Guest Speakers and NLS Updates!

Adulting in Consumer Science 

Mr. Andrew Tepper, the City of Northwood Tax Compliance Auditor, speaks with students about taxes.

Ms. Blausey’s Consumer Math class, a combination of junior and senior level students, are currently studying the importance of Taxes. Ms. Blausey stated, “I truly feel that the Taxes unit is one of the most important (and sometimes confusing) units that we cover. It is vitally important for a person to understand the amounts being withheld from their paychecks and for what reasons. One day, these students will elect public officials who hold the power to make changes to these deductions. The more informed they are now, the more informed they’ll be when they get to make adult decisions about the management of their income.”

During this unit, students discuss and fill out all of the important forms that students might encounter as adults when dealing with taxes: W-4, W-2, 1099 forms, Federal Form 1040, State Taxes, School District Taxes, and Local City Taxes. Students hand calculate the amount of taxes that individuals effectively are required to pay and compare that with the individual’s marginal tax rate. Students also discuss the many changes that have occurred in recent years to filing one’s taxes, such as the penalty for not having health insurance. 

For the second year, Mr. Andrew Tepper, the City of Northwood Tax Compliance Auditor, has graciously taken time to come in as a guest speaker for our Rangers. He spoke to the students about paying Northwood City Taxes. He was able to answer important tax questions regarding how to pay them, where to pay them, why they must be paid, and whether or not a credit is given when a student works and pays taxes in a city such as Perrysburg. 

Ms. Blausey concluded by stating that while this unit can be quite overwhelming, students have done a fantastic job of asking good questions and seemed to be very curious regarding this important life skill! 

NES Clasroom Party Reminder

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NLS Brick Orders

Make your name part of Northwood History! Orders are being accepted now!

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Penta Career Night

City of Northwood Tree Lighting Ceremony

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Movie Night

  • 12/19: End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester
  • 12/20: Records Day/First Day of Winter Break for Students
  • 1/6: School Resumes
  • 1/20: MLK Day, No School
  • 2/17: President’s Day, No School
  • 2/18: Teacher In-service Day, No School for Students
  • 3/6 – 3/8: Musical Weekend “Guys & Dolls”

Finding Our Way!

Finding Our Way With Maps! 

Mrs. Sheets’ 4th grade social studies students are currently studying maps! Students are focusing on how to read maps as well as how to create maps. Mrs. Sheets explained, “Students have enjoyed using coordinates to find towns and land forms in Ohio.” The fourth graders learned how to read and create maps to develop their own cities. They even developed a mileage chart after learning how to make an appropriate chart with columns and rows! 

Safety Kids Calendar Contest Winner

Sophia Carlo, Grade 6, recently won the Wood County Safety Kids Calendar Contest. Sophia competed with all Wood County Schools and thousands of entries. She was honored at a ceremony in Bowling Green. She also won her favorite candy ( Jolly Ranchers) from Ms. Diamond, her Art Specialist. Congratulations Sophia! Look for her month winning entry in the 2019/2020 calendar. 

Homecoming 2019 Drone Photos

Thank you to the Northwood Police Department for sharing these photos, taken with their drone, during our 2019 Homecoming game!

Spring Musical Announced

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March, 6, 7, & 8, 2020

The Northwood High School Spring Musical will be the classic, Guys and Dolls. Students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to participate in the cast and/or crew. Audition materials are currently available in the F-Pod. Auditions will take place after school, the week of November 18th. Please me sure to mark your calendars now, for the Northwood High School production of Guys and Dolls that will take place March 6, 7, & 8, 2020!

Northwood Trunk-or-Treat

Drive Carefully, it’s Deer Season!

Salvation Army Holiday Information

New Polling Location

Wood County Board of Elections has announced our AAA building as the new polling location for all of Northwood.  See their press release attached.

Wood County Personal Shredding Event

  • 11/14 – Sophomore Explore Penta Day
  • 11/27-11/29 – Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/2 – Teacher In-service Day, No School for Students
  • 12/19 – End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

Active Learning at NLS

Third Graders Observe Butterfly Life Cycle 

Mrs. Bates’ third grade science students have been studying the life cycle of the butterfly. They have had the opportunity to observe each stage of the life cycle. The stages observed included a chrysalis that was just formed, a chrysalis that a monarch was about to hatch, a monarch just hatched, and finally, the stage that students enjoyed most, the releasing of the monarch butterfly!

The Hero’s Journey in 7th Grade ELA

Mr. Myers’ seventh grade ELA students are currently focusing on the Hero’s Journey, during their Mythology unit. Mr. Myers explained that the Hero’s Journey is a series of steps that characters from many movies, books, and myths follow to become a “hero.” Studying this helps students understand the connection between plot, setting, and character development. 

During this unit, students study Greek creation myths and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Activities include the Ancient Greece Meet-n-Greet, a comparison between the Disney version of Hercules and the original myth, and a thrash-out debate over the myth of Atalanta. Mr. Myers stated, “Students really enjoyed the Ancient Greece Meet-n-Greet because they discovered many of the connections between the different gods and goddesses they portrayed, realizing the activity was more like an awkward family reunion, than a meet-n-greet. Plus, some students went above and beyond and created costumes!” 

1st Grade “Daily 3”

Mrs. Anderson stated, “Students have fun talking with their partners and I enjoy listening to them discuss their findings!”

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade math students have started “Math Daily 3.” Students are able to choose from three different choices during math time. They can choose to do “math by myself,” which is a math app on the iPad. They can choose to do “math writing,” which is an interactive notebook (this really helps students focus on number sense). Or, they can choose “math with someone,” which is playing a math game with a partner. 

Mrs. Anderson explained, “We have worked really hard the last couple of weeks of school to build our stamina and complete our work together as expected. Once students were able to work independently, I was able to introduce choice which seems to motivate students. By working with small groups, I can easily differentiate to meet my students’ needs.” She concluded, “The students enjoy getting to work with their friends in class. They also like the freedom to choose their own activity during math time.”

Habitat for Humanity

Eastern Lanes After School Bowling Program

New Polling Location

Wood County Board of Elections has announced our AAA building as the new polling location for all of Northwood.  See their press release attached.

Wood County Personal Shredding Event

Financial Aid Night

  • 9/20 – First Quarter Midterm: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Cheer Clinic & Alumni Band performances at the football game
  • 10/4 – Homecoming Game: Tailgate 5:30-7pm
  • 10/5 – NHS Homecoming Dance (grades 9-12), 8-11pm
  • 10/8 – Picture Retakes
  • 10/12 – Northwood Fall Fest
  • 10/14 – Music Boosters Meeting, 7pm
  • 10/15 – Marco’s Pizza Night
  • 10/16 – Fall Choir Concert (grades 7-12), 7pm
  • 10/18 – End of 1st Quarter: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Senior Night

The Ranger Way!

High School Band Starts on the Right Note! 

Mr. Shirey and the Marching Rangers have spent the last several weeks preparing for another fantastic marching band season. Once again, they have been preparing for the Pregame traditions as well as their first half-time show, inspired by James Bond

Our Marching Rangers have already been quite busy! Students participated in their annual band camp this summer. The culmination of band camp included performing Pregame and the first half time show for friends and family. This was a great opportunity to share with loved ones all the hard work that our Rangers had been putting in during the last days of summer. Additionally, students recently marched in the 75th Pemberville Parade and performed a stand still concert for audience members.

Mr. Shirey stated, “I am very proud of this group. They have over 20 new members and several students who switched instruments to better balance the band. Even with those obstacles, they are performing better than ever and are extremely dedicated and disciplined. I think audiences are going to be blown away this year by the band!” 

Be sure to come out and see our Marching Rangers in action this season!   

Welcome Ms. DiTommaso

This year, we welcome Natalie DiTommaso as the new sixth grade Language Arts teacher. Ms. DiTommaso earned her teaching degree from the Ohio University and is looking forward to spending her first year of teaching within the Northwood community. When she is not preparing lesson plans, she enjoys traveling. Ms. DiTommaso has been out of the country five times and plans for many more travel adventures. 

Ms. DiTommaso is very excited for the year ahead. Special lessons that her students can look forward to include, comparing and contrasting reading to viewing, novel study, figurative word meaning, and many more!

Same Face, Different Space

Mrs. Shellie Semler is one of the most recognized faces at NLS, as she has taught at the junior high level for 26 years. When she is not in the classroom she loves being outdoors. Mrs. Semler enjoys running, biking, kayaking, hiking, and anything else that takes her outside!

This year, she is not only taking on a new set of students, but a new classroom, and a whole new grade level, as she has moved to the sixth grade team where she will teach sixth grade math. Mrs. Semler explained that she looks forward to creating new interactive games and implementing new hands-on lessons. She’s also excited to see what the new I-Ready program has to offer her students. 

When asked what she is most looking forward to this year, she stated, “Something different! New age group, longer classes, one grade instead of two. Also, still being the NJHS advisor, so having a chance to work with some of my former students.” 

Mrs. Larson Brings Her Expertise to NHS

While she is a new face to Northwood, Mrs. Katie Larson is no stranger to the classroom. Mrs. Larson has 11 years of teaching experience, having taught 5th and 7th grade math as well as 8th grade science. She attended the University of Missouri, Columbia for her Bachelors degree and the University of Toledo for her Masters degree. A fun fact about Mrs. Larson is that the mainstay channels for music/news in her car are: Tom Petty Radio, The Spectrum, The Coffee House, Alt Nation, BBC World Service, & NPR. 

Mrs. Larson looks forward to building relationships with the families of Northwood. She added, “A small district like Northwood is appealing because a teacher has every student in one grade level, so they get to know the entire family as each sibling passes through. I think deeper relationships between the school and home are formed this way.”

Looking forward to this school year, Mrs. Larson explained that 7th and 8th grade math get pretty deep into algebra. Students will play with algebra tiles and learn the parts of expressions and equations, as well as how to manipulate them. She also plans on implementing various hands-on activities with three-dimensional figures when students begin studying surface area and volume. 

Mrs. Larson concluded, “When I am not working, I like to watch the Cleveland Indians, read historical fiction, cook, exercise, sail, and take my dogs for walks. I am thrilled for the opportunity to teach at Northwood and I look forward to immersing myself into school life and the community!” 

Dr. Ann McVey Joins NLS

This year, Dr. Ann McVey joins our administrative team as Director of Student Services and Curriculum. Dr. McVey began her career in education as a teacher at Bowling Green City Schools where she spent 19 years teaching 7th grade language arts and social studies. Additionally, Dr. McVey served as the Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of Bowling Green City Schools. She retired in June of 2015 and then took a position with Eastwood Schools where she spent four years working with preschool, special education, and curriculum before taking her newest position as a Northwood Ranger! 

Dr. McVey stated, “I am really excited to get to know the students and teachers at Northwood. I love having an office in the building and seeing everyone every day!” She concluded, “Not all schools are like Northwood. It’s like a family here. Everyone works together to make this a special place for children. The Rangers are the best!”

Box Tops for Education

The Northwood 7th and 8th grade are continuing the collection of Box Tops for Education. Each Box Top collected is valued at 10 cents and can be found on General Mills products. They are turned in throughout the school year, and then our account is credited. We may then choose from a variety of items to be used in our classrooms.

General Mills has developed a free app, which allows you to scan your grocery receipt (within 2 weeks of purchase), and record the earned Box Tops to our account. This requires a registration code for our account. This code is only applicable to our collection, and does not allow you to divide points amongst different groups. For example  you may have a student in the elementary and junior high, but you can only assign the specific receipt to one group. The app may be downloaded from Google App Store.

We will continue to collect the box tops and when the school group code is available, it  will be shared via Schoology. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hummel at Thank you for your continued support!

The Ranger Way

This year, we will be using the hashtag #TheRangerWay as our social media tag. Be sure to tag #TheRangerWay on social media posts you would like to share with us throughout the school year! 

  • Sept. 9: NEO Meeting, 8am
  • Sept. 11: Athletic Boosters Meeting, 7pm
  • Sept. 16-20: 5th Grade Camp
  • Sept. 16: Key Club Blood Drive
  • Sept. 17: Marco’s Pizza Night
  • Oct. 4: Homecoming Game