Acapella, Shakespeare, “Sneak Peek” Video, & End of the Year District Reminders


Northern Lights Acapella Members


Mrs. Slater recently held auditions for next year’s acapella members. We would like to formally congratulate the 2017-2018 members!

Soprano 1                                                                            Soprano 2

Zoe Sherman (Soph)                                          Alexandra Hoffer (Junior)

Anya Rau (Soph)                                                 Ashley Crampton (Junior)

Mackenzie Fullenlove (Senior)

Alto                                                                                        Tenor 1

Kylie Grant (Junior)                                            Philip Brice (Junior)

Nevada Knisely (Junior)                                     Isaiah Bolyard (Junior)

Alivia Rohloff (Freshman)

Tenor 2/Baritone                                                              Bass

Joshua Bown (Junior)                                         Armando Rodriquez (Freshman)

River Emmert (Sophomore)                              Colton Falk (Junior)

                                                                             Cayden Schober (Sophomore)

Vocal Percussionist

Cayden Schober



Shakespeare on a Sunday Afternoon


Mrs. Toflinski and Mrs. Slater recently took a small group of students to see a live Shakespeare production of 12th Night at Bowling Green State University. Students from Sophomore Honors English and Drama class, traveled to Bowling Green on a Sunday afternoon to see the production performed by BGSU students. The directors of this production made changes to the time period of the play, and set the hilarious Shakespeare comedy in the Roaring 20’s. Students were able to enjoy 1920’s era music and dancing as well as to see acting  on a “raked” stage. Students explained that seeing Shakespeare live made the story-line so much more funny. They were also impressed by the singing, dancing, and the synchronized scene changes. Mrs. Toflinski added, “It was fantastic to hear students discussing the show after the performance. They were impressed by all aspects of the show, and they picked up on many little details in regards to the content of the play as well as the production aspect.” She concluded, “I am so impressed that these students were willing to take time out of a Sunday afternoon, to include some Shakespeare into their day!”


NES Student Council “Sneak Peek” Video

NES Student Council members recently created a “Sneak Peek” video of our new PK – 12 building! The NES Student Council wanted to say “thank you” to the workers for putting so much care into building the new school. With the help of Mr. Clark, the Student Council members organized large “thank you” cards signed by the elementary students and planned to  deliver them with goody bags. NES Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Turner, explained, “It snowballed into a visit to the new building and delivering the items personally.” The Student Council took two groups of students through the building with an ipad in hand to take pictures. Over the next couple of weeks students created a video with the pictures and made sound clips for each slide with the help of Miss Ritter.  Mrs. Turner concluded, “We are sad to leave our old buildings, but are excited to begin next year in a new building with a little bit of the old displayed as a reminder. We hope you enjoy the tour!”

Take a look  at the wonderful final product here:



parent info District Calendar Reminders:

The end of the school year is fast approaching! Check out this list of Ranger events so that you can plan accordingly!

April 28th – NES Carnival

April 29th – Prom / After Prom

May 1st – NHS Academic Awards Banquet / National Honors Society Induction Ceremony

May 2nd – NEO Meeting @ Olney 1 -2:30pm / Kindergarten Screening

May 3rd – ACT Testing for Juniors / Kindergarten Screening

May 4th – Seniors Last Day of School

May 5th – NHS Battle of the Classes / Circle K “Fueling Our Schools” from 4-8pm

May 8th – 3rd – 5th Grade Awards / Athletic Boosters Bingo

May 9th – Grades K-2 Field Day / Senior Awards

May 10th – 3rd – 6th grade Olympics

May 11th – Last Day of School for Students / 6th Grade Send Off

May 14th – NHS Graduation for the Class of 2017



Weekly Update from Principal Krontz

Check the following link for important elementary reminders including information regarding Kindergarten registration!



Northwood Elementary Carnival 

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Northwood Day of Beautification

day of beautification

STARS Summer Enrichment Program

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Northwood Safety Town

Safety Town Flyer

NHS Drama Department Goes Wonka Crazy!


IMG_4526Every spring is an exciting time for students involved with the NHS drama department, as they prepare to bring a new musical to the stage. Following last year’s successful production of the The Little Mermaid, this year’s adventure takes us into the world of Willy Wonka and his delicious chocolate factory. Those familiar with the Ronald Dahl classic, will recognize the the story of Willy Wonka, played by junior, Austin Ebel, who begins a search for someone to take over his candy empire as he get’s closer to retirement. In order to find the perfect heir, he places five golden tickets in his delectable Wonka bars for children to find. Freshman, Cayden Schober, portrays Augustus Gloop, a German child with a big appetite. Exchange student, Annika Mueller, portrays Mrs. Gloop, and has been practicing with Cayden, in order to get his German accent just right! Spoiled child Veruca Salt, is played by junior, Delaney Genson. Gum obsessed Violet Beauregarde will be portrayed by junior, Skylar Kyser, while Mike Teavee, who can’t seem to focus on anything but his television, phone, and video games, is portrayed by sophomore, Josh Bowen. Finally, both eighth grader, Isaac Hoffer, and his understudy, seventh grader, Dustin Ashton, have been working hard to portray Charlie Bucket, who yearns to find the final golden ticket!

IMG_4525 (1)Those familiar with the story of Willy Wonka will recognize such songs as “Cheer Up Charlie” and “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket,” and will enjoy new songs specifically written for the stage such as, “I Eat More,” and “Think Positive.” When asked about the best part of being involved in the musical, Senior Hannah Moore, who portrays Mrs. Bucket, stated, “It brings everyone together! It’s an experience to share with old friends and new. That’s just downright fun!” Senior, Sydney Boiselle, who portrays Grandma Josephine explained, “I like spending time with everyone involved and working as a team to make a great show.” Senior Aaron Grant, who has served as this year’s assistant director concluded, “I like seeing everything come together!”

This year marks director Annette Slater’s 20th NHS production! Along with serving as the IMG_4541drama teacher, directing the NHS Acapella choir, serving as the grades 7-12 choral director, and serving as the choir director at First St. John’s Lutheran Church in Toledo, the NHS spring musical production, is one of Mrs. Slater’s biggest responsibilities. Recently during one of her drama classes, Mrs. Slater was asked how she chooses who to assist her with such a big production. Her simple response is that she chooses those who have strengths in areas other than her own.

Alumnus Amelia (Renfro) Burkey, has served as the choreographer for over a decade. She never disappoints in coming up with great dances that add to the musical performances. After taking a brief hiatus, Kris James returned for the production of Grease, and has been back at it ever since. Her main responsibility is to handle the layout and production of the musical program. IMG_4542This includes creating bio’s for each of the cast and crew members as well as creating the ads for all those who help in donating to the show’s production. Additionally, her eye on detail, comes in handy in regards to painting sets and making sure that the smallest details, such as Wonka candy bars, are perfected! Finally, alumnus, Cristina (Rodriguez) Toflinski, serves as Mrs. Slater’s right-hand woman. From assisting with blocking and helping students memorize lines to helping the paint crew and coordinating stage makeup, Mrs. Toflinski helps wherever is needed.

Mrs. James explained that she enjoys that all of the directors have different strengths and that each respects the others. She also added that it helps that directors, though usually exhausted, have a lot of fun in the process! Mrs. Toflinski explained that the best part of being involved in the musical is getting to know the students on a different level outside of the classroom. Mrs. Slater concluded that the best part for her is, “Seeing the kid’s faces light up when something sinks in and they accomplish that one part that’s been giving them trouble. Show nights are always wonderful because that’s when all the hard work and late nights practicing pay off!”

IMG_4540The NHS Drama Department will perform this weekend, Friday and Saturday night at 7:30pm and Sunday, at 2:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door. We hope that you can take the opportunity this weekend to see the hard work and dedication of so many of our NHS Rangers. There are plenty of surprises in store and even a few guest appearances. Join us in the NHS Auditorium for this year’s spring musical production of Willy Wonka the Musical!


District Reminders

Interested in Open Enrollment at NHS?

Thursday, March 30th from 6 – 7:30pm, NHS will be hosting a Community Open House for those interested in open-enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year. More information can be found at

open house

Teen Institute 2nd Quarter Event

This event will take place Saturday, March 25th from 12pm – 3pm at NHS!


Join Us for the Final Walk-Through of Our “Olney” Buildings

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Preschool Registration:



NLS Bus Drivers & Probability and Statistics Class

NLS Bus Drivers Provide Safe Transportation

Do you remember your favorite school bus driver from your childhood? Maybe you remember their smile every time they opened the door for you to get on the bus, or the fact that they always greeted you with an energetic, “Good Morning!” Our NLS bus drivers are those we entrust to get our students to and from school safely each day; but, they are so much more than that! This week, the Ranger Roundup  took some time to catch up with four of our NLS bus drivers.

FullSizeRender (27)Beth Hanthorn has worked for NLS for two years, Julianna Reutz has worked for NLS for four years, Pat Hanthorn has been with NLS for eight years, and Jami Murray has been part of our transportation department for over 13 years! When asked about daily responsibilities as a bus driver for NLS, Jami explained that she comes in at 6 a.m. to start her bus, complete her walk-through, do her pre-trip, and start the other buses if those have not been started yet. Additionally, it is part of her responsibility to make sure that her bus is in safe running condition, has plenty of fuel, and is warm for the students. She added, “I am responsible for the safety of each child that gets on my bus. I consider them ‘my’ kids. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously.”

Pat explained that the upkeep of the buses is also very important. IMG_0829She added that at least three times a week, she wipes down seats and cleans windows for visibility and safety. Other items include driving special needs students to Lake Schools daily, preparing “Student Conduct Reports” when necessary for student behavior, driving students and coaches on field trips to other school districts for various activities, keeping records on field trips for payroll, keeping accurate work time daily via time card, and securing buses in the garage nightly. One of the most important aspects of the job according to Pat is to “Be a team player every day.”

IMG_0830When asked about stressful aspects of the job, Julianna explained that she is responsible for traveling on I-75 daily, and that distracted drivers, or those who swerve into lanes at high speeds, can be very nerve wracking. Beth added that the elementary afternoon pick-up line is always a bit stressful, while Jami added that trying to keep disruptive students safe while on the ride home, is one of the biggest stressors. Pat added that it can be very challenging having so many different personalities on one bus, but that the bus drivers strive to remain professional at all times.

However, all of the bus drivers agree that the connections made with students make all the stress worth it! Pat explained that it is wonderful when she can make a student smile, especially when they seem to be having a bad day. IMG_0832Jami added that she cherishes the bond with her kids and that the hugs can make each day so much better! Julianna agreed that it is incredibly rewarding to see kids grow and mature and to witness their accomplishments, whether they be academic, sports related, or simply learning to be kind, concerned, and considerate human beings. She added, “We celebrate our uniqueness, grades, missing teeth, other accomplishments, and birthdays on Bus #5!”

Finally, when asked about the best part of working for Northwood Local Schools, Pat explained that it is the relationships made with those in our district, from students to parents, to teachers and other staff personnel. Jami added, “We are like a family…dysfunctional at times, but, still a family!” Beth added that she has the very best boss and co-workers, while Julianna agreed that the students and staff are surely the best part of NLS!

Clearly, our bus drivers are so much more than drivers of buses. Our NLS bus drivers strive everyday to make sure our students are transported safely, and are an integral part of the Northwood Local Schools Community. On behalf of Northwood Local Schools, the Ranger Roundup would like to thank our bus drivers for all they do each and every day!


Probability and Statistics Students Study Population Trends 


Mrs. Elinski’s Probability and Statistics students just completed projects on a country of their choice. This project involved researching many different types of population statistics associated with their country. For example, students researched recent population trends, age distribution, religious statistics, crime rates, and so on. Once the data was collected, student put together presentations to share with the class.

Mrs. Elinski explained that the purpose of this project was for students to see how relative and commons statistics are in their everyday lives. She stated, “It is important for stIMG_4509udents to be able to read statistical data and have a good understanding of what it is telling them. There are a lot of skewed statistics on the internet, so spending time researching these statistics on their own, students can gain a better understanding of reliable sources and gathering information that makes the most sense for their project.”

This project gave students the opportunity to take a break from the typical statistics “number crunching” in order to see how these numbers are used in the real world. Mrs. Elinski concluded, “They enjoyed researching a country that they picked and wanted to learn more about; it is good for them to see how different countries compare to the United States in these specific areas such as religion and crime.”



District Reminders

put this on your calendar

Samantha June Memorial Basketball Tournament – TONIGHT! 

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Musical Tickets Available Now! 


Tickets available at the NHS office or online:

March 17, 7:30pm @

March 18, 7:30pm @

March 19, 2:30pm @

Join Us for the Final Walk-Through of Our “Olney” Buildings

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Preschool Registration:



Northwood Community Club Bowlers, Musical Tickets on Sale Now, and More!

Northwood Community Club Bowlers Finish Season Strong


Our Rangers keep busy both with school extra curriculars and with extracurriculars outside of NHS. This week, we were able to sit down with a few members of the Northwood Community Club Bowling team. The team consists of four members, Amber Elliot, Ty Zieroff, Zach Wilkes, and Josh Roach. The team usually practices on Thursday nights at Penny Jo’s Eastern Lanes. Occasionally, the team will practice multiple nights during a week, if they have a big match coming up. These bowlers compete within the Metro High School League at SouthWyck Lanes. They bowl every Saturday morning and sometimes even get to bowl televised matches on BCSN on Sunday mornings.

When asked about highlights for this season, Amber stated that high scores and series that the team has been able to reach have definitely been a highlight. She added, “We work as a team to bowl our best and get our name on the sheet for high team series. We definitely had an amazing season and we were able to place in the top four all season long!” Ty stated that a huge highlight was making it to second place to bowl on television. Zach added that that everyone had a really good year and recognized Amber as helping out a lot to keep the team motivated!

imag0057This year, the Northwood Community Club Bowling Team finished second behind Clay Gold Team. Zach Wilkes was the Boys High Scorer with a 217.8 Average and Amber Elliot was the Girls High Scorer with a 185.8 Average. Josh Roach averaged 185 and Ty Zieroff averaged 195. Zach and Amber also received the All City Bowler Award, which is given to the top four boy’s and girl’s averages for the season. The team participated in the season tournament at Southwyck Lanes finishing second overall. The Northwood Community Club Bowlers ended their season with the Chris Taylor Memorial Tournament. Zach Wilkes took first place in the Scratch Boys Division, Amber Elliot took first place in the Scratch Girls Division, and Ty Zieroff took ninth in the Scratch Boys Division.

When asked about what they enjoy most about the bowling team, Amber said that she really enjoys the fun that the team has together. She further explained, “We are a team, we win as a team, we lose as a team, and we compete as a team. If one of us is struggling, we help each other out and keep positive attitudes. We have developed friendships through bowling. We also bowl with other schools so we create friendships with people from different schools. Outside of high school bowling, we compete in tournaments with each other or with people from other schools.” Ty and Zach both agreed that they also really enjoy bowling with their teammates.imag0062

When asked what is up next for the Northwood bowlers, Ty explained that they will be looking for a fourth bowler, due to the fact that Josh will be graduating this spring. Zach added that the team plans to practice over the summer. He also has his sights on winning a championship! Finally, Zach added that he would like to acknowledge and thank Karen Elliot for being the team coach, stating, “Without her, there wouldn’t be a Northwood bowling team!”

District Reminders


Northwood Regional Powerlifting MeetpowerliftingThe Northwood Regional Powerlifting Meet will be tomorrow, March 4th, beginning at 10am. Admission to view the meet is as follows:

Adults: $6

Students: $5

Senior Citizens: $4

Good Luck Ranger Cheerleaders!

Good luck to our Ranger Cheerleaders who will be heading to Columbus, Ohio this Sunday to participate in the OASSA Cheer & Dance State Competition!



Willy Wonka Tickets on Sale Now! 


Tickets available at the NHS office or online:

March 17, 7:30pm @

March 18, 7:30pm @

March 19, 2:30pm @

College & Career Preview Night



Are you considering college or would like to learn more about in demand careers?  Then come to College & Career Preview Night on

Wednesday, March 8, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Owens Community College.

This is your chance to talk with representatives from business and Industry, along with more than 100 colleges and Universities in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania and more!

Experts on financial aid & scholarships, Military Academies, Disability Services, and College Athletics will also be there to answer your questions.

Invite Mom and Dad or just bring your friends!

It’s College & Career Preview Night

Wednesday, March 8

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Owens Community College Toledo-Area Campus

For more information, see HS Guidance Counselor, Michelle Reid! 

Preschool Registration


OMEA Honors Festival & NLS Custodial Staff Feature

OMEA District 1 Honors Festival To Take Place This Sunday


This Sunday, more than 600 middle school and high school students from more than 40 school districts across Northwest Ohio will participate in the annual Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) District 1 Honors Festival at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo, Ohio.

img_4377Six of our Northwood Rangers were selected through an audition and application process to participate in the band and choral ensembles. Dustin Ashton (Grade 7), Sapphire Smith (Grade 7), and Alivia Rohloff (Grade 8) will represent Northwood as part of the Junior High Honors Choir. Randi Wilson (Grade 7) will represent Northwood as part of the Junior High Honors Band. Austin Ebel (Grade 11) will participate in the High School Honors Choir and Alex Hoffer (Grade 10) will participate in the High School Honors Band.

img_4363-1The junior high honors orchestra, choir, and band performances will take place at 2:30pm, img_4359-1with the high school honors orchestra, choir, and band ensembles performing at 7pm. Both performances are free and open to the public.

Congratulations to Dustin, Sapphire, Alivia, Randi, Austin, and Alex on this wonderful accomplishment!


Custodial Staff Keeps NLS Shining Bright

You may have heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the same vein, it takes an amazing team to help keep our schools clean and running appropriately. Thankfully, at NLS we have a wonderful team of custodians who take incredible pride in their work and spend their days and evenings, making sure that our school buildings are clean and properly maintained. The Ranger Roundup took the opportunity this week, to sit down with a few of our custodians to learn just a little bit more about about their responsibilities at NLS.

img_4372Joyce Fuller and Vicky Rivers can both be seen in the Olney Building. Fuller has worked for NLS for 18 years, while Rivers has been at NLS for three years. When asked about their daily responsibilities, Fuller explained that cleaning bathrooms, getting students off of the bus, stocking paper, and most importantly trying to meet the needs of the students and staff are part of the everyday tasks. Simply said, “There is a lot to do!” Fuller added that an interesting part of her job is simply listening to the students, as they always have stories to tell. img_4370When asked about the most stressful part of their jobs, Rivers stated that classroom parties can be a bit stressful. Fuller added that seeing a child crying is always stressful, as there is an immediate need to comfort them and get them to the office for help. However, both Fuller and Rivers agreed that laughter and seeing Little Rangers smile and say “Hello” is a very rewarding aspect of the job.

img_4369Connie Webster and Patrice Frazier spend the majority of their time at the NES building. Frazier has been with NLS for almost a year and Webster has been with NLS for five years. Webster commented on the vast responsibilities of a custodian explaining, “During the day you are on call for anything that may and will happen during the day — like clogged toilets, spills, and sickness.” Additionally, Webster explained that the custodians assist electricians, plumbers, glass installers, and many other companies. img_4373The custodians must be able to explain to these companies what is going on within the school so that they understand what needs to be done and what repairs need to be made. When asked about an aspect of the job that many might not be aware of, Webster explained, “We go to cleaning shows all over the city. We get to see the newest cleaning equipment, from ride on floor scrubbers to mop buckets. We also get samples of the newest cleaning products.” She also added that while it is not mandatory for custodians to work games, many use the evening and weekend opportunities to get in extra hours. Frazier stated that she enjoys knowing that teachers will have a smile on their face when they walk into a clean room each morning, while Webster enjoys helping people and the sense of accomplishment when everyone is able to see how nice the building looks after all of the hard work put in by the custodians.

img_4367-1Sheri TenEyck, who has worked for NLS for 10 years, is part of the NHS custodial team. TenEyck’s responsibilities include keeping the floors scrubbed and cleaning the cafeteria after lunches. She stated that she is always amazed by the amount of items that end up in the “Lost and Found” areas of each building. TenEyck agreed that clogged toilets are one of the most stressful parts of the job, but that one of the most rewarding aspects is when a student notices the hard work that has been put in and acknowledges the work of the custodial staff.

Jeff Deal has worked for NLS for almost two years and spends his time in each of our img_4368current three buildings. Deal spends his days doing “a little bit of everything,” from fixing things around the buildings, maintaining equipment, and cleaning. He added, “I am a jack of all trades. If I don’t know how to do something, I can probably figure it out!”  While cleaning up from events and games can be stressful at times, Deal takes pride in having a clean and well-maintained campus.

Finally, when asked about the best part of working for Northwood Local Schools, everyone was in agreement about the amazing Northwood community. Frazier said that everyone is caring and nice. Fuller and Rivers agreed that they truly enjoy their co-workers. Webster explained, “Everyone is friendly. It is a smaller school system and you feel like family!” Deal concluded that taking part in making the community he resides in, an even better place to live, is by far the best part of working for NLS!

District Reminders:

Is There Someone You’d Like to Nominate for Alumnus of the Year?

Northwood High School is seeking nominations for its Annual “Alumnus of the Year” award.  Nominees must have graduated from Northwood High School in or prior to spring of 2016, and the recipient will be recognized at the Academic Awards Banquet in May. Letters of nomination should include the nominee’s name, current address, year of graduation, and a description of his/her accomplishments since graduation.  These can include, but are not limited to, post-high school education, honors or awards received, employment history, and any other relevant information to support the nomination.  Deadline for applications is Friday, February 24th.   Letters of nomination must include the name and address of the person making the nomination and should be sent to:

Jason Kozina, Principal

Northwood High School

700 Lemoyne Road

Northwood, Ohio 43619

Free Children’s Dental Exams


NHS “Coming Home” Spirit Week


Catching Up with our Ranger Bands!


This week the Ranger Roundup caught up with Mrs. Petteys to discuss our wonderful Marching Rangers and our up-and-coming musicians in the 5th and 6th grade band! The high school marchers are now focusing on concert band pieces and are working toward their February concert. Fifth and sixth grade students are focusing on their December 14th concert!

img_0556The high school band just finished the marching season with a performance in the Toledo Holiday parade! Mrs. Petteys stated, “We had a great year supporting our Ranger fans. We also had the chance to perform at the Vermillion Band Festival and participated in Northwood’s first Fall Festival Parade!” Students really enjoyed supporting the Ranger football team and working with the cheerleaders to pump up the Ranger fans! They also enjoyed representing Northwood at events outside of the community! Now that students are moving on to concert band season, students are focusing on a few movie selections, some more traditional pieces, and a march for the February concert. Additionally, some of our Rangers are working on solo and ensemble contest pieces and getting ready to play in pep band for basketball season!

Fifth grade band is working out of their beginning band book Essential Elements 2000. image-1All students in fifth grade band are new to playing an instrument this year. Mrs. Petteys added that 55 percent of the fifth grade class is in band this year! Students’ first day of class included putting instruments together and trying to produce a sound out of the instrument. Students have now been playing for a couple of months and can play six different notes and rhythms, giving them the ability to play recognizable songs! Sixth grade students have moved out of their first-year book and are now playing full length pieces of music! Mrs. Petteys has even thrown in some tricky rhythms and students are doing a great job of learning them! Students are playing “Midnight Mission,” “Lizards!,” and “Soar of the Dragons” for the December Concert!

Finally, Mrs. Petteys added that our Ranger band students are amazing! She ended by stating, “They keep pushing themselves to perform better and I think it shows. All grade levels are a lot of fun to teach!” Be sure to check out the upcoming Ranger Band Performances:

Wednesday – December 14, 2016 at 7pm:

5th and 6th Grade Band and 7th & 8th Grade Choir Concert

Tuesday – February 7, 2017 at 7pm:

Band-O-Rama Concert with Grades 5-12

New Teachers & Music Boosters!

Welcome New Teachers!

IMG_3686Amanda Johnson, who is entering her 10th year of teaching, is our new elementary Life Skills teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. Last year she taught at the Autism Model School in Toledo, Ohio. Prior to that, she taught in both Kentucky and Florida. When asked what she is most looking forward to this school year, she explained that she is really looking forward to becoming a part of the Northwood family. She stated, “Everyone has been very inviting and welcoming so far!” When asked about her classroom plans, she explained that her students can look forward to some exciting Community-Based Instructional field trips this year!


IMG_3684McKenzi Bettinger is our new 4th grade Intervention Specialist this year! McKenzi, a graduate of Bowling Green State University, is especially excited for this year, as this is her first year as a teacher! She expressed how she is looking forward to getting to know each of her students and having an impact on their educational journey throughout the school year. She added that her students can look forward to doing interactive activities based on their individual needs. She concluded, “I enjoy crafting and hands-on activities and I can’t wait to get the students involved!”



Music Boosters Needed!


The Northwood High School Music Boosters are ready to kick-off another great year and are looking to add additional members! Choir and Drama teacher, Mrs. Annette Slater, explained that music boosters is an organization that provides a variety of support for the various music groups at Northwood. The music boosters meet once a month at 7p.m. in the high school music room. Both Mrs. Slater and band director, Mrs. Tracey Petteys, send emails and Schoology reminders prior to the meetings. The first meeting of the year will take place on Sept. 6th at 7pm. Mrs. Slater stressed that members can be any adult in the community with or without children in the music program. Members can look forward to assisting as chaperones for events, helping make monetary decisions on large purchases, helping with fundraisers, helping with uniforms and costumes that may need repaired or made, providing support for the directors, and supporting the students at concerts and in various outside music programs.

Mrs. Slater explained that the music boosters are an integral part of the music program for many reasons. Music Boosters help provide the extra assistance that the directors need at various events. She added, “They are essential in providing support for outside activities such as honors festivals, providing awards for the students at the end of the year, providing scholarships for students, and acting as volunteers for trips and activities.” Mrs. Petteys added that in previous years, boosters have also helped  provide students with opportunities to participate in leadership workshops and music camps.

Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Petteys added that the band, choirs, a cappella choir, pep band, jazz band, and musical all receive support from the music boosters. Please consider joining the current music boosters on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 7pm!



Prepping for “Band-o-Rama” with Mrs. Petteys and the Ranger Bands!

IMG_0026You can always count on great instrumental music at Northwood Local Schools! The Ranger Roundup caught up with Mrs. Petteys to discuss what has been happening in fifth, sixth, seventh, and high school band. She explained that students have been focusing on the annual “Band-o-Rama” concert which will take place on Wednesday, February 24th, at 7pm in the high school auditorium.

Mrs. Petteys stated that students have been working through a variety of music rangingIMG_0029 from the classical works of Holst to the more popular Lady Gaga, and the traditional Sousa! Students are focusing on scales and rhythms to improve playing. Additionally, students have been using the iPads to practice and record themselves at home!

Students have enjoyed playing many different styles of music. Mrs. Petteys said that every band student has a favorite. For example, many in the seventh grade band enjoy the song “Dr. Rockenstein” because it has the eerie feel of Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” but with a rock beat. Others like the piece “Conundrum” because of the fast past feel and texture of the instruments. The high school students are excited that they will have the chance to play solos and perform in small ensembles as part of the concert.

Make sure to mark your calendars for February 24th, as you will not want to miss this “Band-o-Rama” concert and the performance of these wonderful pieces:

5th Grade Band – Selections from the “Essential Elements” book

6th Grade Band – Soar with the Dragons, Flashpoint, and Bandroom Rock

7th Grade Band – Born This Way, Conundrum, and Dr. Rockenstein

High School Band – “Jupiter” from The Planets, The Light Eternal, and Black Horse Troop

It’s Never Too Early to Mark Your Calendars for the Spring Musical!


The Little Mermaid

March 18-20, 2016


Ariel …………………………………….. Hannah Moore

Pilot (helmsman of Prince Eric’s ship) ……….. Austin Ebel

Prince Eric …………………………….. Scott Slater

Grimsby (guardian of Prince Eric) …………. Trevor Mack

Flounder ……………………………….. Philip Brice

Scuttle ………………………………….. Kayli Nelson

Windward (herald in King Triton’s court) …… Jacob Vickers

Leeward (herald in King Triton’s court) …….. Dillan Cathers

King Triton …………………………….. Jacob Shephard

Sebastian ………………………………. Joshua Sobczak

Flotsam …………………………………. Skylar Kyser

Jetsam ………………………………….. Desiree Brewer

Ursula …………………………………… Marissa Panos

Chef Louis ……………………………… Alex Hoffer

Mersisters …………………………………Gabbi Kirchner, Kaitlynn Edwards, Morgan Satkowski, Bhakti Merchant, Lexi Rymers, Kelsey Smothers

Sailors ………………………………….. Ethan Barnes, Brendan Benedict, Nick Bonnette, Nate Brice, Trent Dale, Jacob Vickers, Troy Schmitz, Joey Woody, Ben Goins, Gabe LaPlante, and special guest stars

Chefs ………………………………………………Kylie Grant, Kara Ray, Kirsten Dombrowski, Madalyn Falk + guest stars

Maids ………………………………………………Kayla Ibarra, Hannah Garno, Sarah Steenbergen, Mackenzie Fullenlove

Princesses ……………………………………….Megan Goins, Allison Vogl, Ariel Heise, Elena Jaso, Delaney Genson, Briana Garza, Lyndsey DeSelms, Katie Reichow, Jordan Kretz, Kamille Berry

Seagulls ……………………………………………Jade Laviolette, Allison Roach, Dara Artino, Nayvee Dewar, Kristi Sawmiller

Sea Creatures …………………………………….Kayla Ibarra, Hannah Garno, Sarah Steenbergen, Mackenzie Fullenlove + guest stars


Breakfast with the Characters

Our “Breakfast with the Characters” with the cast of The Little Mermaid, will take place Sunday, March 6th from 11am to 1pm in the NHS cafeteria. All proceeds will go to the NHS musical fund. Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for more details soon!




A Recap of the Fall Music Festivities With Mrs. Dunlap

Mrs. Dunlap’s elementary music classes have been incredibly busy this year. When asked about the importance of music performances, Mrs. Dunlap explained that performances are a great opportunity to apply the lessons learned in music class such as reading music, matching pitch, blending, harmonizing, and memorization. Mrs. Dunlap stated, “Students work together as a team to ensure lyrics can be understood clearly and create expressive musicianship.” She further stated that performing in front of an audience helps students gain invaluable experience as well as confidence and poise. Additionally, concerts serve as a “final exam” as they are a culmination of the semester’s hard work and preparation. The fall elementary music performances included:


September 17, 2015: 6th Graders “Sh! We’re Writing the Constitution” Performance

November 12, 2015: 5th and 6th Grade Fall & Patriotic Performance

December 3, 2015: 3rd and 4th Grade “Holiday and Music” Christmas Program Featuring the 5th and 6th Grade Choir


Rhythm-SticksThe 3rd and 4th Grade “Holiday and Music” Christmas Program included third grade students using rhythm sticks during their enthusiastic performance of “The Rhythm of the Season.” Fourth grade bell ringers did an outstaBellsnding job during the program. Several fourth grade narrators were featured in a humorous number questioning, “What’s a Yule Log?”


PilgrimsFor the 5th and 6th grade “Fall and Patriotic Performance” several fifth grade students dressed in Native American or Pilgrim costumes as students sang songs of being “Glad for Their Thanksgiving” and “Pilgrims,” which included narrations recalling the Thanksgiving feast. The sixth grade students presented selections from the “Sh! We’re Writing the Constitution” mini musical. This performance featured four costumed Founding Fathers and several delegates. Mrs. Dunlap explained, “This dramatic and humorous mini musical, brought to life what these famous men painstakingly went through to form our constitution.” This group of students also sang aFounding-Fathers fall song as well as a send off song, “The Future is Calling Us” in honor of their last elementary performance with Mrs. Dunlap. Students took pride in participating in a processional led by the American and State Flag as well as displaying the U.S. flag during the patriotic songs.


The 5th and 6th grade choir performed at both the November and December concerts. They received rave reviews when they performed for the Retiree Christmas Party as well. One of the students’ favorite selections was “Share Your Good Will” which helped to kick off the Student Council’s Food Drive Contest to donate food to families in need at Christmas. Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Turner, created a beautiful visual by having students bring forward canned goods to the stage during lyrics motivating our student body to “remember there are people not as fortunate as you.”


Mrs. Dunlap explained that most of our Ranger students love to sing and perform their favorite songs for their families. Quite a few also enjoy adding a dramatic flair to songs by depicting special characters in their songs. They encourage and support those who contribute 5-6-Choir (1)above and beyond by dressing up in costumes, carrying props, narrating, or playing instrumental features. Even those who are shy and get nervous, end up feeling quite a sense of accomplishment when they receive positive feedback upon completion of a successful  program. Third and fourth grade students were 6th-Grade (1)excited that their selections for the “Holiday of Music” program would put everyone into the spirit of Christmas. Fifth and sixth grade students were exceptionally proud to sing harmonies this year. While fifth graders loved singing about the history of pilgrims and being thankful for our freedoms, sixth grade students enjoyed the opportunity to honor and recognize our Veterans.

Our elementary students worked very hard in preparing for the fall performances. the fifth and sixth grade choir worked diligently to sing in two-part harmony. This choir is comprised of students from six different classrooms who meet once a week during recess. Mrs. Dunlap expressed that these students were definitely a pleasure to work with. “Their enthusiasm and love for singing is contagious and enjoyable. I am so proud of their dedication and commitment” said Mrs. Dunlap. She explained that these students serve as an inspiration for the younger grades and help to display how fulfilling choir can be for those who love to sing. Mrs. Dunlap concluded by stating, “I am grateful for all of the teachers, staff, NEO, and parents who help in so many ways to support our performances through schedule changes, assisting in practices and concerts, as well as their words of encouragement to students and myself.”