

Congratulations to Senior Grace Thomas

Congratulations to senior Grace Thomas on earning Honorable Mention in Walsworth Yearbooks national photo contest! Her picture of Rangers Emma Welsh and Emily Ronquillo in chemistry class was selected from nearly 7000 entries.

Annual Senior Citizen’s Luncheon Information

Spring Lessons Bring Teamwork, Exercise, a Mock Election, and Fruit Smoothies!

Mock Election Editorials

Presidential Candidates Cecil Niederkorn (O.C.T.O. Party), Mason Smith (U.S.A. Party), and Jarel Dixon (The People’s Toast)

As many are aware, the juniors in Mr. Dickey’s Government class are currently holding a Mock Election. Each class has nominated students for President and Vice President. So far, students have given nomination speeches, designed campaign slogans and posters, given stump speeches, and worked to earn campaign funds (don’t worry; we’re using pretend money!).

This week, students were asked to write editorials in which they explain the problematic elements of their opponents platforms, and the reasons for which to vote for their party. You can read these editorials below:

The People’s Toast

 Our opponents 

The Problems with voting U.S.A Party and the O.C.T.O Party 

  Our opponents in the U.S.A Party claim they are going to create new ways to look into using reusable energy to decrease gas prices. They also stated that they will preserve the environment by using less plastic. How will they get this reusable energy and where are they going to get the money for this? When they say they will use less plastic, how will they do that? For years America has been trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use every year. In fact we use approximately 37 million tons of plastic every year. Everything has seemed to be tried and failed. How could their plan be different from those before?

         According to the U.S.A party they “plan to get rid of all state testing because it is unnecessary.” How is state testing unnecessary? It provides a clear way to calculate how well school systems serve kids. These results are very important because they give data to the school which they use to create a more helpful learning environment. So what is the benefit to getting rid of all state testing? There is none, state testing is very beneficial, not only to teachers but to students as well. 

       Our other opponents in the O.C.T.O Party say that they want to abolish out-of-state tuition in America but what they fail to realize is many colleges in America depend on that money brought in by out-of-state tuition. By getting rid of out-of-state tuition we’re taking away the rights of the state to be able to collect money. Getting rid of out-of-state tuition, means that every college would have to accept any student willing to pay that. It also means that students wanting to go to a school within their home state would have to pay, while going out-of-state they wouldn’t have to. Yet another topic to be discussed about this issue is how colleges like Harvard and Yale would lose their meaning since anyone with a high GPA or test score could get in.
      Our opponents are trying to create reusable energy and recycle plastic but have no ways of doing so. They also plan to get rid of state testing, but do not have any replacement for students to be tested on their knowledge. Lastly they are trying to abolish out-of-state tuition and are not thinking about the issues this may cause. Overall, the issues with the other two candidates outweigh those of J&J. J&J, with the help of The Peoples Toast Party, plans to create a better America that actually makes changes rather than just saying. Remember, “Don’t Speak The Change, Make The Change.” 

Jarel Dixon and Joel Sherman for President.  

     Dixon and Sherman are role models, no doubt. We see Dixon leading the football team and basketball team, and Sherman always gets the crowd pumped up at games and pep rallies.

     Jarel Dixon leads multiple teams here in his small hometown of Northwood, Ohio. In addition to leading these teams to wins, he also spends time with his teammates making them stronger both physically and mentally, so that they can conquer and challenge that comes their way. Even though he had a terrible knee injury, he is continuing to fight harder and harder to get back onto the court and field, just like how he will fight for you, the people. One of his top priorities during this campaign is to show honor and respect towards others and what they may think about specific issues. He adapts and makes changes to ensure that every individual is served to the best of his ability.

     Joel Sherman gets people pumped up during school events and makes sure everyone has fun. Joel is a very strong leader in the roles between classrooms, and in band. He’s a strong athlete as well as Jarel. He runs Cross Country, which takes a lot of hard work and dedication. He’s a very dedicated man, and he will be as dedicated to this country as he is to everything else that he does!

     Both Jarel and Joel are very dedicated to their academics and always working to improve themselves. Jarel has a 3.7 GPA and works on getting it higher as the years go on. Then Joel has a 4.6 GPA and takes 2 college classes as a junior. They will continue to work to get better at their academic studies and grow as individuals. They will become better, and together make this country stronger.

    Dixon and Sherman are both strong, dedicated, loyal leaders who will stand for this country, no matter what happens.

The U.S.A. Party

What To Know About Our Opponents

     The O.C.T.O Party and the Peoples Toast party are not everything that they claim to be. To start, our opponents are not willing to send anything to help Ukraine in the war. It’s understandable that we should avoid war and harm to our own soldiers. However, we have an ability to send materials and goods to help Ukraine protect themselves from Russia. The U.S.A. Party will indirectly help Ukraine by sending materials to Ukraine, while the O.C.T.O. Party and the Peoples Toast party don’t have any intentions on helping Ukraine.

     It should also be known that The Peoples Toast party addresses the oil prices by blaming the war in Ukraine, however they don’t have any intentions or plans on getting involved with Ukraine. They are identifying issues without having a direct solution to the problem. They want to restart the pipeline in order to lower gas prices, however they don’t want anything to do with what they claim to be Russia in war. 

    The O.C.T.O. Party wants to change the out-of-state tuition by making tuition for instate and out-of-state students equal. This is an unfair system for students who want to go to their own state colleges. After all, the O.C.T.O. Party and People’s toast party are hiding things from the public and are not solving problems that they established.

The O.C.T.O. Party

Who is Cecil? Why should you vote for Cecil?

One reason why you should want to vote and support Cecil is because of his outlook on education. He had many good ideas on how to make a fair plan for students in college. Everyone wants to go to their dream college but can’t always go because of cost. When voting for Cecil he wants to prevent a deprivation in good education. It is unjust for students to pay thousands of dollars in extra tuition. Hard working students could lose the opportunity to a good education because of this extra fee. Cecil’s goal is to abolish out-of-state tuition, so that students can pay the same price in college tuition no matter where they live throughout the country. We are one country and should not be deprived of an education.

Another reason why you should want to vote and support Cecil is because of his idea on how he plans of having the US rely less on oils and fossil fuels for gas purposes. He would instead have the US shift to a more renewable and electric fuel source. In doing this it will move away from the normal gas fuel, which would allow gas prices to go down because Americans would buy more electric cars. 

A final reason why you should want to vote and support Cecil is because of his look on the environment. He plans to use a renewable fuel source to power the economy. He wants to use an electric fuel source to better and save the environment. When seeing Global warming becoming a bigger problem, Cecil wants to protect the polar ice caps from melting. His policies will help him as he plans on reducing the water waste and using renewable energy like electric fuel sources. 

After seeing the great ideas Cecil will bring in his presidency you should want to vote for him. He plans to help all students and take away the extra cost of out-of-state tuition. Also as you can see Cecil cares very much about the environment and helping it. Giving new ideas for energy and fuel sources and helping with the water supply. As you can see Cecil is a very good choice to vote for in this election. 

First Graders Work as a Team! 

Mrs. Duckett’s first grade students are currently concentrating on doing their best thinking, as well as working together with others. Mrs. Duckett explained, “We know that to have a good friend, you have to be a good friend!” 

First graders have been working hard on I-Ready. They also LOVE to enjoy the good books available in the classroom. “Third grade teachers shared their extra pool noodles with us, so we started cardio drumming as a brain break! It’s really cool looking and sounding when everyone does their part to be a team,” stated Mrs. Duckett. 

When asked what students have enjoyed during during this unit, Mrs. Duckett concluded, “We see our accomplishments and feel good about our efforts when we do our best. We also enjoy the rewards and celebrations that come along with great teamwork!” 

Vitamins, Minerals, and Fruit Smoothies! 

Mrs. Metzger’s eighth grade students have been learning about the functions of vitamins and minerals in their bodies during their current unit. Students are learning the role that vitamins and minerals play in helping us to have energy and stay healthy. 

In addition, students have been learning and practicing reading recipes and measuring ingredients. Students recently completed their first food lab activity, making Fruit Smoothies! Students worked in groups to follow the recipe directions and were given time to sample their smoothies and talk about the final product. Mrs. Metzger added, “The food lab was important in helping the students recognize that healthy snacks can be easy to prepare and also be enjoyable.” 

Yearbook Recognized for Excellence in Journalism

NHS Yearbook Staff Recognized for Journalism Excellence 

Congratulations to the NHS Ranger Yearbook Staff for gaining recognition for their creativity and journalistic excellence in the creation of the annual Aurora Yearbook. Walsworth (our NHS yearbook representative) chose the Aurora to be featured in their own biannual inspiration book Possibilities. Possibilities is created in order to provide inspiration for yearbooks around the country. 

Walsworth stated, “We are proud to feature your school’s yearbook as an outstanding example of creativity and journalistic excellence. I want to sincerely congratulate you and your 2021 yearbook staff on this remarkable achievement…This places your yearbook among the best yearbooks Walsworth prints. I hope you find creative inspiration and motivation perusing the pages of Possibilities, just as other yearbook staffs will surely feel when they see your book here.”

Yearbook advisor, Mrs. James added, “I’m so proud of the energy and persistence that our staff exhibited, not only to win this honor, but to complete a high-quality book in such challenging times — and on time! Congrats to the entire staff!”

Well done! And, don’t forget to order your copy of this year’s Aurora Yearbook through payforit.net or by contacting Mrs. James at the high school. 

Fourth Grade Reading Students Prepare for Spring Testing 

Mrs. Chrysochoos’ 4th grade students are currently preparing for the upcoming state testing. In order to do so, Mrs. Chrysochoos has implemented a variety of activities. For example, students are using reading learning centers in order to practice the skills needed for the upcoming tests. 

Students also just finished reading the book The Lemonade War and created their own lemonade stand for their elementary peers. Mrs. Chrysochoos explained that The Lemonade War is not only a high interest read for students, but also provides an opportunity to bring some math lessons into the reading room. 

Mrs. Chrysochoos concluded by adding, “The 4th grade students have been working very hard this year! They have made a lot of progress in their reading class!” 

It’s Prom Season!

  • Tickets on sale Thursday April 7th to Thursday April 14th
  • On sale before school, during lunch, and after school through Mrs. Blausey
  • Penta students may purchase tickets at Penta through Mrs. Haas
  • Guest Passes must be fully completed and submitted at the time of ticket purchase
  • Tickets are $40 each
  • Cash and Checks (made payable to Northwood High School) will be accepted

Mark Your Calendars!

Springing Forward at NLS!

2020  NHS Alumnus Visits NES

2020 Northwood High School graduate, Junior Chaisiri, recently visited our elementary students, while on a short leave from the Air Force. Though it was slightly unplanned, Junior spoke with a large group of elementary students in the cafeteria during lunch about his time at Northwood and his responsibilities in the military. The students were enamored with Junior. So much so, in fact, that they created and collected cards, pictures, and letters to send to Junior to keep his morale up while he is away from his home, Northwood. Check out some of the wonderful creations that were recently sent to Junior. 

Junior in Alaska!

Our NES students are inviting any and all who know and love Junior, or who simply want to boost the morale of a beloved Ranger, to write a letter, sign a card, or create a picture to send to Junior. These items can be dropped off in the school office at your earliest convenience. 

It’s Musical Time!

After a COVID induced hiatus, the Northwood High School Drama Department is back! The last show performed on the auditorium stage was the Spring 2020 production of “Guys and Dolls.” This year, our students will perform “The Addams Family” under the direction of Mrs. Schwieterman and assistant director Miss Moore. Come on out for what is sure to be a wonderful weekend for our Rangers!

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Ranger Gains In and Outside the Classroom

Congratulations to Our Dual Champs!

Our NHS 2022 Competition Cheer Team with coaches Ashley Fullenlove (right) and Allyah Haynes (left)

Congratulations to the NHS Competition Cheer Team who took first place in both DV Game Day Building and DV Building at the state competition this past weekend! All of the hard work and effort throughout the season, surely paid off!

Catching Up with Mrs. Larson’s JH Math Classes 

7th Grade Math

Mrs. Larson’s seventh grade math students just finished a unit on positive and negative numbers. Students learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers. Mrs. Larson explained, “These concepts are developed slowly, using multiple models such as number lines and two-colored counters. Positive and negative numbers incorporate various real-life concepts such as banking, elevation, and temperature. 

During this unit, the seventh graders were asked to represent scenarios by drawing number lines and pictures to help them make sense of real-life scenarios. “We incorporate a lot of partner/group work so students can share information and learn collaboratively from one another. We also do card sorts for matching problems/answers and lots of games to incorporate additional practice,” said Mrs. Larson. 

Mrs. Larson further explained that this unit is important for the seventh graders because it provides background needed to solve equations with positive and negative numbers. In eighth grade, students can use a calculator for this, but in seventh grade, students must understand the concepts and be able to compute answers mentally or with scrap paper.

8th Grade Math

Mrs. Larson’s eighth grade students are learning about the volume of three-dimensional shapes; more specifically, cylinders, cones, and spheres. Students are learning that in order to find the volume of prisms and cylinders, the area of the base must be calculated first, and then multiplied by the height. Mrs. Larson stated, “They are learning that volume pertains to the number of cubic units it takes to fill the space inside. Once students are introduced through concrete/hands-on activities, they are better able to make sense of and use the volume formulas correctly.” 

The eighth grade students used graduated cylinders for measuring different water levels and the corresponding heights of the water to find out if the volume and height of the water form a linear relationship. Students cut out the two-dimensional net of a cylinder and folded and taped it together to form a three-dimensional solid. Students then used the centimeter cubes to calculate the volume. 

Mrs. Larson explained that learning the volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres is important for eighth graders because it can apply to real life scenarios. Additionally, it gets students accustomed to substituting numbers into formulas correctly, which is important in Algebra and Geometry later on. 

Mrs. Larson shared that students have really enjoyed working and groups and with all of the hands-on activities. She concluded, “It’s not always possible, but I try to incorporate hands-on material, so that the transition to more abstract math is easier.” 

Physics in the Weight Room

Mr. Kohring’s Physics students just wrapped up their study of energy and power. During this unit, students learned how to use velocities and heights of objects to calculate the amount of energy they contain. Students also were asked to predict heights and velocities of objects when given specific potential and kinetic energy values. Determining power output in certain situations also became commonplace during this unit and was magnified during the final activity of the unit where students calculated energy and power in the weight room from various exercises. 

Students enjoyed applying their knowledge of work, energy, and power during the weight room exercise. Mr. Kohring stated, “This was most enjoyable when Mr. Johnson and Officer Hannum came in to help them complete some lifts so that they had data to use for the activity.” During this activity, Mr. Johnson, Officer Hannum, and the students performed multiple weight room exercises that could be recorded and used to calculate force, work, and power outputs in those activities. Mr. Johnson performed the snatch and clean and jerk. Officer Hannum performed a bench press. Physics students also performed pull-ups and box jumps to give a wide range of data. Physics students spent time reviewing the videos of the exercises and performing calculations to determine how powerful certain people were in the various exercises. Students are also able to use the data to determine how many light bulbs could be powered from specific exercises!

Come on Out to the Powerlifting Meet!

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