BPA Regionals and NLS Preschoolers!

Center Time with Our Preschoolers



This week, our NLS Preschoolers are talking about bears! Additionally, Mrs. Walker explained that the preschoolers are learning to work in small groups with a 15 minute rotation. This is called “Center Time.” Through Center Time, the students learn to stay with a task until it is completed, work and play with a variety of peers, and follow a teacher directed schedule. Currently, preschoolers are working in three small groups with an adult to reinforce cooperative play and basic concepts. Mrs. Walker continued, “Students enjoy working with sand, using iPads to reinforce letters, numbers, and following directions, as well as working in small groups to practice sorting by color.”


Northwood BPA Competes in Regional Competition


Our Ranger business students recently competed in the Business Professionals of America Region 6 Competitions on Tuesday, January 23rd at Bowling Green State University. Business Professionals of America (BPA)  assesses the real-world business skills and problem-solving abilities of business students in the areas of finance, business administration, management, and information technology. Mrs. Myers further explained, “The program’s goal is to provide all business students with the opportunity to demonstrate and apply these skills through business courses. Through BPA, members learn how to go from student to professional in knowledge, skill, and ability.”



5 Fun BPA Facts:

  1. Region 6 is the largest competitive region in Ohio!
  2. BPA ranks the top ten places in all competitions and recognizes the top six during the award ceremony; 980 students (mostly juniors and seniors) competed this year.
  3. Each year our Rangers continue to thrive and improve; although our Rangers were not able to advance to the state competition, our Rangers significantly improved!
  4. This year, 14 Ranger business students placed in the top ten!
  5. Logan Bouk, Christina Zielinski, and Usa Vayavong were the youngest team of competitors at this year’s competition. The team competed in Presentation Management, which had the most contestants, and placed 4th in the competition! They were the youngest among the competitors and they were competing in the biggest competition of the day!

Congratulations to all of our Ranger BPA Students:

Dylan Rodriguez Administrative Support Team 3
Alyssa Danyi Administrative Support Team 3
Philip Ottinger Administrative Support Team 3
Timothy Zielinski Administrative Support Team 3
Logan Bouk Presentation Management Team 4
Natnicha Vayavong Presentation Management Team 4
Christina Zielinski Presentation Management Team 4
Derek Braden Business Meeting Management Concepts 4
Timothy Zielinski Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts 2
Philip Ottinger Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts 3
Alyssa Danyi Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts 6
Mason Sakac Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts 7
Ethan Robles Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts 8
Derek Braden Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts 8


See You at COMING HOME 2018 This Evening! 



Red Party!

College Credit Plus Meeting:

college credit plus 18

new nhs logo (1)Alumnus of the Year Nominations!

Northwood High School is seeking nominations for its Annual “Alumnus of the Year” award.  Nominees must have graduated from Northwood High School in or prior to spring of 2017, and the recipient will be recognized at the Academic Awards Banquet in May. Letters of nomination should include the nominee’s name, current address, year of graduation, and a description of his/her accomplishments since graduation.  These can include, but are not limited to, post-high school education, honors or awards received, employment history, and any other relevant information to support the nomination.  Deadline for applications is Friday, February 23rd.   Letters of nomination must include the name and address of the person making the nomination and should be sent to:

Jason Kozina, Principal

Northwood High School

600 Lemoyne Road

Northwood, Ohio 43619


Mark Your Calendar!

Tonight! Feb. 2nd – Coming Home (HS Dance to begin after the game at 9pm)

Friday, Feb. 9th – NES Hat Day! 

Friday, Feb. 16th – NES Wears Red! / Jump Rope for the Heart! / NES Valentine’s Day Parties

Monday, Feb. 19th – No School! President’s Day

Tuesday, Feb. 20th – No School: Teacher In-service Day / Marco’s Pizza Night 

Friday, Feb. 23rd – NES Pajama Day! 


Identifying Minerals, BPA Career Day, and District Reminders!

6th Graders Identify Minerals

IMG_20171013_113643654 (1)


Mrs. Welker’s 6th grade Science students are studying how to identify minerals and all of their properties. Mrs. Welker explained, “This lesson was a good way for students to understand the importance of how to collect and organize information.” She added that students also reviewed the scientific method and practiced using different senses when exploring an unknown.

IMG_20171013_093116440The 6th grade students really enjoyed the hands-on activities in this unit. One activity which helped with following directions had to do with writing out directions to build something with legos. The students then traded instructions and had to build from the directions given. This exercise helped students to understand how difficult it can be to create directions from scratch.

One of the most exciting activities in this unit involved students participating  in a lab of identifying minerals! The lab consisted of students evaluating minerals, looking at their color, streak, magnetic properties, and hardness. Then, students charted the information, trying to determine which minerals they had been working with during the lab. At the end of the lab, students looked at the list of minerals proposed. This information was then broken down by class and then grade, before revealing what the minerals were. Students were excited to see if their investigation came up with the correct answer!


BPA Officers Participate in BPA Career Day at Cedar Point!

cedar 2 (2)


Our NHS Business Professionals of America officers recently participated in the BPA Career Day at Cedar Point! 

cedar 3 (2)Mrs. Myers explained that the focus of BPA is to provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn how the business world works. Students attend competitions with other schools that allow for the students to showcase their business skills in a more realistic environment. Allowing opportunities for students to get business experience, will help them tremendously when they make that next step into the professional world. Business students at Northwood are learning about Career Exploration in various business careers and discovering how careers in areas such as medicine, engineering, trades, and education have a strong business connection.  Mrs. Myers explained that encouraging freshmen and sophomores to participate on the BPA leadership team this year has been critical to Northwood BPA president, Tim Zielinski. She explained, “It’s important to him that the foundation this new student group is establishing, will be easily transitioned upon the graduation of the senior leaders.”

For the BPA Career Day, executives from Cedar Point (marketing, human resources, culinary, engineering, hospitality) developed a leadership/career day for students interested in enhancing leadership skills, discovering the possibilities of in demand career paths, and connecting real-world experiences into the classroom. Students participated in an educational presentation and behind-the-scenes view to learn interesting points regarding the process for how a new roller coaster is made, how concessions are handled and marketed (how theme parks get people to buy more food), and the marketing strategies involved in promoting the park, which can be a five year process.cedar 4 (1)

The students who participated on this trip enjoyed the chance to see how Cedar Point is run from a business perspective. Mrs. Myers added, “Cedar Point provided an excellent educational opportunity for students to learn about key positions within the Cedar Point organization and to witness it’s not all fun and games. Students were provided networking opportunities and have created possibilities for future internships!”

Northwood students will be participating in the BPA Fall Leadership Conference this year. Please watch for other activities sponsored by Northwood BPA this school year!


“Safety Kids Calendar” Contest Winners

safety kids calendar contest winners

Election Day Information:

Election Day is Nov. 7th. Use this link to find out more about the statewide issues on the ballot: https://www.sos.state.oh.us/electio…/voters/statewideissues/


Jefferson'sBirthday! (1)

Spirit Wear Sale:

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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater:

Murder Mystery Dinner Poster

Annual Pumpkin Walk, Jog, Run:

pumpkin run 2017

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Trunk or Treat:

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Wednesday, Oct. 25th: Fall Choir Concert / Trunk-or-Treat

Friday, Oct. 27th: NES Pumpkin Run / End of 1st Quarter!

Thursday, Nov. 2nd: Marching Band Concert

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Preschool Interaction & Business Professionals of America

Peer Interactions in Mrs. DeGasto’s Preschool Class

stop sign

Preschool students in Mrs. DeGasto’s class are currently focusing on social and emotional development as well as peer interactions and relationships. Students are interacting with their peers in complex pretend play including planning, coordination of roles, and cooperation. Additionally, students are learning how to demonstrate socially competent behaviors with their peers. Mrs. Degasto explained that students have enjoyed listening and responding to their peers’ ideas, feeling part of a group, participating in teamwork to accomplish a task, and creating as well as following through with the plan selected.

Logan and CarterFor one special activity, students decided to use wooden blocks, wooden road signs, and plastic transportation vehicles to create a city that included roads and bridges. The students were hard at work contemplating where and how to create the roads and bridges as well as where to include the road signs. Mrs. DeGasto concluded by stating, “The students in my class have been showing great progress toward modeling and demonstrating socially competent behaviors with their peers, such as helping one another, sharing, and taking turns.” Great job preschoolers!


NHS Rangers Learn Business and Marketing Skills

BPA Regionals

Leadership ActivityDid you know that Business is the most declared major in post-secondary education? Mrs. Kara Myers explained that even those that do not go on to study business in college, should be informed consumers. She added that marketing is one of the most visible forms of business activity. As consumers, students are exposed to marketing activities every single day.


In Mrs. Myers’ Business Foundations course, students have been working to create logos, slogans, and commercials as they study marketing strategies. Students conducted taste tests and gathered data which was then analyzed and reported. Additionally, students created a marketinCommercial 3g mix using the Northwood Yearbook to help promote sales.  When asked what students enjoyed most, Mrs. Myers said that it definitely had to be taste-testing and creating surveys to gather data. CommercialShe explained that artistic students were able to apply their expertise to creating logos, commercials, and slogans, while more analytical students enjoyed working with the data they collected.


Commercial 2Along with new business courses, Mrs. Myers has worked to establish Northwood’s first ever, BPA program! Business Professionals of America (BPA) is the leading Career and Technical Student organization (CTSO) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology, and other related career fields. Mrs. Myers explained that there are over 7,000 BPA members in Ohio and Northwood is the largest region in Ohio. While this is the first time NHS students have had the opportunity to compete in BPA competitions, our students have been doing incredibly well. Below are the BPA regional competition results for Extemporaneous Speech, Management, Marketing and Human Resource Concepts, Video Production, and Small Business Management:

Extemporaneous Speech:

  • 3rd Place: Ethan Barnes

Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Concepts:

  • 1st Place: Ethan Shover
  • 4th Place: Maia Hardiman
  • 6th Place: Ethan Barnes
  • 7th Place: Dara Artino
  • 9th Place: Tim Zielinski
  • 10th Place: Allyah Haynes

Video Production Team:

  • 10th Place: Hunter Wolff, Logan Carroll, Jocelynn Dunbar

Small Business Management:

  • 6th Place: Anthony Arzuaga and Jacob Lowry

Regional Finalist

Congratulations to Mrs. Myers and our Rangers who are helping to establish BPA at Northwood High School!