Happy Homecoming!

Visiting the Administration Buildings

Our Juniors waiting for their third grade buddies!

The junior government class accompanied the Northwood third-graders to the administration buildings this past Wednesday. Not only did the Juniors get to learn a little bit more about local government they also utilized this trip to fill a required service learning project that goes on throughout the entire school year.

The Juniors prepped for this trip by learning about how the federal government interacts with the local governments. Mr. Dickey explained, “We used the trip to gather some information about the role our local government plays in our community. Then after we returned, they had a writing prompt that allowed them to make connections between how the federal government and our local governments all end up working as one.”

Mr. Dickey continued, “This year we were lucky enough to have our own meeting with the mayor, met with the Wood County Board of Elections director, and even had some time to chat with Northwood Fire Chief, Joel Whitmore.” The Juniors were actually some of the first people in Wood County to test out the new election booths that will be used in November’s election!

However, the best part of this trip was the walk to the administration building, when each junior was paired up with one or two third graders. They had the opportunity to chat about their likes and dislikes, talk about their families, and interact with each other!

Letters of Gratitude

Ms. Duckett’s first grade students have been working on a very special writing assignment! Students are currently learning how to write letters as well as what it means to serve in the military. Ms. Duckett explained, “We have two students in our class whose dads are being deployed at the end of September. We have written thank you notes and included words of encouragement, safety, and gratitude for their service.” Ms. Duckett stated, “The students enjoyed showing support for their classmates. They are a very kind and caring class and they know it is a difficult time for their friends and their families.” 

Mixture Problems and Uniform Motion 

Mrs. Elinski’s Algebra I students are currently working on mixture problems and uniform motion. She explained, “These complex word problems take a lot of practice, so we spend many instructional days on these topics. During this time, we are learning how to organize information from a word problem, and correctly write and solve the corresponding equations. Additionally, we have to make sure that our answers make sense and properly answer the questions.” These lessons help our students to gain better problem solving skills, which can be applied to many things outside of the mathematics classroom. 

Each individual question is very long and complex. The first day, students discussed mixture problems and only finished one question in the entire class period! During their study of uniform motion, students had the opportunity to get up and act out the word problems. “This helps us to visualize what the problem is demonstrating so we are better able to sort through the information to solve,” said Mrs. Elinski. 

Mrs. Elinski concluded, “With practice, the students gain confidence and understanding. It is fun watching them improve each day, and seeing how proud they are when they can finally solve one from start to finish on their own.” 

Congratulations to our 2019 Homecoming Court

2019 Homecoming Information

Habitat for Humanity

New Polling Location

Wood County Board of Elections has announced our AAA building as the new polling location for all of Northwood.  See their press release attached.

Wood County Personal Shredding Event

Financial Aid Night

  • 10/4 – Homecoming Game: Tailgate 5:30-7pm
  • 10/5 – NHS Homecoming Dance (grades 9-12), 8-11pm
  • 10/8 – Picture Retakes
  • 10/12 – Northwood Fall Fest
  • 10/14 – Music Boosters Meeting, 7pm
  • 10/15 – Marco’s Pizza Night
  • 10/16 – Fall Choir Concert (grades 7-12), 7pm
  • 10/18 – End of 1st Quarter: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Senior Night
  • 10/23 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, Powder Puff Game
  • 10/24 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, Financial Aid Night 5:30-6:30pm
  • 11/14 – Sophomore Explore Penta Day
  • 11/27-11/29 – Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/2 – Teacher In-service Day, No School for Students
  • 12/19 – End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

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