Kylie Grant & Josh Bowen Represent #OneRangerNation, Classroom Spotlights, and More!

Kylie Grant Named as Buckeye Broadband Scholarship Recipient

By: Philip Brice (Class of 2019)

IMG_0070Senior, Kylie Grant, has been chosen for the Buckeye Broadband Scholarship. The scholarship grants $1,000 to eight chosen high school seniors. Out of the eight, one is selected for the “spotlight” scholarship. Gaining the spotlight scholarship grants another $2,500. Kylie will learn if she is the winner of the the additional “spotlight” scholarship in March of 2019.

To be chosen as a Buckeye Broadband Scholarship recipient, two applicants are selected from each school in the Toledo area. From those students, eight are selected. Kylie had this to say about being chosen for the eight, “I feel honored because not many people are chosen, and since I was, I think that’s crazy.” She completed an interview with BCSN discussing the scholarship. The interview aired on all Buckeye Broadband channels from October 22nd to November 5th. In April she will be attending an awards banquet with the other recipients. Congratulations, Kylie!

Josh Bowen to Represent the Wood County Teen Institute

By: Philip Brice (Class of 2019)

IMG_0083.jpgSenior, Josh Bowen, will travel to Washington D.C. later this school year. He is planning to travel in February. Josh will be representing the Wood County Teen Institute program in the Capital. He will be meeting with our states representatives and senators.

Teen Institute is a program responsible for planning events for families and teens. These events display examples of how to enjoy high school without harmful substances such as alcohol or drugs. He will be in D.C. to talk about these topics. Josh said this about the visit, “I am honored to be chosen and I am very excited to represent Wood County.” Josh will be traveling with the advisor of our Teen Institute program, Mr. Hamilton. Congratulations to Josh!


RR with Mrs. Russell


Many have heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the same vein, it takes a village to run an effective and supportive school district. Mrs. Julie Russell has played an integral part of our school district for almost 20 years. The “Ranger Roundup” took the opportunity to sit down with Mrs. Russell to reflect on her time at Northwood and her current position in the high school.

“I have been in the Northwood family for 17 years. My two sons are Northwood Alumni, Erik (Class of 2011) and Nick (Class of 2013).” Mrs. Russell began as a substitute for the district and then served as a recess monitor and bus aide for four years before taking on her current position as the NHS RR (Study Hall) Monitor.

When asked what initially interested her in the position as the RR Monitor, Mrs. Russell stated that she enjoys interacting with students on a daily basis. So, when the position became available, she thought that it would be a good opportunity. She added, “Getting out of the cold was a perk for the new position!” While keeping students focused during RR time can be somewhat of a challenge, Mrs. Russell truly enjoys interacting with our Rangers and getting to know each student on a personal level. In fact, it’s the most rewarding part of her job!


Superhero Creative Writing Collaboration

IMG-0919 (1)

One of the most popular units in Mrs. Berlekamp’s Creative Writing 9-10 class is the narrative writing unit in which students work to incorporate sensory details into their writing. They use their newly developed writing skills to create children’s books for kindergarten students in Mrs. Canaday’s class. Mrs. Berlekamp explained, “The students brainstorm a conflict for their children’s book before planning the plot. They then write the text of the book and include pictures for their kindergartner to color. When the books are done, they are printed so that students can read the books together.”

IMG-0916 (1)This year, Mrs. Canaday’s students created a superhero as the basis for their personalized books. Each kindergartner drew a picture of a superhero and came up with a few powers and abilities for their superhero to have. The Creative Writing students used these ideas as the basis for their books. This week, the high school students were able to visit Mrs. Canaday’s classroom to share their books with their assigned Kindergarten student. We hear it was a great visit, and even ended with an epic dance party!  


Stress Management in Psychology Class

Students in Mrs. Schmeltz’s 8th period Psychology class just completed a unit on Stress and Health. These junior and senior level students spent class time looking at different ways stress affects individuals and then looking for solutions to such stressors. During this unit, students created projects to depict stress management and coping mechanisms. Students were given a great amount of autonomy for this project and were able to choose the manner in which to complete the project. Students particularly enjoyed the playlist version in which they were able to create a playlist that depicted stress as well as another playlist that would help to relieve stress.


Fall into Fitness

On November 2nd, the elementary students participated in the 34th annual walk, jog, run.  This year, it was called “Fall into Fitness” and the emphasis was on moving to keep your body healthy.  Water bottles for every student were purchased by the NEO and decorated in Art.  Students were encouraged to fill their bottle with water every day and choose to drink that instead of sugary beverages.

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Holocaust Memorial Center Field Trip

Each year, our 8th grade students have the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This field trip is always an eye-opening experience for our Rangers.

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NLS District Updates


fall cleanup18


Winter Spirit Wear Sale flier3-page-001 (1)




Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg

Mark Your Calendar!

Mon. Nov. 12: NEO Meeting @ 8am / Music Boosters Meeting @ 7pm

Thurs. Nov. 15: Picture Retake Day / 5th and 6th Grade Music Program @ 6:30pm

Mon. Nov. 19: Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30pm 

Wed. Nov. 21 – Fri. Nov. 23: Thanksgiving Break – No School 

Mon. Nov. 26: Teacher In-service Day – No School 

Tues. Nov. 27: School Resumes

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