Spring is Upon Us with Very Busy Rangers!

Our “Guys and Dolls” are Ready to Light Up the Stage! 

**Please note new start times for this year’s show!**
Big Jule (Dalton Dempsey) shooting crap with Nathan Detroit (River Emmert) and the other gamblers.

Opening night for our spring production of Guys and Dolls is one week from today! Our high school Rangers have been hard at work preparing for this classic musical set in the 1940’s. Gambler Nathan Detroit (River Emmert) needs $1,000 to hold his crap game at the Biltmore Garage. So, he bets gambler Sky Masterson (Cayden Schober) that he cannot convince the Save-A-Soul Mission’s very own Sarah Brown (Kennedy Brossia) to go on a date with him. Meanwhile, Hot Box star Adelaide (Sierra Braddock), wants Nathan to finally marry her after a 14-year engagement!

Logan Urbanyi working on laying carpet for this year’s set.

Our Rangers had several different reasons as to why they decided to participate in this year’s musical. Junior Isaac Hoffer, who will portray the role of Nicely-Nicely Johnson made a simple choice, stating, “I’ve done it [musical] the past three years and it was very enjoyable.” Sophomore Faith Jones who is part of our paint and moving crew also based her decision on her past experience stating, “I did it last year and made great memories, so I decided to participate again!” This is junior Breanna Herrera’s first year on stage, as she portrays the role of a Hot Box girl. She explained, “I thought stepping out of my comfort zone would be a fun experience.” 

Our Hot Box girls practicing their choreography.

When asked what they found most surprising about their musical experience this year, sophomore Cameron Brice, our co-crew chief this year, said, “I was surprised with the amount of time I’ve spent working on a project out of school and even on the weekends.” Freshman Ashley Jones who is also part of our paint crew stated, “Everyone is friendly and there is always work to be done.” Sophomore Sapphire Smith, who will be working up in the booth during the show on our lighting, added that she was surprised at how well everyone gets along. Senior Tori Flahiff, who is back on stage as a Hot Box girl this year stated, “Loving the whole process, practices, rehearsals, and spending quality time with Slater, Toflinski, and James along with my friends!” 

The crapshooters dance is not one to be missed!

Our actors and actresses are very excited for the audience to see this show. They are particularly excited for the audience to see the Hot Box girls in their featured songs, “A Bushel and a Peck” and “Take Back Your Mink.” Other exciting scenes will feature well known numbers “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” and “Luck be a Lady.” Finally, the crapshooter’s tunnel scene is one that definitely should not be missed! 

Our Havana dancers practicing their couples choreography.

It seems that every year, we have Rangers that are unsure about whether or not they would like to be involved in the musical production, only to wish they had participated once the show has reached completion. When asked to give advice they would give to their fellow students regarding participating in the musical, senior Cayden Schober said, “Do it. Like seriously do it. If you think you might like it, just give it a shot.” Senior Anya Rau, who is a member of our Mission Band, added, “Definitely do it! It’s always a great way to make friends and feel like you’re a part of a family made up of community members.” Our Adelaide, played by senior Sierra Braddock, concluded, “Do it; you don’t realize how much fun it is backstage and behind the scenes until you do it. The bonds you build with everyone are great, and the atmosphere is just welcoming and fun.”

Reserve your tickets today! Call the office at 419-691-3888 or order you tickets online via the following links:

Friday, March 6bit.ly/2S56sXK

SaturdayMarch 7bit.ly/36LDm4E

Sunday, March 8bit.ly/2RIFciB

Wood County Spelling Bee

On Saturday, February 8th, Alexa Urbanyi (seventh grade) and Lainee Partin (eighth grade) participated in the annual Wood County Spelling Bee in Bowling Green. Sixth grader Kynsey Montague also competed. To qualify, the girls had to study hundreds of spelling words and beat their classmates in the local spelling bee, which is no easy feat!

Valentine’s for Soldiers

Elementary art students made valentines and thank you cards for the troops that deployed to Iraq. In coordination with Operation Gratitude, students created amazing art and kind messages for our troops, which will be mailed out with care packages in coordination with Way Public Library and NES art teacher Gwen Diamond.

Figurative Language Lessons

Ms. DiTommaso’s 6th grade language arts students are currently learning about figurative language, mood, and tone, poetry structure, story structure, and point-of-view. Ms. DiTommaso explained that this unit is important because the students are able to understand who the speaker of a text is, who the targeted audience is, how the speaker feels about the topic, the mood the reader feels while reading it, and why the poets and authors use figurative language to further the meaning of their words. 

“Students have enjoyed the many different types of figurative language we have talked about and being able to create their own examples,” said Ms. DiTommaso. She added that students have enjoyed getting to use their creative side and write their own poetry about whatever topic they are interested in! 

3 Classes, 3 Projects, 1 Common Space!

Have you ever wondered how we use the pod areas in our building? Check out the photo below of the junior high pod. The removable wall, allows a more open area, while three different classes were able to work on their various projects all at the same time! Thank you to Mr. Lewin for sharing this peek into the school day!

NLS Brick Orders

Make your name part of Northwood History! Orders are being accepted now! https://buff.ly/33STml4

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2020-2021 School Calendar

The 2020-2021 NLS School Calendar has been released. You can download the calendar via our school website: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/556440/NLS_2020-2021_School_Calendar.pdf

  • 3/6 – 3/8: Musical Weekend “Guys & Dolls”
  • 3/13: End of 3rd Quarter
  • 3/23-3/27: Spring Break
  • 3/30: School Resumes
  • 4/3: Senior Citizens Luncheon
  • 5/4: High School Academic Awards Banquet
  • 5/9: NHS Prom
  • 5/19: Senior Awards
  • 5/24: NHS Graduation Ceremony
  • 5/28: Last Day of School for Students!

The Ranger Way!

High School Band Starts on the Right Note! 

Mr. Shirey and the Marching Rangers have spent the last several weeks preparing for another fantastic marching band season. Once again, they have been preparing for the Pregame traditions as well as their first half-time show, inspired by James Bond

Our Marching Rangers have already been quite busy! Students participated in their annual band camp this summer. The culmination of band camp included performing Pregame and the first half time show for friends and family. This was a great opportunity to share with loved ones all the hard work that our Rangers had been putting in during the last days of summer. Additionally, students recently marched in the 75th Pemberville Parade and performed a stand still concert for audience members.

Mr. Shirey stated, “I am very proud of this group. They have over 20 new members and several students who switched instruments to better balance the band. Even with those obstacles, they are performing better than ever and are extremely dedicated and disciplined. I think audiences are going to be blown away this year by the band!” 

Be sure to come out and see our Marching Rangers in action this season!   

Welcome Ms. DiTommaso

This year, we welcome Natalie DiTommaso as the new sixth grade Language Arts teacher. Ms. DiTommaso earned her teaching degree from the Ohio University and is looking forward to spending her first year of teaching within the Northwood community. When she is not preparing lesson plans, she enjoys traveling. Ms. DiTommaso has been out of the country five times and plans for many more travel adventures. 

Ms. DiTommaso is very excited for the year ahead. Special lessons that her students can look forward to include, comparing and contrasting reading to viewing, novel study, figurative word meaning, and many more!

Same Face, Different Space

Mrs. Shellie Semler is one of the most recognized faces at NLS, as she has taught at the junior high level for 26 years. When she is not in the classroom she loves being outdoors. Mrs. Semler enjoys running, biking, kayaking, hiking, and anything else that takes her outside!

This year, she is not only taking on a new set of students, but a new classroom, and a whole new grade level, as she has moved to the sixth grade team where she will teach sixth grade math. Mrs. Semler explained that she looks forward to creating new interactive games and implementing new hands-on lessons. She’s also excited to see what the new I-Ready program has to offer her students. 

When asked what she is most looking forward to this year, she stated, “Something different! New age group, longer classes, one grade instead of two. Also, still being the NJHS advisor, so having a chance to work with some of my former students.” 

Mrs. Larson Brings Her Expertise to NHS

While she is a new face to Northwood, Mrs. Katie Larson is no stranger to the classroom. Mrs. Larson has 11 years of teaching experience, having taught 5th and 7th grade math as well as 8th grade science. She attended the University of Missouri, Columbia for her Bachelors degree and the University of Toledo for her Masters degree. A fun fact about Mrs. Larson is that the mainstay channels for music/news in her car are: Tom Petty Radio, The Spectrum, The Coffee House, Alt Nation, BBC World Service, & NPR. 

Mrs. Larson looks forward to building relationships with the families of Northwood. She added, “A small district like Northwood is appealing because a teacher has every student in one grade level, so they get to know the entire family as each sibling passes through. I think deeper relationships between the school and home are formed this way.”

Looking forward to this school year, Mrs. Larson explained that 7th and 8th grade math get pretty deep into algebra. Students will play with algebra tiles and learn the parts of expressions and equations, as well as how to manipulate them. She also plans on implementing various hands-on activities with three-dimensional figures when students begin studying surface area and volume. 

Mrs. Larson concluded, “When I am not working, I like to watch the Cleveland Indians, read historical fiction, cook, exercise, sail, and take my dogs for walks. I am thrilled for the opportunity to teach at Northwood and I look forward to immersing myself into school life and the community!” 

Dr. Ann McVey Joins NLS

This year, Dr. Ann McVey joins our administrative team as Director of Student Services and Curriculum. Dr. McVey began her career in education as a teacher at Bowling Green City Schools where she spent 19 years teaching 7th grade language arts and social studies. Additionally, Dr. McVey served as the Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of Bowling Green City Schools. She retired in June of 2015 and then took a position with Eastwood Schools where she spent four years working with preschool, special education, and curriculum before taking her newest position as a Northwood Ranger! 

Dr. McVey stated, “I am really excited to get to know the students and teachers at Northwood. I love having an office in the building and seeing everyone every day!” She concluded, “Not all schools are like Northwood. It’s like a family here. Everyone works together to make this a special place for children. The Rangers are the best!”

Box Tops for Education

The Northwood 7th and 8th grade are continuing the collection of Box Tops for Education. Each Box Top collected is valued at 10 cents and can be found on General Mills products. They are turned in throughout the school year, and then our account is credited. We may then choose from a variety of items to be used in our classrooms.

General Mills has developed a free app, which allows you to scan your grocery receipt (within 2 weeks of purchase), and record the earned Box Tops to our account. This requires a registration code for our account. This code is only applicable to our collection, and does not allow you to divide points amongst different groups. For example  you may have a student in the elementary and junior high, but you can only assign the specific receipt to one group. The app may be downloaded from Google App Store.

We will continue to collect the box tops and when the school group code is available, it  will be shared via Schoology. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hummel at bhummel@northwoodschools.org. Thank you for your continued support!

The Ranger Way

This year, we will be using the hashtag #TheRangerWay as our social media tag. Be sure to tag #TheRangerWay on social media posts you would like to share with us throughout the school year! 

  • Sept. 9: NEO Meeting, 8am
  • Sept. 11: Athletic Boosters Meeting, 7pm
  • Sept. 16-20: 5th Grade Camp
  • Sept. 16: Key Club Blood Drive
  • Sept. 17: Marco’s Pizza Night
  • Oct. 4: Homecoming Game

“Mary Poppins” Will be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

This year, the Northwood High School Drama department is taking on a musical classic with a production of “Mary Poppins.” While many of our community members will be quite familiar with the scenes and music made famous by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, for some of our Rangers, participating in this production is their first experience with the musical. River Emmert, a junior who is playing the role of George Banks, stated, “I’ve never watched it, but I knew of the songs because of Disney.” Cayden Schober, a junior who is playing the role of Bert, said, “If I’m being honest, I only knew about ‘A Spoonful of Sugar.’” However, some of our Rangers did have a bit more background of the musical. Senior Philip Brice, the student director for this year’s show said, “It’s my grandmother’s favorite musical, so I know it well. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Dick Van Dyke, so I know it well because of him.” Senior Alex Hoffer, who will be playing the role of Mary Poppins explained, “My father was in the Oregon Community Theater production of ‘Mary Poppins.’ I knew the show pretty well after watching him perform as Mr. Banks.”

Over the years, Northwood High School has become well-known for the musicals produced under the direction of choir and drama teacher Annette Slater. When asked what will make this year’s production stand out from the rest Alex stated, “Mrs. Slater has a lot of ideas for this show.” Many of these ideas, are surprises that won’t be revealed until the opening curtain! River added, “My cast members, Alex and Kennedy are great at their roles and strong leads, Cayden is incredible with what he does, Carson Dickey (a third grade NES student) and Brielle Closson (a sixth grade NES student) are just outstanding for how young they are, and I join the mix and bring what I have to the table and it all comes together amazing.” Sophomore Mitchell Hurley who is this year’s crew chief said, “This year’s production is larger than life. The set looks beautiful, we have a good crew who’s very efficient, and the cast members are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. The main thing that stands out to me is just the positive energy that everyone in the entire production has.”

When asked what they are most excited for this year, Senior Sarah Frey who is a chorus member and new to the stage this year, stated, “The show itself, and the makeup, and just bonding with the other people.” Our Jane, better known as Brielle said, “I have always wanted to sing and dance in a musical, so actually being on stage is so much fun!” Carson agreed, stating, “I just can’t wait to perform in front of everyone!” Senior Rylee Hazlett, who is new to the stage this year and will be portraying the role of the Bird Woman, expressed, “I’m just excited to see how the whole show will turn out. So far, I am loving the musical and I’m excited to see all of the scenes fit together.” Senior Kylie Grant who will be playing the role of Mrs. Brill added, “I am most excited to see the ‘Step in Time’ dance because it is very difficult, but the dancers are doing a great job at performing the dance onstage.” From a crew perspective, sophomore Usa Vayavong, who has been integral to our painting crew, stated, “I am mostly excited to see everything come together, especially since we have so many sets this year and little fun surprises!”

Each year, the NHS musical production encompasses the largest variety of students of any of the student groups at NLS. Time and time again, students express that the best part of being involved with the musical is the bonding experience and becoming one big family. Alex stated, “I really enjoyed picking up the younger kids for practice. They were excited and were fun to chat with.” She continued, “The best part of musical is the relationships that are made. I, for one, can say it was a lot of fun getting to know Brielle and Carson these last few months. They are such a wonderful addition to this year’s musical. They are so bright and fun and have worked so hard. I can’t wait to see how they do when they are in high school.” Kylie added, “The best part about being involved with musical is getting to make new friends from different social groups that I may not have talked to otherwise. All of these different people come together to make an amazing production.” Rylee added, “Being with all of my friends and trying something new. Originally, I tried out for a smaller speaking role and then when I got a call back for a singing role as Bird Woman I pretty much had to be dragged to the audition because I never thought I would sing alone in front of so many people. I’m  just glad everyone pushed me so far out of my comfort zone because at first I was nervous and I regretted it because I was so scared, but now I’m a lot more comfortable on stage and I’m glad I accepted a singing part.” Kennedy Brossia, our Winifred Banks, added, “The absolute best part about being involved with musical is the people you meet and the friendships that you make. I’ve gotten extremely close with people who I’ve never had a good friendship with. This time of the year brings so many different types of people together that you would never guess would come together. It’s an amazing thing that you don’t see very often. I’m so happy to be a part of this family.”

When asked for concluding thoughts, River expressed, “I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone participating in musical and showing up. I really want this musical to make Mrs. Slater proud and I know we’ll give her our all because that’s what she deserves and this musical will be great.” Cayden added, “If you’re thinking about joining the musical, but aren’t so sure, stop thinking about it and just do it. Unless you’re the busiest human in the entire world or if acting, singing, or dancing isn’t your thing (which is fine), join the musical. You won’t regret it.” Mitchell stated, “The people behind the scenes are just as much of stars of the show as the cast are. Philip Brice is an extremely inspiring and dedicated Student Director. Usa Vayavong is so talented and did a magnificent job alongside Mrs. T and Mrs. James with running the paint crew. Cameron Brice and Logan Urbanyi have been immensely helpful assistant crew chiefs to me and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. And most importantly, Mrs. Slater has outdone herself this year. Her hard work and dedication to this production is unmatched to anyone I’ve ever met. The amount of time and care she puts into musical is the main reason we put on such an amazing show!”

When reflecting on it being the last show for our seniors, Philip stated, “It is going to be difficult to say goodbye to musical. The growth and friends I’ve earned is the best thing I could’ve asked from my high school career.” Alex concluded, “I want to say that if you’re in high school you should at least try musical once. Every person that I know that has done musical their senior year regrets not participating the first three years of high school. You experience something different. You make a second family and bond. It’s something magical.”


The Northwood/Wood County Preschool, operated in collaboration with the Wood County Educational Service Center, is pre-registering for the 2019-20 school year.

The preschool programs are developmentally appropriate, play-based preschools supporting the Ohio Department of Education’s model curriculum. The Wood County Preschool Program is an inclusionary preschool program serving children ages 3–5 who have delays in development and children who are typically developing. Tuition, based on a sliding-fee scale, is charged for children without special needs. Children attend preschool two full days per week (either Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri).

Please contact Naomi at nstickles@wcesc.org or 419-354-9010, ext. 133 to get on the 2019-20 mailing list. Parents who have questions regarding children who may have special needs can also contact Naomi.




  • Fri. March 15th: End of 3rd Quarter / NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” (opening night) at 7:30pm
  • Sat. March 16th: NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” at 7:30pm
  • Sun. March 17th: NHS Drama Department presents “Mary Poppins” (final show) at 2:30pm
  • Mon. March 18th: NEO Meeting, 8am
  • Tues. March 19th: HS Winter Sports Banquet, 6pm
  • Wed. March 20th: 5th-12th grade Band-O-Rama Concert, 7pm
  • Tues. March 26th: 7th-12th grade Choir Concert, 7pm
  • Fri. March 29th: NES Carnival, 6pm
  • Mon. – Fri. April 1st – 5th: NES Testing Week
  • Tues. April 2nd: NEO Marcos Pizza Night
  • Mon. – Fri. April 8th – 12th: NES and NHS Testing Week
  • Fri. – Mon. April 19th – 22nd: Spring Break
  • Tues. April 23rd: Teacher In-Service Day – No School for Students
  • Tues. – Sat. April 23rd – 27th: Junior and Senior NYC Trip

Mr. Johnson to Lead NHS, New Faces, and Mrs. Canaday’s Kindergarten Class!

Mr. Erik Johnson to Lead NHS in the 2018-2019 School Year


Erik Johnson is no stranger to the hallways of Northwood Local Schools. In fact, Mr. Johnson has spent his entire 18 year professional career helping to educate and lead our Rangers. Mr. Johnson was first hired as a Social Studies teacher. Since then, he has acted as the Athletic Director, Dean of Students, and Assistant Principal. This year, he is taking on his newest role as the Northwood High School Principal.

Mr. Johnson plans to continue the joint efforts between our community and schools, to grow young people into successful contributing adults. He is looking forward to working with students in a different capacity and helping them to set and reach their goals.

Mr. Johnson added, “Northwood is a special place. A place where there is a strong sense of community. A place where students have a wonderful support network, both at home and school. A culture that helps to lift one another up when needed and to celebrate all of our victories, both individual and group. I look forward to continuing to have a role in our community, being part of our support network and growing our culture here at Northwood High School.”


NLS Welcomes New Teachers to the District:

NES Welcomes Chelsea Lord as Intervention Specialist

IMG_3439This year, NES welcomes Chelsea Lord as our new second grade Intervention Specialist. Mrs. Lord is a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University in Inclusive Early Childhood Education. Most recently, she completed her student teaching experience in K-2 Intervention at Anthony Wayne Schools.

When discussing special units, projects, or lessons that her students can look forward to, Mrs. Lord said that Telling Time is one of her favorite units to teach in the second grade. She explained that her students can look forward to a fun twist on the traditional math topic, including the use of props, games, and even a rap song or two!

Mrs. Lord also shared that at her previous teaching placement, she was well-known as the teacher that would trade Pokemon cards. She explained that during arrival and dismissal, students would read her the cards that they wanted to trade. “This was a really fun, high interest activity that allowed me to interact with all students while working on basic reading skills,” said Mrs. Lord.

When asked what she is most looking forward to this school year, Mrs. Lord replied, “I am looking forward to collaborating with such a knowledgeable staff. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite teaching strategies and lesson ideas while learning what the other educators have to offer.” She added, “This beautiful new school has so many resources available. I can’t wait to put them to good use and give my students an amazing year!” She concluded, “I am just so excited to be here!!!”

Haley Eaton to Join NHS Science Department

Mrs. Haley Eaton will be joining the NHS Science Department this year, teaching Biology, IMG_3435Anatomy, and Environmental Science. Mrs. Eaton, who is entering her first year of teaching, received her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Toledo. Last year, she student taught Chemistry and Physical Science at Rossford High School. When asked about a fun fact about herself, Mrs. Eaton stated that she played flute and piccolo in band from 5th grade to senior year of college!

Mrs. Eaton is most looking forward to getting to know all of the students and being a part of the Northwood community. Some of the things students can look forward to in her class will include dissections for Anatomy, outdoor lab work for Environmental Science, as well as interactive lab work and peer teaching for Biology.

Nicole Schmeltz Joins the High School Social Studies Department

IMG_3533.jpgWe welcome Mrs. Nicole Schmeltz as she begins her first year of teaching! Mrs. Schmeltz recently completed her studies at Huntington University. She is quite familiar with Northwood, as she explained that growing up, she had a Northwood address, but lived within the Lake Local School district.

Mrs. Schmeltz will be teaching Modern World History, Psychology/Sociology, and Economics/Contemporary World Issues. When asked about her new classes, Mrs. Schmeltz stated, “I am super excited for Psychology/Sociology and Contemporary World Issues because we can focus on what the students are interested in, for instance, different personalities! For Modern World History, I am excited for the World Wars because that seems to be what students enjoy most!” Above all, Mrs. Schmeltz is looking forward to building relationships with the students, as well as staff and faculty. Mrs. Schmeltz concluded, “I am so excited to be a part of this community and can’t wait to get to know you all better!”

Matthew Shirey Chosen as Leader of Northwood Bands

Mr. Matthew Shirey brings with him five years of experience as he takes on the role of IMG_3436band director to our Rangers. Mr. Shirey begins his sixth year of teaching as he begins his new journey in Northwood. Previously, he taught K-6 Music and was the Assistant Band Director for Sandusky City Schools. This year, Northwood Band students can look forward to participating in parades, Friday night football games, the Vermilion Band Festival, a Cavs pregame performance, the winter concert, Band-O-Rama, and the annual spring concert. Mr. Shirey said, “We will be performing a lot this year!” He added, “I also have several guest artists lined up to work with the students throughout the year, such as Dr. Younglove, Vandoren Artist and Professor of Saxophone at Wayne State University.”

When asked to provide a fun fact about himself, Mr. Shirey shared, “I was supposed to play the trumpet, but after telling my band director that I was about to get braces, he told me to pick a new instrument. My dad then told me to play the saxophone because then I could ‘be Clarence Clements’ from the Bruce Springsteen Band. I ended up loving it and even made a career from it!”

Mr. Shirey concluded, “I am looking forward to working with some great students and building upon the excellence of the Ranger Bands.”

Classroom Spotlight:

Mrs. Canaday’s Students Learn Letters and Numbers

IMG_0495 (1)

Mrs. Canaday’s Kindergarten students are learning letters and numbers, the building blocks of all learning! These students are using centers to learn all about letters and numbers. Within these centers they have especially enjoyed using various manipulatives, such as snap cubes, play doh, play foam, and tan-grams, to form all of the different letters and numbers! Mrs. Canaday said, regarding her newest class, “They are a great group of kiddos who are eager to learn and they try their best!”


NLS District Updates




To view the posting and to apply with a letter of interest, click on the following link:


Bus Drivers Needed.jpg


Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg





Mark Your Calendar!

Thurs. Sept. 13: Key Club Blood Drive

Mon. Sept. 17 – Fri. Sept. 21: 5th Grade Camp

Mon. Sept. 17: NEO Meeting, Conference Room, @ 8am

Mon. Sept. 17: Music Boosters Meeting, Music Room @ 7pm

Tues. Oct. 2: NEO Marco’s Pizza Night

Fri. Oct. 5: Homecoming 

Sat. Oct. 6: NHS Homecoming Dance @ 8pm


NHS Choir Takes on Chicago & a Spring Update from Supt. Clark!

The NHS Choir recently returned from a whirlwind 3-day trip to the Windy City. Students traveled by chartered bus to Chicago, early Thursday morning. Upon arrival they visited IMG_6513the Museum of Science and Industry, where they were able to IMG_6511 (1)participate in various interactive exhibits including the U-505 Submarine, Genetics and the Baby Chick Hatchery, Science Storms, Farm Tech, and the popular Mirror Maze. Students then traveled to VanderCook College of Music for a vocal workshop with adjunct faculty at VanderCook and Director Emeritus at Glenbard East High School, Mr. Ross Heise. Reflecting on the workshop, one student expressed, “It helped me become a better soloist, and gave me the confidence to sing higher.” Another student explained that Mr. Heise was able to help with vocal control and range. All of the tips and constructive criticism were lessons that students are now able to implement in the classroom with Mrs. Slater.


Students stopped at Millennium Park for pictures at “The Bean” prior to a sit-down dinner at Giordano’s Pizzeria, where some students were able to experience their first taste of Chicago-style deep dish pizza! with full bellies, students then traveled to the CIBC Theatre, to end their first evening in Chicago with the Broadway-hit and Tony Award Winning Musical, Hamilton! For many students, the opportunity to see this show live, was the best part of the entire trip!


Day Two allowed students to put what they had learned at VanderCook into action, as they traveled to the Field Museum of Natural History for a performance. Both the choir and acapella were able to perform in the Stanley Field Hall. After the performance, IMG_6593students were able to tour the various exhibits including Dinosaur Hall and Inside Ancient Egypt. Next, students traveled to Water Tower Place for lunch and time to explore the city’s 7-story mall. Students then traveled to Willis Tower (formerly called the Sears Tower) for a chance to see 360-degree views of Chicago. Students were also able to step out on “The Ledge,” a glass floor, 1,353 feet above street level, for unforgettable pictures!

As the second evening set in, our traveling Rangers were quite hungry, and headed to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament for a chance to eat a medieval dinner (no utensils included) while cheering on the Red & Yellow Knight! This was a favorite of many of the students as they were able to eat with their hands while shouting and cheering for jousting knights!

Though students were getting progressively more sleepy on Day Three, they were ready to take on their last few hours of Chicago with a morning visit to the Shedd Aquarium. Students were able to visit one of the most popular exhibits the “Wild Reef” and were able to see the Aquatic Show. Junior Kylie Grant, even found herself as a contestant during the Aquatic Show, where she answered trivia questions and led the audience in waddling like a penguin!


IMG_6952.JPGSince one simply can’t leave Chicago without visiting Navy Pier, the last stop of the day was the 50 acres of parks, gardens, shops, eateries, and attractions. It was cold and windy but that didn’t stop a few of our students from riding the world-famous ferris wheel. Senior Lyndsey DeSelms was pleasantly surprised to find out that the ride was actually heated, which made it an even better experience for a mid-March adventure!

Exhausted and full of new memories, our Rangers arrived home Saturday evening. One student stated, “For as short of a trip as it was, I had an amazing time, I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with any other group of people!” Another choir member expressed, “I’d like to thank the chaperones, Bob Rogers Travel, and the teachers for making this trip even possible! It was truly an amazing experience!” Finally, one last student stated, “Thank you, Mrs. Slater, so much for bringing us all to Chicago and for all of the activities and experiences you gave us! Also, thank you to all of the chaperones. I really enjoyed this trip!”


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Spring! (1).jpg


As we end our third grading period this week and take a long weekend as our Spring Break this year, I realize that warm weather and all of the wonderful things that brings to our part of the world is just around the corner and as that all approaches, I have a few items to share.

As hard as it to believe, prom, graduation and the end of another school year will be here before we know it. Please take a little time with the young people you care about to remind them to celebrate these wonderful experiences with safety in mind and without the use of alcohol or other drugs. Our vigilance as adults around these issues make a difference. Let’s make this wonderful time of year the safest yet for our young people.

We are a number of  years into the school choice, testing and accountability era here in Ohio and in the last few weeks legislation to completely revamp the education governance in our state has been introduced in Columbus. As citizens, I encourage each of you to be informed around these issues. Just as you hold our school accountable for providing great opportunities for all of our children, hold our Governor and State Legislators accountable for the public policy they implement that impacts every single child and family in our state. From funding formulas to testing and curriculum, the policy choices made in Columbus that appear to be corporate driven rather than citizen driven do have an impact at the local level on actual individual people. Our kids and our families opportunities are at the mercy of our elected officials making good public policy choices.

An informed and engaged citizenry is the best solution we all have to the issues that face us as a state and as a nation. All of our engagement is required to achieve the best outcomes for all of us.

Last, but not least, Our Ohio primary election is coming Tuesday, May 8, 2018. I encourage everyone to exercise that critical right that has been secured through the efforts of those who have come before us and left us with a Republic that is ours to maintain. Here is the link to the Wood County Board of Elections to get more information about that: http://www.co.wood.oh.us/boe/ .

As always, questions and comments are welcome!

Supt. Greg Clark


Everybody Cut, Footloose!

Everybody Cut, Footloose!


It’s an 80’s classic! It’s the story of Ren McCormick, who must make an abrupt move from the bustling metropolis of Chicago, to the small town of Bomont. As Ren struggles to find his way in this new town, he is further distraught when he finds out that the town has banned dancing! With the help of his new friend Willard, and Reverend Moore’s daughter, Ariel, Ren decides that he will address the town council to ask for an end to the ban on dancing and to allow Bomont High School to hold a IMG_6455dance! With popular 80’s tunes “Footloose,” “Holding Out for a Hero,” and “Let’s Hear It For the Boy,” it’s a show that will bring back nostalgic memories for many, and will have the younger audience dancing in their seats!

This year, the Ranger Roundup caught up with the cast prior to the show to ask a few questions about what makes the musical such a special experience. When asked why they chose to participate in this year’s musical, senior Mackenzie Fullenlove, who plays the role of the Reverend’s rule breaking daughter Ariel, explained she’s being doing musicals since she was little, and that it’s always a fun thing to do. Sophomore Cayden Schober, stated, “I was a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz and I really love it and loved acting so I continued to be a part of the musical every time I got the chance.” Senior Brandon Hayes, who plays the role of Ren McCormick is taking the stage for the very first time this year! He said, “I thought it would be a fun new experience and my friends and teachers helped me make the decision to actually get involved with musical this year!” He added, “I’d like to thank every one of my friends and teachers who encouraged me through this process of musical because this being my first year, it’s been tough, but everyone around me really helped me to do my best and give it my all. So, thank you!”

Moores3When asked what they have enjoyed the most about this year’s musical experience, many students expressed how special musical is in bringing together so many different students, from so many different backgrounds, for a united experience. Student Director and chorus member Katie Reichow said, “I’ve always enjoyed learning the dances and talking to people I normally don’t talk to.” Senior Skylar Kyser, who plays the role of Ariel’s best friend Rusty, stated, “The incredible relationships that are created from the art of performing” has been her favorite aspect of the show. “I have really enjoyed how close I have become with some of the cast members. There are people I wouldn’t Wrestling2have necessarily talked to outside of musical and I gained many friendships,” said Junior Alex Hoffer, who plays Vi Moore in this year’s production. Assistant Director Kris James added, “Unlike any other activity, the musical brings together completely different groups of students and adults and creates a community. It showcases the talents of so many people, talents that may have been a surprise to many before the curtain opens. For instance, the leads for this show are seen by many as athletes, yet their prodigious musical talents will be obvious from the first. Our sets are outstanding and were created by students, some who haven’t taken an art class in years. The crew members aren’t particularly ‘techie’ in other areas of their lives. Yet, the show brings all those talents from across the school landscape into this amazing production!”

IMG_6457Many participants often find that they didn’t realize just how much work it takes to put HGarno1on a live show for a one-weekend event! First year participant, Senior Cody Allen, explained that preparing for the show was much more stressful than one might originally expect. Brandon Hayes continued, “The amount of time and effort required to really be involved in the musical fully, as well as the little things like creating sets or just the slightest little acting tweaks required to make the show a great one.” Alex Hoffer added, “People don’t realize how much time and effort it takes to put on a musical. We spend hours everyday after school to try and perfect our parts. We do this on top of sports, homework, and other activities. Then we have to paint the set, build the set, finds costumes and makeup — there is so much to do in very little time.” Junior Kylie Grant, who plays Ren’s mother Ethel McCormick added that stage crew is an integral part of the process explaining, “Stage crew does a lot of difficult work behind the scenes and they deserve more appreciation than they receive.”

This weekend’s production of “Footloose” will take place Friday and Saturday night at MahoneyThompson7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm. So, why should you come to this year’s show? Skylar said, “The songs from this musical are ones that everyone knows! So, it will be fun for the audience to sing along.”  Cayden added that this show has a lot of energy! Brandon stated, “I think this year’s cast is amazing! Everyone is vibrant and outgoing and everyone plays their characters so well. This musical will be one to remember!”

Looking back at the last three months of hard work, Mrs. James stated, “Annette Slater is a force to be reckoned with! If she can envision it, she can get it done!” AssiLockers8stant Director Cristina Toflinski added, “I always wait for four little words from Mrs. Slater ‘We – Have – A –  Show!’ it’s the culmination of so much hard work and let’s us all know that it’s showtime!” Mrs. T continued, “Preparing for this show has been a labor of love — and lots of hot glue! I’m so excited to see our students shine on stage. I’m so proud of every single one of them!” Alex concluded, “Musical is something special. I don’t know how else to describe it. You have to experience it to truly understand!”


Class of 2018 Cast and Crew Members!


Thank You, Lady Ranger Managers!


Oftentimes in a sports program, the attention gets placed on the wonderful athletes who give up countless hours preparing for games. However, the Lady Rangers Basketball team would like to formally thank their wonderful team managers, who also sacrificed time behind the scenes to make sure that the season ran as smoothly as possible. Mr. Dickey stated, “Originally, we started out with two freshmen managers, Kaitlyn Huber and U-sa Vayavong. But, after about three games, sophomores Anya Rau and Kennedy Carey, were also recruited. These ladies traveled with the team to each game and worked together to help manage the squad!” These ladies not only recorded each game (and added hilarious commentary) but helped keep stats for both junior varsity and varsity, kept the official game book for both junior varsity and varsity, carried the team gear and water, and completed research for the annual alumni game.

Anya Rau stated that she accepted the team manager job because she wanted to learn more about basketball and wanted the chance to help and contribute. Kennedy Carey stated that the job seemed interesting. While she has never played basketball personally, she has always found the sport interesting and enjoys keeping records and simply helping out during the season.

When asked about what she enjoyed most this season, Anya stated, “It was very fun to help out and it was a great way to get involved! It was fun and I enjoyed going to all of the games and I really liked getting to learn how to do stats and book!” While Kennedy enjoyed how kind and supportive everyone was she also acknowledged that being a team manager was definitely not an easy task. “You had to always be paying attention because you could miss even the slightest detail such as who scored or who received a penalty. You also had to know how to work the camera stand because there were times when it would break down and you had to get creative as to how to record the rest of the game,” stated Kennedy.  Both Anya and and Kennedy would suggest that students volunteer their free time helping with school activities. Kennedy added, “The school helps out with so much, so it’s nice just to return the favor!”

Mr. Dickey concluded that these young women were shining examples of selflessness. “These young women sacrificed hours of their lives volunteering their time to help out their school and peers. They won’t get their name posted in the newspaper or earn a varsity letter, but their contribution to the team is not taken for granted or unnoticed.”



“Between the Wars” and Analyzing Bacteria

“Between the Wars” in Modern World History


Mr. Donegan’s Modern World History students recently completed a project titled image3“Between the Wars.” This project focused on the Great Depression. It is an important focus for students because as Mr. Donegan explains, “through studying the time between the wars, students will understand why twenty years after World War I, another, more deadly, war began.”

image2For the “Between the Wars” class project, students had the option to create board games, parody songs, videos, posters, blog/journal entries, and websites about the causes of the Great Depression, life during the Great Depression, and the effects of the Great Depression. Students enjoyed the ability to use their creativity to display their knowledge about the subject. One group made a board game with rules similar to the game of “Life,” however, it typically had a much more bleak ending. Another group made a “Headbands”-style game that provided words or phrases about the Great Depression. The other members of the group had to offer clues to help them solve the problem. Finally, another group made a poster illustrating the causes of the Great Depression!

Analyzing Bacteria in Mrs. Geerken’s Class

1Swabbing Petri dish

Mrs. Geerken’s sixth grade gifted students have been putting their focus on a Bacteria mini-unit. During this unit, students used the Scientific Method to find the places and things that harbored the most bacteria and the least bacteria in our school. In order to do 2Observing Growththis, the students collected samples from places and things around the school. Mrs. Geerken explained, “We each inoculated our own nutrient agar petri dishes and labeled the dishes with the areas we collected our samples from. Over the next couple of days, we observed and documented the growth of bacteria (and fungi). We then analyzed our results and compared them to each of our hypotheses and learned that the samples we thought would grow the most bacteria sometimes did not grow the most. We each created our own graphs of the data we collected using the Numbers app. In the end, we came together and compared our results and discussed the reasons why we got the results that we did.”

Students really enjoyed watching the bacteria grow, taking pictures of the petri dishes, and taking pictures through the eyepiece of the specimen stereoscopes to get a picture of a colony up close!




NLS District Updates

“Footloose” Tickets On Sale Now!

Footloose Official Poster

We hope you are excited for this year’s NHS musical production of “Footloose” The Musical. Please use the Google Form Links below to reserve your tickets for the show!

Friday, March 16th 7:30pm

Saturday, March 17th 7:30pm

Sunday, March 18th 2:30pm


Samantha June Memorial Basketball Tournament:

Sam June 2018


Kindergarten Registration Packets:

Kindergarten Packets can be printed directly from our district website at Kindergarten Packet

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.17.45 PM

Northwood Easter Parade:


2018 Easter Parade


Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, March 9, 2018 – Samantha June Memorial Basketball Tournament 

Sunday, March 11, 2018 – Daylight Saving Time Begins

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 – NEO Meeting, 6pm

Friday, March 16, 2018 – Opening Night of “Footloose” The Musical, 7:30pm / Fueling Our Schools at Circle K

Saturday, March 17, 2018 – “Footloose” The Musical, 7:30pm 

Sunday, March 18, 2018 – “Footloose” The Musical, 2:30pm 


Spelling Bee Winners, ACT Information, & More!

6th Grade Spelling Bee WinnersIMG_1236

These three 6th graders: Lainee Partin, Jordyn Martinez, and Ava Ciboro, competed against Mr. Meyers’ 7th and 8th graders to earn their spot in the next spelling bee. They will compete on Saturday, February 17th at the Wood County Bee against students from other school districts in the area. To prepare, they will study around 1,000 words from all different languages and word origins. Congratulations to Lainee, Jordyn, and Ava!


NHS Juniors to take the ACT


On February 27th,  all 11th grade students will report to NHS for the state required ACT test.  This includes all students at NHS, Penta and CBI.  This test is paid for by the State of Ohio and is one avenue toward graduation for all of our juniors.  All students should report to the school by the regular start time of 7:50am. Mr. Kozina and Mrs. Reid will help juniors complete pretest information on February 14th, both at NHS and at Penta.  The February 27th,  testing time is approximately 7:50am–1pm.  Juniors will be dismissed after testing if they have their own transportation home.

Boy’s Soccer Coming to NHS!

A night with Any

Be a Musical Patron!


Support Northwood High School’s cast and crew by being a patron for our school musical production.  Our musical this year is “Footloose, The Musical”.   This year’s production will be held Friday and Saturday, March 16 & 17 at 7:30pm and Sunday, March 18 at 2:30pm in the Northwood Schools Auditorium (Arts, Athletics, and Administration building).

By becoming a musical patron, you can help support the students in a variety of ways: giving encouraging words in the program, aide in the development of the production, and provide monetary support and encouragement.  It takes a great deal of time, money, and volunteers’ efforts to make the production a success. Become a musical patron today! Footloose Patron Form

Coming Home Spirit Week

Coming Home Spirit Week is next week, Jan. 29 – Feb. 2nd. Be sure to use the hashtag #OneRangerNation on social media to show your Ranger Spirit!



Coming Home Ceremony & Dance Information:



NHS Rangers, Do you have your dance guest form completed? Dance_Guest_Form


Red Party!

college credit plus 18

Alumnus of the Year Nominations!

Northwood High School is seeking nominations for its Annual “Alumnus of the Year” award.  Nominees must have graduated from Northwood High School in or prior to spring of 2017, and the recipient will be recognized at the Academic Awards Banquet in May. Letters of nomination should include the nominee’s name, current address, year of graduation, and a description of his/her accomplishments since graduation.  These can include, but are not limited to, post-high school education, honors or awards received, employment history, and any other relevant information to support the nomination.  Deadline for applications is Friday, February 23rd.   Letters of nomination must include the name and address of the person making the nomination and should be sent to:

Jason Kozina, Principal

Northwood High School

600 Lemoyne Road

Northwood, Ohio 43619


Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, Feb. 2nd – Coming Home (HS Dance to begin after the game at 9pm)

Friday, Feb. 9th – NES Hat Day! 

Friday, Feb. 16th – NES Wears Red! / Jump Rope for the Heart! / NES Valentine’s Day Parties

Monday, Feb. 19th – No School! President’s Day

Tuesday, Feb. 20th – No School: Teacher Inservice Day / Marco’s Pizza Night 

Friday, Feb. 23rd – NES Pajama Day! 


Puppet-Theater & Rock Races

Drama Students Begin Puppet-Theater


The first year of drama class is all about learning to be creative and allowing yourself to go outside the box. Mrs. Slater’s first year drama students are currently beginning a unit on puppet-theater. This will challenge them to develop a voice for their puppet that is not their own, learn how to create and make a puppet as real life as possible, and memorize lines.  

IMG_1915The class of 28 students will be divided into groups of 3 or 4. Each group will choose a children’s story to re-create using puppets as the characters. They will design and make their own puppets out of socks, sticks, spoons, and other creative materials. They will create a backdrop for their story and continue to rehearse together learning cooperation and responsibility.  In the end, they will perform their re-created children’s story for the first graders.  The puppets you see included in this article were their first attempt at being creative.  They are very much looking forward to begin the ‘real’ puppet stories for the children.  Mrs. Slater encourages everyone to follow the drama students’ progress on Twitter in the weeks to come!

4th Graders Study Changes in the Earth’s Surface


Mrs. Sheets’ 4th grade science students are currently studying changes in the Earth’s surface. During this unit, students have created charts and researched landform images. Mrs. Sheets explained that students have really enjoyed the erosion tables as well as the “rock races,” and the culminating project. She added, “Students were fascinated while researching landform photos.”

For the erosion table, students built a river and saw how water causes weathering, erosion, and deposition. Mrs. Sheets said, “They enjoyed seeing an Oxbow Lake and Delta being formed in their river. Students also created a graph for the “rock races” showing the time required for different types of soil to settle. Finally, for the culminating project, students were able to choose whether they wanted to create a song, Google Slideshow, or write a paragraph illustrating the difference between weathering, erosion, and deposition.


Red Party!


Music Department Events:

luckyto haveyou (1)

Music Despicable Me (1)Music Greek Town (1)


Betty’s Spaghetti Dinner:

Bettys Spaghetti Dec

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Assistance:

2017 Fall Leaf Cleanup

City of Northwood Tree Lighting Ceremony:

tree lighting 17


Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, Dec. 1st – Midterms

Tuesday, Dec. 12 – NEO Winter Wonderland 

Friday, Dec. 22 – Tuesday, Jan. 2 – Holiday Break

Wednesday, January 3 – School Resumes

Friday, January 19th – End of Second Quarter/1st Semester

Musical Announcement & Classroom Spotlights!

This Spring, Northwood High School Drama Department Will Present………..

  • Interested in watching the movie before auditioning? Mark your calendars for Wed. Dec. 6th at 3:15pm – location to be determined!


All auditions will take place in the AAA building. Audition sign-ups will be available outside of the music room. Audition materials will be available outside the music room as well as in the F-Pod. Have questions? Feel free to ask Mrs. Slater or Mrs. Toflinski.

Auditions will be held on the following dates:

Monday, Dec. 11th, 2:45-6pm

Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 2:45 – 6pm

Wednesday, Dec. 13th, 2:45 – 5:30pm

CALL-BACKS – Friday, Dec. 15th, starting at 2:45pm

Kindergarten Students Learn Sounds


Mrs. Canaday’s kindergarten students are beginning a unit on sounds. Sounds are the first part of learning how to read and write words! Mrs. Canaday explained that all of kindergarten is divided into six groups to work on a specific skill. Mrs. Canaday’s group is focusing on what letter a word starts with. Additionally, each group has a high school mentor who comes to help! IMG_8603

Kindergarten students have enjoyed hands on games and activities that are at their level. They especially enjoy their high school helper, Brendon, who comes to play games and help them learn. Brendon even joins them for recess sometimes! Mrs. Canaday added, “We love having high school students come to be mentors for the younger kids and help them get excited about learning!”


First Graders use MATH

Mrs. Anderson’s first graders are currently learning about additional strategies. Students will learn different strategies to help them add to 20! Mrs. Anderson explained that, “Instead of whole group math instruction, we do something called MATH. M is for meet the teacher: students meet with the teacher for the lesson. A is for at your seat, students complete their math workbook independently. T is for technology time, students work on a math app. H is for hands on, students work with a partner or alone to complete various math games and activities.” Mrs. Anderson continued, “This type of instruction lets me meet the needs of all of my learners. I am able to differentiate their work. Some may be completing first grade work, some may need additional support through repeated teachings, or some may need to be challenged. Our high school mentors really help our students complete their math as well! The students enjoy seeing the mentors!”

IMG_0524During this unit, students have enjoyed doing their math using the MATH rotation system because it fast-paced and everyone is doing something different! Additionally, Mrs. Anderson concluded, “My students enjoy using the pod common area to complete their work as well. We use it to record ourselves reading and more!”


7th Graders Conquer Algebra Expressions & Equations


Mrs. Semler’s 7th grade math students are currently focusing on Algebra expressions andIMG_1165 equations, including multi-step equations and using the distributive property. This unit involves lots of partner activities. Mrs. Semler encourages peer teaching if students are not understanding. She added, “Many students started out with little understanding about algebra and have done an AWESOME job with it! Understanding is through the roof!”

IMG_1168One activity that students participated in was performing a “partner swap” activity. This involved having to solve five different equations, each with a different partner in the room. “I love seeing the kids teach each other and maybe talk to someone they wouldn’t talk to on a typical day,” said Mrs. Semler. She concluded, “Grades on this unit have been higher than I have ever had before! The kids are really invested in conquering this unit! I’m a SUPER PROUD teacher!

Fall Sports League Honors:

Ranger Football:

Football All-League, All-District
1st Team TAAC
Brandon Hayes- O and D
Jon Lucas-D
2nd Team TAAC
Zac Heuser-O
Anthony Williams-O
Honorable Mention TAAC
Tim Romstadt
Dave Chappell
Donte Dixon
Austin Cole
All District
2nd Team
Brandon Hayes
Jon Lucas
Honorable Mention
Zac Heuser
Anthony Williams

Lady Rangers Soccer:

2nd Team all District

Rylee Hazlett

Honorable Mention All District

Becca Brittian

Kennedy Carey

Brooke Schmitz

1st Team All TAAC

Rylee Hazlett

Becca Brittian

Kennedy Carey

2nd Team All TAAC

Emily Bowen

Corey Fry

Brooke Schmitz

Sarah Steenbergen

Honorable Mention All TAAC

Tori Romstadt

Angelina Nagel

1st Team All NWOHSSL

Rylee Hazlett

Becca Brittian

Kennedy Carey

2nd Team All NWOHSSL

Brooke Schmitz

Sarah Steenbergen

Honorable Mention All NWOHSSL

Emily Bowen

Corey Fry


Ranger Golf:

Honorable Mention

Allen Powell

Ranger Cross-Country:

Trinity Fowler– TAAC Champion, First-team all league, District 5th place finish, Regional and State Qualifier.  Holds school individual record at 19:07 (1:57:35 at Maumee Bay State Park on 10/17/2015)

Girls Varsity team record: Trinity Fowler, Jocelyn Dunbar, Delaney Genson, Megan Goins, Adrienne Wasch (1:57:35 at Maumee Bay state park on 10/17/2015)

Boys Varsity team record: Phil Ottinger, JJ Poiry, Zak Sherman, Antonio Garcia, Gabe LaPlante (1:39:08 at Owens CC/Findlay on 10/21/2017)
Dale Balister- holds the school individual record at 17:19 (2007)
Harvey Wilson-holds the two mile record at 10:15 (1975)
Red Party!

PENTA Career Night:

2017 Penta Career Night

Music Department Events:

luckyto haveyou (1)Music Holiday Paint Night (1)Music Greek Town (1)Music Despicable Me (1)


Betty’s Spaghetti Dinner:

Bettys Spaghetti Dec

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Assistance:

2017 Fall Leaf Cleanup


NHS School Guidance Website:

Did you know that our Rangers have access to the NHS School Guidance website? Be sure to check this site frequently for information regarding the ACT, scholarship opportunities, and more! NHS Ranger Guidance

Website (1)