Guest Speakers and NLS Updates!

Adulting in Consumer Science 

Mr. Andrew Tepper, the City of Northwood Tax Compliance Auditor, speaks with students about taxes.

Ms. Blausey’s Consumer Math class, a combination of junior and senior level students, are currently studying the importance of Taxes. Ms. Blausey stated, “I truly feel that the Taxes unit is one of the most important (and sometimes confusing) units that we cover. It is vitally important for a person to understand the amounts being withheld from their paychecks and for what reasons. One day, these students will elect public officials who hold the power to make changes to these deductions. The more informed they are now, the more informed they’ll be when they get to make adult decisions about the management of their income.”

During this unit, students discuss and fill out all of the important forms that students might encounter as adults when dealing with taxes: W-4, W-2, 1099 forms, Federal Form 1040, State Taxes, School District Taxes, and Local City Taxes. Students hand calculate the amount of taxes that individuals effectively are required to pay and compare that with the individual’s marginal tax rate. Students also discuss the many changes that have occurred in recent years to filing one’s taxes, such as the penalty for not having health insurance. 

For the second year, Mr. Andrew Tepper, the City of Northwood Tax Compliance Auditor, has graciously taken time to come in as a guest speaker for our Rangers. He spoke to the students about paying Northwood City Taxes. He was able to answer important tax questions regarding how to pay them, where to pay them, why they must be paid, and whether or not a credit is given when a student works and pays taxes in a city such as Perrysburg. 

Ms. Blausey concluded by stating that while this unit can be quite overwhelming, students have done a fantastic job of asking good questions and seemed to be very curious regarding this important life skill! 

NES Clasroom Party Reminder

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NLS Brick Orders

Make your name part of Northwood History! Orders are being accepted now!

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Penta Career Night

City of Northwood Tree Lighting Ceremony

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Movie Night

  • 12/19: End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester
  • 12/20: Records Day/First Day of Winter Break for Students
  • 1/6: School Resumes
  • 1/20: MLK Day, No School
  • 2/17: President’s Day, No School
  • 2/18: Teacher In-service Day, No School for Students
  • 3/6 – 3/8: Musical Weekend “Guys & Dolls”

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