Roller Coasters and Flat Stanley!

Designing Roller Coasters in Physical Science

Mr. Donegan’s 9th grade Physical Science students are currently designing a roller coaster! The catch is that the roller coaster will need to stop within 10 centimeters of the end of the ride without hitting an object. In order to do this, the students will use their knowledge of the law of conservation of energy to get the marble to stop at the end of the track. The students will then calculate the potential energy, kinetic energy, and energy transfer that occurs throughout the roller coaster.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed designing their roller coasters. Mr. Donegan stated, “This unit is very math heavy, so it was nice to provide students with some ways to apply the knowledge that we have been working on in class.”

Differentiated Instruction in 1st Grade Reading Class

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade reading class students have been busy working in their reading groups. Mrs. Anderson explained that during reading groups, one group of students has begun reading The Adventures of Flat Stanley. While these students are reading their chapter books, other students work on various activities at their own level. Those students can read books of their choice, write in their monthly journals, practice their spelling words, or listen to reading using their iPads. Mrs. Anderson added, “The students like the freedom of choosing their own activity and feel accomplished when they can complete their own work independently.”

Additionally, those students who are reading about Flat Stanley, read a chapter together and dig deeper to describe characters, sequence of events, learn new vocabulary, and create things that go along with the chapter. Using this beginning chapter book allows differentiated instruction while still working to meet the first grade reading standards. Mrs. Anderson concluded, “This group has enjoyed reading and working together. They like to create their own ideas and extend their knowledge using the information they’ve read.”

CCP Night 2019:

  • Thurs. Dec. 20th: End of 1st Semester 
  • Fri. Dec. 21st: Teacher Records Day / Winter Break Begins for Students 
  • Mon. Jan. 7th: School Resumes! 
  • Tues. Jan. 8th: NEO Marcos Pizza Night
  • Sun. Jan. 20th: Drama Class Mystery Dinner “Clue” 
  • Mon. Jan. 21st: No School, MLK Day
  • Fri. Feb. 15th: Coming Home 
  • Mon. Feb. 18th: No School, President’s Day
  • Wed. Feb. 27th: NES Spring Picture Day 

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