Fall Lessons Bring the Life Cycle of Apples, Coping with Stress, and Kahoot!

Apples Everywhere!

Mrs. Calmes Kindergarten class is currently focusing on the life cycle of apples — a perfect unit for the beginning of Fall! During this unit, students have worked on a variety of math, science, and literacy activities. The students have enjoyed taste-testing different apples and graphing their favorite apple. They also enjoyed listening to the story Apple Trouble and drawing how they predicted the story would end, using the app Seesaw. Students even helped to make applesauce! Each student brought in an apple to use for the applesauce. Additionally, after reading Seasons of an Apple Tree, students painted the four seasons of an apple tree. This has been a fun and educational unit for our Rangers! 

Are You Feeling Stressed?

Mrs. Schmeltz’s Psychology students (a class made up of juniors and seniors) have currently been focusing on a Stress and Health unit. During this unit, students are completing projects on what causes stress and how to properly cope with stress. Mrs. Schmeltz explained, “Students were able to pick how to display their coping mechanisms. Some students made playlists while applying their knowledge of what causes stress and how to deal with the overwhelming effects. Others created visuals such as documentaries and talk shows, or posters and pamphlets. Some students chose to simply write an essay explaining what they think is best for coping. Students enjoyed the freedom to use their talents and abilities to display their knowledge and understanding.”

Kahoot Vocabulary Review

Mr. Moore’s Sophomore Geometry students, played Kahoot to review their daily vocabulary terms. These particular terms focused on proving segment relationships. Mr. Moore said, “My students really enjoy using Kahoot to review and practice their unit vocabulary.”

2019 Homecoming

Congratulations to our 2019 Homecoming King and Queen, Dalton Dempsey and Meagan Mahoney!

Habitat for Humanity

New Polling Location

Wood County Board of Elections has announced our AAA building as the new polling location for all of Northwood.  See their press release attached.

Wood County Personal Shredding Event

Financial Aid Night

  • 10/18 – End of 1st Quarter: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Senior Night
  • 10/23 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, Powder Puff Game
  • 10/24 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, Financial Aid Night 5:30-6:30pm
  • 11/14 – Sophomore Explore Penta Day
  • 11/27-11/29 – Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/2 – Teacher In-service Day, No School for Students
  • 12/19 – End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

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