National Bus Safety Week, Brewing Up Coffee Shop Ideas, & Creepy Crawly Writing Lessons!

Providing Safe Transportation for Students

515BrQg7VkL._SX425_.jpgDid you know that this week is National Bus Safety Week? This year’s theme, “My Driver – My Safety Hero,” reminds motorists, students and school bus drivers the important role they each have in ensuring children’s safety.

Prior to stopping, school buses display yellow warning lights that signify the bus is about to stop. Once a bus stops, flashing lights and a stop sign are displayed. Motorists approaching a stopped school bus from either direction are required to stop at least 10 feet from the bus while the bus is receiving or discharging students. When a road is divided into four or more lanes, only traffic driving in the same direction as the bus must stop. Drivers may not resume their travels until the bus resumes traveling.

From 2015 to 2017, 4,198 drivers were convicted of failing to stop for a stopped school bus in Ohio. During the same time, 4,036 traffic crashes involving school buses occurred.

“School buses remain the safest mode of transportation for students to and from school,” said Col. Paul A. Pride, OSHP superintendent. “Along with the watchful eyes of our school bus drivers, the cooperation of motorists, parents and children will make this a safe school year in Ohio.”

The greatest risk to children is when they are outside the school bus. Students need to wait for the bus drivers signal to cross and walk where the bus driver can see them.

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with NLS Transportation Director, Greg Hornstein, in regards to the safe transportation of our Rangers and the bus evacuation drills that took place at the beginning of the school year.

During these drills, the drivers were able to remind students of the exits on the bus, as well as have students practice exiting the bus through the rear door/front exit. Students were also made aware of the window and roof hatch exits available in an emergency situation. Mr. Hornstein explained that bus drills are so important so that in a situation in which the bus breaks down or in the event of a crash, students can be as prepared as possible.

Additionally, Mr. Hornstein reminded us of how important it is for our Rangers to treat the bus as an extension of the classroom, in which following the rules are just as integral. Mr. Hornstein reminded us that students should be ready when the bus arrives, not running out to the bus, as this is often times when safety problems arise.

Mr. Hornstein and the entire NLS transportation department continually do their best for the safety of our Rangers and we would like to thank them for consistently getting our Rangers safely to and from school!


Entrepreneurship Students Brew School Coffee Shop Ideas

unnamed (1) (1)

Students in Strategic Entrepreneurship (a mix of students in grades 10-12) are currently working on the “School Store Operations” unit. By researching how to open and operate a school coffee shop, students are taking the first step in becoming young entrepreneurs. Topics for this unit include: organizational structure, merchandising, supply and demand, buying and pricing, inventory, staffing, and customer service.

IMG_0426 (1)These students are currently developing a merchandising product mix for the school coffee shop. Students find actual vendors and quotes for the products needed to run the store (cups, equipment, flavoring, baked-goods, napkins, signs, coffee, etc.) as well as costs for merchandise students anticipate selling such as travel mugs, lanyards, and spirit wear.

IMG_0428 (1)Mrs. Myers added that these Ranger Entrepreneurship students have the opportunity to earn college credit through the CTAG program. She concluded, “Students most enjoy being able to design the logos for each product and are amazed at the number of items needed to ‘just sell coffee.’ Students also enjoy creating survey questions to ask students, teachers, and staff that provides valid data to drive their business decisions.”


2nd Graders Study Spiders


Mrs. Reiter’s second grade reading and writing students are currently focusing on informational writing, topic sentences, closing sentences, and fact and opinions, while using a very special creepy crawler as their inspiration…the spider!

IMG_3516Mrs. Reiter explained that students are researching, reading, and writing all about spiders. Students started by reading and researching different books on EPIC and using the internet. They picked five amazing facts about spiders and wrote them down on a graphic organizer. They then wrote two opinions about spiders and put those facts and opinions together to form a spider booklet. From there, students will use their facts to create an informational paragraph about spiders. Students will be working to create topic and closing sentences, as well as providing many details, and editing for IMG_3510proper capital letters and punctuation.

Students have been amazed at some of the facts they have found. For example, did you know that some spiders can be as big as a dinner plate? Or, as tiny as a speck of dust? Our Rangers have been hard at work and excited about their learning. So, the next time you see one of Mrs. Reiter’s second grade Rangers, be sure to ask them all about spiders!

NLS District Updates


Winter Spirit Wear Sale flier3-page-001 (1)


FullSizeRender (46).jpg


Salvation Army Christmas App 2018 (1).JPG


Athletic Boosters presents BINGO Night!.jpg

Mark Your Calendar!

Wed. Oct. 31: Halloween = Trick-or-Treating in Northwood from 6-7:30pm

Thurs. Nov. 1: Middle School Fall Sports Awards @ 2pm in the Cafeteria / 7-12th grade Band Concert, AAA Building @ 7pm

Fri. Nov. 2: NES Fall Parties /  “Fall into Fitness” Walk, Jog, Run

Sun. Nov. 4: Daylight Saving Time Ends 

Tues. Nov. 6: NEO Marco’s Pizza Night 

Wed. Nov. 7: HS Fall Sports Banquet @ 6pm

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