“Between the Wars” and Analyzing Bacteria

“Between the Wars” in Modern World History


Mr. Donegan’s Modern World History students recently completed a project titled image3“Between the Wars.” This project focused on the Great Depression. It is an important focus for students because as Mr. Donegan explains, “through studying the time between the wars, students will understand why twenty years after World War I, another, more deadly, war began.”

image2For the “Between the Wars” class project, students had the option to create board games, parody songs, videos, posters, blog/journal entries, and websites about the causes of the Great Depression, life during the Great Depression, and the effects of the Great Depression. Students enjoyed the ability to use their creativity to display their knowledge about the subject. One group made a board game with rules similar to the game of “Life,” however, it typically had a much more bleak ending. Another group made a “Headbands”-style game that provided words or phrases about the Great Depression. The other members of the group had to offer clues to help them solve the problem. Finally, another group made a poster illustrating the causes of the Great Depression!

Analyzing Bacteria in Mrs. Geerken’s Class

1Swabbing Petri dish

Mrs. Geerken’s sixth grade gifted students have been putting their focus on a Bacteria mini-unit. During this unit, students used the Scientific Method to find the places and things that harbored the most bacteria and the least bacteria in our school. In order to do 2Observing Growththis, the students collected samples from places and things around the school. Mrs. Geerken explained, “We each inoculated our own nutrient agar petri dishes and labeled the dishes with the areas we collected our samples from. Over the next couple of days, we observed and documented the growth of bacteria (and fungi). We then analyzed our results and compared them to each of our hypotheses and learned that the samples we thought would grow the most bacteria sometimes did not grow the most. We each created our own graphs of the data we collected using the Numbers app. In the end, we came together and compared our results and discussed the reasons why we got the results that we did.”

Students really enjoyed watching the bacteria grow, taking pictures of the petri dishes, and taking pictures through the eyepiece of the specimen stereoscopes to get a picture of a colony up close!




NLS District Updates

“Footloose” Tickets On Sale Now!

Footloose Official Poster

We hope you are excited for this year’s NHS musical production of “Footloose” The Musical. Please use the Google Form Links below to reserve your tickets for the show!

Friday, March 16th 7:30pm

Saturday, March 17th 7:30pm

Sunday, March 18th 2:30pm


Samantha June Memorial Basketball Tournament:

Sam June 2018


Kindergarten Registration Packets:

Kindergarten Packets can be printed directly from our district website at Kindergarten Packet

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.17.45 PM

Northwood Easter Parade:


2018 Easter Parade


Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, March 9, 2018 – Samantha June Memorial Basketball Tournament 

Sunday, March 11, 2018 – Daylight Saving Time Begins

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 – NEO Meeting, 6pm

Friday, March 16, 2018 – Opening Night of “Footloose” The Musical, 7:30pm / Fueling Our Schools at Circle K

Saturday, March 17, 2018 – “Footloose” The Musical, 7:30pm 

Sunday, March 18, 2018 – “Footloose” The Musical, 2:30pm 



Puppet-Theater & Rock Races

Drama Students Begin Puppet-Theater


The first year of drama class is all about learning to be creative and allowing yourself to go outside the box. Mrs. Slater’s first year drama students are currently beginning a unit on puppet-theater. This will challenge them to develop a voice for their puppet that is not their own, learn how to create and make a puppet as real life as possible, and memorize lines.  

IMG_1915The class of 28 students will be divided into groups of 3 or 4. Each group will choose a children’s story to re-create using puppets as the characters. They will design and make their own puppets out of socks, sticks, spoons, and other creative materials. They will create a backdrop for their story and continue to rehearse together learning cooperation and responsibility.  In the end, they will perform their re-created children’s story for the first graders.  The puppets you see included in this article were their first attempt at being creative.  They are very much looking forward to begin the ‘real’ puppet stories for the children.  Mrs. Slater encourages everyone to follow the drama students’ progress on Twitter in the weeks to come!

4th Graders Study Changes in the Earth’s Surface


Mrs. Sheets’ 4th grade science students are currently studying changes in the Earth’s surface. During this unit, students have created charts and researched landform images. Mrs. Sheets explained that students have really enjoyed the erosion tables as well as the “rock races,” and the culminating project. She added, “Students were fascinated while researching landform photos.”

For the erosion table, students built a river and saw how water causes weathering, erosion, and deposition. Mrs. Sheets said, “They enjoyed seeing an Oxbow Lake and Delta being formed in their river. Students also created a graph for the “rock races” showing the time required for different types of soil to settle. Finally, for the culminating project, students were able to choose whether they wanted to create a song, Google Slideshow, or write a paragraph illustrating the difference between weathering, erosion, and deposition.


Red Party!


Music Department Events:

luckyto haveyou (1)

Music Despicable Me (1)Music Greek Town (1)


Betty’s Spaghetti Dinner:

Bettys Spaghetti Dec

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Assistance:

2017 Fall Leaf Cleanup

City of Northwood Tree Lighting Ceremony:

tree lighting 17


Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, Dec. 1st – Midterms

Tuesday, Dec. 12 – NEO Winter Wonderland 

Friday, Dec. 22 – Tuesday, Jan. 2 – Holiday Break

Wednesday, January 3 – School Resumes

Friday, January 19th – End of Second Quarter/1st Semester

Musical Announcement & Classroom Spotlights!

This Spring, Northwood High School Drama Department Will Present………..

  • Interested in watching the movie before auditioning? Mark your calendars for Wed. Dec. 6th at 3:15pm – location to be determined!


All auditions will take place in the AAA building. Audition sign-ups will be available outside of the music room. Audition materials will be available outside the music room as well as in the F-Pod. Have questions? Feel free to ask Mrs. Slater or Mrs. Toflinski.

Auditions will be held on the following dates:

Monday, Dec. 11th, 2:45-6pm

Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 2:45 – 6pm

Wednesday, Dec. 13th, 2:45 – 5:30pm

CALL-BACKS – Friday, Dec. 15th, starting at 2:45pm

Kindergarten Students Learn Sounds


Mrs. Canaday’s kindergarten students are beginning a unit on sounds. Sounds are the first part of learning how to read and write words! Mrs. Canaday explained that all of kindergarten is divided into six groups to work on a specific skill. Mrs. Canaday’s group is focusing on what letter a word starts with. Additionally, each group has a high school mentor who comes to help! IMG_8603

Kindergarten students have enjoyed hands on games and activities that are at their level. They especially enjoy their high school helper, Brendon, who comes to play games and help them learn. Brendon even joins them for recess sometimes! Mrs. Canaday added, “We love having high school students come to be mentors for the younger kids and help them get excited about learning!”


First Graders use MATH

Mrs. Anderson’s first graders are currently learning about additional strategies. Students will learn different strategies to help them add to 20! Mrs. Anderson explained that, “Instead of whole group math instruction, we do something called MATH. M is for meet the teacher: students meet with the teacher for the lesson. A is for at your seat, students complete their math workbook independently. T is for technology time, students work on a math app. H is for hands on, students work with a partner or alone to complete various math games and activities.” Mrs. Anderson continued, “This type of instruction lets me meet the needs of all of my learners. I am able to differentiate their work. Some may be completing first grade work, some may need additional support through repeated teachings, or some may need to be challenged. Our high school mentors really help our students complete their math as well! The students enjoy seeing the mentors!”

IMG_0524During this unit, students have enjoyed doing their math using the MATH rotation system because it fast-paced and everyone is doing something different! Additionally, Mrs. Anderson concluded, “My students enjoy using the pod common area to complete their work as well. We use it to record ourselves reading and more!”


7th Graders Conquer Algebra Expressions & Equations


Mrs. Semler’s 7th grade math students are currently focusing on Algebra expressions andIMG_1165 equations, including multi-step equations and using the distributive property. This unit involves lots of partner activities. Mrs. Semler encourages peer teaching if students are not understanding. She added, “Many students started out with little understanding about algebra and have done an AWESOME job with it! Understanding is through the roof!”

IMG_1168One activity that students participated in was performing a “partner swap” activity. This involved having to solve five different equations, each with a different partner in the room. “I love seeing the kids teach each other and maybe talk to someone they wouldn’t talk to on a typical day,” said Mrs. Semler. She concluded, “Grades on this unit have been higher than I have ever had before! The kids are really invested in conquering this unit! I’m a SUPER PROUD teacher!

Fall Sports League Honors:

Ranger Football:

Football All-League, All-District
1st Team TAAC
Brandon Hayes- O and D
Jon Lucas-D
2nd Team TAAC
Zac Heuser-O
Anthony Williams-O
Honorable Mention TAAC
Tim Romstadt
Dave Chappell
Donte Dixon
Austin Cole
All District
2nd Team
Brandon Hayes
Jon Lucas
Honorable Mention
Zac Heuser
Anthony Williams

Lady Rangers Soccer:

2nd Team all District

Rylee Hazlett

Honorable Mention All District

Becca Brittian

Kennedy Carey

Brooke Schmitz

1st Team All TAAC

Rylee Hazlett

Becca Brittian

Kennedy Carey

2nd Team All TAAC

Emily Bowen

Corey Fry

Brooke Schmitz

Sarah Steenbergen

Honorable Mention All TAAC

Tori Romstadt

Angelina Nagel

1st Team All NWOHSSL

Rylee Hazlett

Becca Brittian

Kennedy Carey

2nd Team All NWOHSSL

Brooke Schmitz

Sarah Steenbergen

Honorable Mention All NWOHSSL

Emily Bowen

Corey Fry


Ranger Golf:

Honorable Mention

Allen Powell

Ranger Cross-Country:

Trinity Fowler– TAAC Champion, First-team all league, District 5th place finish, Regional and State Qualifier.  Holds school individual record at 19:07 (1:57:35 at Maumee Bay State Park on 10/17/2015)

Girls Varsity team record: Trinity Fowler, Jocelyn Dunbar, Delaney Genson, Megan Goins, Adrienne Wasch (1:57:35 at Maumee Bay state park on 10/17/2015)

Boys Varsity team record: Phil Ottinger, JJ Poiry, Zak Sherman, Antonio Garcia, Gabe LaPlante (1:39:08 at Owens CC/Findlay on 10/21/2017)
Dale Balister- holds the school individual record at 17:19 (2007)
Harvey Wilson-holds the two mile record at 10:15 (1975)
Red Party!

PENTA Career Night:

2017 Penta Career Night

Music Department Events:

luckyto haveyou (1)Music Holiday Paint Night (1)Music Greek Town (1)Music Despicable Me (1)


Betty’s Spaghetti Dinner:

Bettys Spaghetti Dec

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Assistance:

2017 Fall Leaf Cleanup


NHS School Guidance Website:

Did you know that our Rangers have access to the NHS School Guidance website? Be sure to check this site frequently for information regarding the ACT, scholarship opportunities, and more! NHS Ranger Guidance

Website (1)




Kindergarten Election & Newton’s Laws of Motion

Kindergartners Take Part in Election 2016


Miss Roach’s kindergarten students are currently learning about the voting process. First, students had to fill out voter registration cards. Then, they voted for book characters (Duck vs. Farmer Brown with the book Duck for President), a favorite cookie (Oreo vs. Chocolate Chip), and a class president, Ava Schimmel vs. Griffin Andrews. Ava offered gum and eating lunch in the classroom if she won. Griffin offered extra iPad time and a pajama day.

Students enjoyed voting and learning about the voting process. In the end, Griffin really spoke to his classmates with the promise of iPads and pajamas, and ended up winning the election! Students enjoyed the extra iPad time and pajama day received upon Griffin’s presidential win!


Science Students Study Newton’s Laws of Motion


Mr. Donegan’s freshmen science students are currently working on a tiered project in regards to Newton’s Laws of Motion. Students are able to pick and choose how they would like to demonstrate their mastery over Newton’s Laws of Motion. Students are responsible for writing up their own labs, creating their own activities, or creating collages of images that demonstrate each of Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Mr. Donegan explained that the tier project allows for students to choose an activity they might be interested in, rather than having the project be teacher directed. Additionally, this work helps to lay the foundation for the physics course, which many students will take as juniors or seniors. Mr. Donegan stated that the freedom to be able to choose a project has been very beneficial to the students.

Finally, in honor of Mr. Kozina, Mr. Donegan ended his interview with a simple, “GO CUBS!”  




Benefit Basketball Tournament

The NHS Key Club would like to invite you to a very special event in honor of a very special person. For those of you who don’t know, Northwood lost a wonderful young woman named Samantha June in a car accident on July 11, 2012. Sam played on the basketball team and was loved by many and still is held dearly in the hearts of those whose lives she touched. She will always be recognized as a fellow class member of this year’s graduating senior class.

In honor of Sam, the NHS Key Club is holding a basketball tournament on Sunday, December 20th at the NHS gym from 5-7 pm. Admission to watch the game is $2. Any additional donations will be accepted also. All proceeds will be donated to Mercy Children’s Hospital. We hope to see you there in honor of Sam!