Happy Homecoming!

Visiting the Administration Buildings

Our Juniors waiting for their third grade buddies!

The junior government class accompanied the Northwood third-graders to the administration buildings this past Wednesday. Not only did the Juniors get to learn a little bit more about local government they also utilized this trip to fill a required service learning project that goes on throughout the entire school year.

The Juniors prepped for this trip by learning about how the federal government interacts with the local governments. Mr. Dickey explained, “We used the trip to gather some information about the role our local government plays in our community. Then after we returned, they had a writing prompt that allowed them to make connections between how the federal government and our local governments all end up working as one.”

Mr. Dickey continued, “This year we were lucky enough to have our own meeting with the mayor, met with the Wood County Board of Elections director, and even had some time to chat with Northwood Fire Chief, Joel Whitmore.” The Juniors were actually some of the first people in Wood County to test out the new election booths that will be used in November’s election!

However, the best part of this trip was the walk to the administration building, when each junior was paired up with one or two third graders. They had the opportunity to chat about their likes and dislikes, talk about their families, and interact with each other!

Letters of Gratitude

Ms. Duckett’s first grade students have been working on a very special writing assignment! Students are currently learning how to write letters as well as what it means to serve in the military. Ms. Duckett explained, “We have two students in our class whose dads are being deployed at the end of September. We have written thank you notes and included words of encouragement, safety, and gratitude for their service.” Ms. Duckett stated, “The students enjoyed showing support for their classmates. They are a very kind and caring class and they know it is a difficult time for their friends and their families.” 

Mixture Problems and Uniform Motion 

Mrs. Elinski’s Algebra I students are currently working on mixture problems and uniform motion. She explained, “These complex word problems take a lot of practice, so we spend many instructional days on these topics. During this time, we are learning how to organize information from a word problem, and correctly write and solve the corresponding equations. Additionally, we have to make sure that our answers make sense and properly answer the questions.” These lessons help our students to gain better problem solving skills, which can be applied to many things outside of the mathematics classroom. 

Each individual question is very long and complex. The first day, students discussed mixture problems and only finished one question in the entire class period! During their study of uniform motion, students had the opportunity to get up and act out the word problems. “This helps us to visualize what the problem is demonstrating so we are better able to sort through the information to solve,” said Mrs. Elinski. 

Mrs. Elinski concluded, “With practice, the students gain confidence and understanding. It is fun watching them improve each day, and seeing how proud they are when they can finally solve one from start to finish on their own.” 

Congratulations to our 2019 Homecoming Court

2019 Homecoming Information

Habitat for Humanity

New Polling Location

Wood County Board of Elections has announced our AAA building as the new polling location for all of Northwood.  See their press release attached.

Wood County Personal Shredding Event

Financial Aid Night

  • 10/4 – Homecoming Game: Tailgate 5:30-7pm
  • 10/5 – NHS Homecoming Dance (grades 9-12), 8-11pm
  • 10/8 – Picture Retakes
  • 10/12 – Northwood Fall Fest
  • 10/14 – Music Boosters Meeting, 7pm
  • 10/15 – Marco’s Pizza Night
  • 10/16 – Fall Choir Concert (grades 7-12), 7pm
  • 10/18 – End of 1st Quarter: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Senior Night
  • 10/23 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, Powder Puff Game
  • 10/24 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, Financial Aid Night 5:30-6:30pm
  • 11/14 – Sophomore Explore Penta Day
  • 11/27-11/29 – Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/2 – Teacher In-service Day, No School for Students
  • 12/19 – End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

Active Learning at NLS

Third Graders Observe Butterfly Life Cycle 

Mrs. Bates’ third grade science students have been studying the life cycle of the butterfly. They have had the opportunity to observe each stage of the life cycle. The stages observed included a chrysalis that was just formed, a chrysalis that a monarch was about to hatch, a monarch just hatched, and finally, the stage that students enjoyed most, the releasing of the monarch butterfly!

The Hero’s Journey in 7th Grade ELA

Mr. Myers’ seventh grade ELA students are currently focusing on the Hero’s Journey, during their Mythology unit. Mr. Myers explained that the Hero’s Journey is a series of steps that characters from many movies, books, and myths follow to become a “hero.” Studying this helps students understand the connection between plot, setting, and character development. 

During this unit, students study Greek creation myths and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Activities include the Ancient Greece Meet-n-Greet, a comparison between the Disney version of Hercules and the original myth, and a thrash-out debate over the myth of Atalanta. Mr. Myers stated, “Students really enjoyed the Ancient Greece Meet-n-Greet because they discovered many of the connections between the different gods and goddesses they portrayed, realizing the activity was more like an awkward family reunion, than a meet-n-greet. Plus, some students went above and beyond and created costumes!” 

1st Grade “Daily 3”

Mrs. Anderson stated, “Students have fun talking with their partners and I enjoy listening to them discuss their findings!”

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade math students have started “Math Daily 3.” Students are able to choose from three different choices during math time. They can choose to do “math by myself,” which is a math app on the iPad. They can choose to do “math writing,” which is an interactive notebook (this really helps students focus on number sense). Or, they can choose “math with someone,” which is playing a math game with a partner. 

Mrs. Anderson explained, “We have worked really hard the last couple of weeks of school to build our stamina and complete our work together as expected. Once students were able to work independently, I was able to introduce choice which seems to motivate students. By working with small groups, I can easily differentiate to meet my students’ needs.” She concluded, “The students enjoy getting to work with their friends in class. They also like the freedom to choose their own activity during math time.”

Habitat for Humanity

Eastern Lanes After School Bowling Program

New Polling Location

Wood County Board of Elections has announced our AAA building as the new polling location for all of Northwood.  See their press release attached.

Wood County Personal Shredding Event

Financial Aid Night

  • 9/20 – First Quarter Midterm: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Cheer Clinic & Alumni Band performances at the football game
  • 10/4 – Homecoming Game: Tailgate 5:30-7pm
  • 10/5 – NHS Homecoming Dance (grades 9-12), 8-11pm
  • 10/8 – Picture Retakes
  • 10/12 – Northwood Fall Fest
  • 10/14 – Music Boosters Meeting, 7pm
  • 10/15 – Marco’s Pizza Night
  • 10/16 – Fall Choir Concert (grades 7-12), 7pm
  • 10/18 – End of 1st Quarter: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Senior Night

Scientific Method, Johnny Appleseed, Glitter Paintings and More!

Using the Scientific Method in Mrs. Sheets’ Class


Mrs. Sheets’ students have been focusing on data collection and analysis in their scientific method unit. Students have enjoyed hands on activities while collecting data such as stacking cubes, shooting baskets, standing on one foot the longest, and recording water temperature.

Through the scientific method, students have learned to ask a question, such as “Which drinking fountain is the coldest?” They then learned to make a hypothesis (an educated guess). A list of controlled varies were created to make sure the results would not be skewed. For example, for each water collection, students made sure they used the same container and the same amount of water. Then, groups were sent around the school to collect water samples. To record their data, students created a Google document. Finally, students analyzed the data and concluded that the drinking fountain in the gym produced the coldest temperature!

Third Grade Students Celebrate the Legacy of Johnny Appleseed

Audrianna Brown.JPG

Mrs. Hammel’s third grade Language Arts students recently celebrated the legacy of Johnny Appleseed. Students read several books about the famous man and created a web by collecting important information regarding Johnny Appleseed’s life. Mrs. Hammel explained, “We used the web as our foundation and we wrote a biography essay about him. We were very excited to use our keyboards during the essay writing process.” As a culminating activity, the children brought in apples, and made applesauce to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. The students said that it smelled like apple pie in their classroom all day long!

Creating Google Slides Presentations in 6th Grade ELA


Miss Murphy’s sixth grade Language Arts students are currently studying theme, main idea, and how to write objective summaries. Recently, students worked in collaborative groups to read about a historical event of their choice. Then, they created summaries of the event and a Google Slides presentation to teach the rest of the class about the topic. Miss Murphy explained that students enjoyed learning about different events in history that they were not familiar with. Additionally, students also enjoyed working together on Google Slides to customize their presentations. Many students even found extra pictures, quotes, and videos to add to their slideshows!

Glitter Paintings in Art IV


Art IV students have been working on creating levels of value using material other than paint. For this unit, students worked to create an image of glitter! The steps for creating these beautiful masterpieces include: drawing an enlargement of their image, evaluating the different levels in their image, and selecting and mixing glitter to create the right levels. Miss Rohloff explained, “This project takes some time because each value needs to set before doing the next.” She also added, “Students LOVE glitter!!! They also like the process of carefully applying the glue, shaking on the glitter, then pouring it off to reveal the image.” Miss Rohloff concluded, “My classroom is covered in glitter during this project. You can even find a trail of glitter leading out of my classroom!”

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Chalk the Walk 2018

Thank you to all of our Rangers who participated in the “Chalk the Walk” during Homecoming week!

NLS District Updates


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Tuesday, Oct. 16th is NES Picture Day. Wednesday, Oct. 17th is NHS and PK Picture Day!


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400 (1).jpgWe have over 400 Ranger Alumni signed up for our Alumni Newsletter! Don’t miss the first edition, coming out this month!

Stay up to date with all the events and projects at your Alma Mater by signing up to receive the new Alumni Newsletter here:



Book Fair Shopping hours:

Tuesday, October 23: Class Previews during school;

Wednesday & Thursday, October 24-25: 9:15 AM – 6:30 PM;

Friday, October 26: 9:15 AM – 2 PM

If you are unable to attend the Fair in person, we invite you to visit our online Book Fair at scholastic.com/fair. Our Online Fair is available from October 17 to October 30.


Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg


Mark Your Calendar!

Mon. Oct. 15: BOE Meeting @ 6:30pm

Tues. Oct. 16: NES Picture Day

Wed. Oct. 17: NHS and PK Picture Day

Fri. Oct. 19: End of 1st Quarter 

Sat. Oct. 20: Trunk-or-Treat from 2pm – 4pm

Tues. Oct. 23: Book Fair Begins 

Wed. Oct. 24: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences / Powder Puff Game @ 7pm

Thurs. Oct. 25: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences & Financial Aid Night @ 5:30pm

Fri. Oct. 26: NES Parent/Teacher Conferences (No school for NES/NHS in session)

Wed. Oct. 31: Halloween = Trick-or-Treating in Northwood from 6-7:30pm

Thurs. Nov. 1: 7-12th grade Band Concert, AAA Building @ 7pm

Fri. Nov. 2: NES Fall Parties /  “Fall into Fitness” Walk, Jog, Run


Ranger Art, Classroom Spotlights, and a Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater Coming Soon!

Take a Peek at High School Art Projects

Ms. Rohloff’s students have been very busy creating art in their fantastic new art space. Below is a preview of the art produced by our Rangers. Be sure to click on the following link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zaQVChG1xCv71WypD4o-btD6HfsXOfQMHeZanH_9HBc/edit?usp=sharing to see all of the completed art projects our Rangers have produced this fall!

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NHS Drama and Choral Departments To Host Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater!


Northwood HS Drama and Choral Departments will be hosting a Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater on Saturday, November 4th at 6pm in the school’s cafeteria. What is a Murder-Mystery Dinner Theater? Think of a giant game of CLUE, but the audience is directly involved in the problem solving to find out who the murderer really is.  The main characters of the theater will be professional actors from The Magical Mystery Theater Company from Michigan.

The story is “A Dance with Death” (a 1950’s Sock Hop that’s gone sour) rated PG-13. This 1950’s prom is a doo wop disaster! When a death on the dance floor makes this prom night a party foul, it is up to you to figure out “whodunit” and get this dance back on track. Trade clues with your guests, gather information about the crime, and reveal the one that made the dance go sour. This night of laughter and dancing is now too heavy to razz anyone’s berries, so it’s up to you to find the murderer!

Word from the bird is this is one show you will not want to miss. This night is shootin’ to be swell despite the disaster. Ladies and Gents feel free to dress in costume for the Sock Hop, or come as you are! Get ready to put on your thinking caps; you’ll need your wits about you to solve this crime!

This event is sure to be a night of fun, laughter, and great food. The food will be catered by Emily Bires of Northwood. Tickets are available by contacting Annette Slater at aslater@northwoodschools.org or by calling 419-691-3888 ext.2159. Advanced tickets are only $20 including dinner. Tickets at the door will be $25. Profits from the dinner theater will go towards the choir’s trip to Chicago and the Drama department’s spring production!

Physics Students Study Constant Velocity with Buggies


Mr. Kohring’s Physics students have been focused on objects moving with a constant velocity. Students were asked to represent the motion of an object moving at a constant velocity in the following ways: via a written description, a position vs. time graph, a velocity vs. time graph, a motion map, and a mathematical model (or equation). With these representations, students were able to make predictions and solve complex problems.

Mr. Kohring stated that students enjoyed working with the buggies  to collect data and report information on their motion. As a wrap-up to the unit, students were asked to collect information on the motion of a fast moving buggy along with a slower moving tank. With this information, students were asked to predict an exact position in which the two vehicles would collide when starting from given positions. Different prediction methods were used to accomplish this. Mr. Kohring concluded, “The students did great with this as all had predictions close to where they actually met!”


2nd Graders Investigate Service Dogs


Mrs. Reiter’s second grade language arts students are working on their research skills  Mrs. Reiter explained that students are focusing on the author’s purpose for writing a story, finding evidence to support, and analyzing and evaluating details to decide which are important to the story. The students will then take their facts and turn it into a piece of writing with a topic sentence, details, and a closing sentence!

IMG_2588Students have been researching and collecting facts on different breeds of dogs as well as how dogs are used for individuals who have an illness or disability. Mrs. Reiter explained, “We have read nonfiction stories about dogs that were heroes and we have read about different types of service therapy dogs provide people.” When asked what students have enjoyed most about this unit, Mrs. Reiter stated that students have really enjoyed looking at the different ways that therapy dogs are used to help people through their nonfiction books and informative videos!



NES Author Visit:

Author Visit 17

Northwood Fall Festival:

Fall Festival 17

Spirit Wear Sale:

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Financial Aid Night:

IMG_5751The Salvation Army Thanksgiving & Christmas Applications:


Trunk or Treat:

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Mark Your Calendars:

Friday, Oct. 13th: NES Author’s Visit Day

Tuesday, Oct. 17th: Marco’s Pizza Night

Wednesday, Oct. 25th: Fall Choir Concert / Trunk-or-Treat

Friday, Oct. 27th: NES Pumpkin Run / End of 1st Quarter!

Thursday, Nov. 2nd: Marching Band Concert

Wednesday, Nov. 8th: NES Picture Day / Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, Nov. 9th: NHS & PK Picture Day / Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, Nov. 10th: No School for NES / NES Parent-Teacher Conferences