Active Learning at NLS

Third Graders Observe Butterfly Life Cycle 

Mrs. Bates’ third grade science students have been studying the life cycle of the butterfly. They have had the opportunity to observe each stage of the life cycle. The stages observed included a chrysalis that was just formed, a chrysalis that a monarch was about to hatch, a monarch just hatched, and finally, the stage that students enjoyed most, the releasing of the monarch butterfly!

The Hero’s Journey in 7th Grade ELA

Mr. Myers’ seventh grade ELA students are currently focusing on the Hero’s Journey, during their Mythology unit. Mr. Myers explained that the Hero’s Journey is a series of steps that characters from many movies, books, and myths follow to become a “hero.” Studying this helps students understand the connection between plot, setting, and character development. 

During this unit, students study Greek creation myths and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Activities include the Ancient Greece Meet-n-Greet, a comparison between the Disney version of Hercules and the original myth, and a thrash-out debate over the myth of Atalanta. Mr. Myers stated, “Students really enjoyed the Ancient Greece Meet-n-Greet because they discovered many of the connections between the different gods and goddesses they portrayed, realizing the activity was more like an awkward family reunion, than a meet-n-greet. Plus, some students went above and beyond and created costumes!” 

1st Grade “Daily 3”

Mrs. Anderson stated, “Students have fun talking with their partners and I enjoy listening to them discuss their findings!”

Mrs. Anderson’s first grade math students have started “Math Daily 3.” Students are able to choose from three different choices during math time. They can choose to do “math by myself,” which is a math app on the iPad. They can choose to do “math writing,” which is an interactive notebook (this really helps students focus on number sense). Or, they can choose “math with someone,” which is playing a math game with a partner. 

Mrs. Anderson explained, “We have worked really hard the last couple of weeks of school to build our stamina and complete our work together as expected. Once students were able to work independently, I was able to introduce choice which seems to motivate students. By working with small groups, I can easily differentiate to meet my students’ needs.” She concluded, “The students enjoy getting to work with their friends in class. They also like the freedom to choose their own activity during math time.”

Habitat for Humanity

Eastern Lanes After School Bowling Program

New Polling Location

Wood County Board of Elections has announced our AAA building as the new polling location for all of Northwood.  See their press release attached.

Wood County Personal Shredding Event

Financial Aid Night

  • 9/20 – First Quarter Midterm: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Cheer Clinic & Alumni Band performances at the football game
  • 10/4 – Homecoming Game: Tailgate 5:30-7pm
  • 10/5 – NHS Homecoming Dance (grades 9-12), 8-11pm
  • 10/8 – Picture Retakes
  • 10/12 – Northwood Fall Fest
  • 10/14 – Music Boosters Meeting, 7pm
  • 10/15 – Marco’s Pizza Night
  • 10/16 – Fall Choir Concert (grades 7-12), 7pm
  • 10/18 – End of 1st Quarter: Tailgate 5:30-7pm, Senior Night

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