Roller Coasters and Flat Stanley!

Designing Roller Coasters in Physical Science

Mr. Donegan’s 9th grade Physical Science students are currently designing a roller coaster! The catch is that the roller coaster will need to stop within 10 centimeters of the end of the ride without hitting an object. In order to do this, the students will use their knowledge of the law of conservation of energy to get the marble to stop at the end of the track. The students will then calculate the potential energy, kinetic energy, and energy transfer that occurs throughout the roller coaster.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed designing their roller coasters. Mr. Donegan stated, “This unit is very math heavy, so it was nice to provide students with some ways to apply the knowledge that we have been working on in class.”

Differentiated Instruction in 1st Grade Reading Class

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade reading class students have been busy working in their reading groups. Mrs. Anderson explained that during reading groups, one group of students has begun reading The Adventures of Flat Stanley. While these students are reading their chapter books, other students work on various activities at their own level. Those students can read books of their choice, write in their monthly journals, practice their spelling words, or listen to reading using their iPads. Mrs. Anderson added, “The students like the freedom of choosing their own activity and feel accomplished when they can complete their own work independently.”

Additionally, those students who are reading about Flat Stanley, read a chapter together and dig deeper to describe characters, sequence of events, learn new vocabulary, and create things that go along with the chapter. Using this beginning chapter book allows differentiated instruction while still working to meet the first grade reading standards. Mrs. Anderson concluded, “This group has enjoyed reading and working together. They like to create their own ideas and extend their knowledge using the information they’ve read.”

CCP Night 2019:

  • Thurs. Dec. 20th: End of 1st Semester 
  • Fri. Dec. 21st: Teacher Records Day / Winter Break Begins for Students 
  • Mon. Jan. 7th: School Resumes! 
  • Tues. Jan. 8th: NEO Marcos Pizza Night
  • Sun. Jan. 20th: Drama Class Mystery Dinner “Clue” 
  • Mon. Jan. 21st: No School, MLK Day
  • Fri. Feb. 15th: Coming Home 
  • Mon. Feb. 18th: No School, President’s Day
  • Wed. Feb. 27th: NES Spring Picture Day 


Ranger Learning Experiences Abound!

JH Rangers Receive Stewardship Award for Dedication in Testing Water Quality

On Friday, November 9th,  nine junior high students from Mrs. Fish’s environmental science group in the Northwood Outdoor Classroom participated in the annual Student Watershed Watch, sponsored by the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG). Eight different schools participated in the event, which was held at the University of Toledo.

Northwood students picked their outdoor classroom at Curtice and Bradner Road to collect water samples. They tested the water along Dry Creek for several different variables including pH, nitrates, phosphates, streamflow, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and fecal coliform. Their results can be found in the presentation they gave. (Click HERE to view the presentation).

Our students won the stewardship award for their dedicated work testing water quality. This accomplishment means the world to our students because of the care they give to the outdoor classroom, which extends beyond water testing. Not only do they care about the health of Dry Creek and the flow of water into Lake Erie, but they also care about restoring the twenty acres of farmland at the Northwood Outdoor Classroom to a native habitat, with a bluebird trail, infinity loop, monarch butterfly tagging, soil testing, story walk, and seed dispersal.

Our students visit the outdoor classroom weekly to learn and care for different aspects of the environment. The Northwood Outdoor Classroom is open to the community, and we wish to share our successes with Northwood. Congratulations to these students for caring so much for the environment and putting in the dedication and hard work to make our programs successful.

You can find out more about what our students are doing in the Northwood Outdoor Classroom by following us on Twitter @nhsoesl.

6th Graders Study the Rock Cycle

Mrs. Welker’s 6th grade Science class has been studying the rock cycle, minerals, and soil as natural resources. Additionally, students have discussed how fires and storms have caused erosion, which has greatly affected many areas of the United States. One highlight of this unit are the labs completed in class. In the first lab, students identified aspects of minerals. A second lab was done in which students identified whether rock specimens were igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.

Students enjoyed learning the folklore behind the different gemstones as well as the various hands-on activities with the rocks and minerals. Students were even able to look up information related to their birthstones, such as the hardness of the gemstone, where it is mined in the world, and the folklore related to their specific gemstone. They then created posters that they shared with their classmates!

6th Grade Spelling Bee Winners

Eden Schoch, Aubree Lamb, and Lizzie Caspar are the winners of the recent 6th grade spelling bee. They will be competing against Mr. Myers’ 7th and 8th graders on December 14th for a spot in the county spelling bee!

Researching Current World Problems

Mrs. Geerken’s 6th grade gifted students are currently focusing on effective research skills and connecting research information to current issues in our world today. Students are completing an “Independent Study” in which they have chosen an individual focus topic. This topic has to relate to a current world problem. For this project, students will complete history and background research as well as current event research. They will then research possible solutions for the problem, and create a product and Google Slide presentation.

Mrs. Geerken explained that students are in the beginning stages of the project. Students are enjoying exploring their topics and learning new information. Currently, students are using Infohio (EBSCO), Newsela, KidRex search engine, and books provided by our school library, to gather information about their topics. Some of the topics include how space weather from the sun threatens our technology, deforestation, feral cats and animal shelters, illegal pet trade, and water pollution.

Physics Students Complete “Elevator” Lab

Physics students are currently focusing on unbalanced forces and how they cause objects to accelerate. Mr. Kohring explained that this unit helps clear up misconceptions about the relationships between forces on an object and the motion of that object.

During this unit, students performed an elevator lab. This lab required students to stand on a bathroom scale and record their weight at different points of travel in the elevator. Students were able to observe how their weight seemed to “change” when the elevator was speeding up, slowing down, and moving at a constant velocity. Students also drew force diagrams and used Newton’s Second Law to solve complex problems regarding forces and motion.  

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  • Mon. Dec. 3rd: Athletic Boosters BINGO @ 6pm in the AAA Building / Penta Career Night 6-8pm 
  • Tues. Dec. 4th: NEO Marcos Pizza Night
  • Tues. Dec. 11th: 5th Grade DARE Graduation @ 11:30am, AAA Building
  • Thurs. Dec. 20th: End of 1st Semester 
  • Fri. Dec. 21st: Teacher Records Day / Winter Break Begins for Students 
  • Mon. Jan. 7th: School Resumes!