Daily 5 and Greek Myths!

5th Graders Enjoy the Daily Five


Currently, students are using the Daily 5 as their literacy structure. IMG_2483Students are working on rereading a story from Journeys in “Read to Someone” and reading an AR book of choice during “Read to Self.” Students are working on vocabulary words in “Word Work” and writing stories that have problems with humorous solutions during, “Work on Writing.” Finally, this week during “Teacher Time,” students are working in small groups learning about decoding words, specifically dividing VCV pattern words into two syllables.
IMG_2482 (1)Mrs. McKanna added that students are using the Daily 5 structure for the very first time this year! Students select the activity that they want to begin with and rotate through the centers over the course of two days. Each student spends 20 minutes in each of the 5 centers. Mrs. McKanna added, “Some weeks we might take part of a third day to finish up any writing that may require additional time or to reteach a concept if needed.” She added that everyone in class enjoys the flexibility of the Daily 5 structure. Mrs. McKanna ended by stating that students have expressed how much they enjoy the independence and choices they have been given. Students also enjoy having small group instruction during “Teacher Time”!


Greek Mythology with Mr. Myers


Mr. Myers’ second period language arts students are currently studying Greek mythology. Mr. Myers explained that studying Greek mythology is important for many reasons. img_0013First, it helps build a bank of references for students, as many stories allude to Greek mythology. It can also help with learning terms such as allusion, symbolism, theme, and different word roots. Additionally, it provides students with a chance to compare fact and fiction. Finally, the study of Greek mythology provides students with an opportunity to view life through the lens of the Ancient Greek people.

img_0015So far, students have really enjoyed the Greek Explanation Stations. Mr. Myers explained, “Students are working at three different stations. One focuses on the constellation myths, another contains an article about a supposedly sunken Grecian city, and the final station contains a video that explains why there are volcanoes on Earth. All of these stations are paired with myths that align with each topic!”

Mr. Myers went on to explain that during this unit, students will also complete a Greek Gods presentation, write their own myths, study Greek and Latin root words, and create their own mythological hero!

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