An Important Message From Northwood Local Schools

Northwood students, parents and community,

Our school and police department are aware of the rumors circulating on social media regarding a school threat.  While most of these posts have little detail, they all appear to point to one specific rumor.  That rumor came to the attention of school administration near the end of the school day Friday.  The rumor was promptly investigated by school administrators along with our Northwood Police School Resource Officer and deemed to be FALSE.  

ALL reports, even those which appear to be rumor based, will be investigated. We are appreciative of our students and parents who contacted either the school or police directly to provide information. Continue to be diligent in reporting rumors and any information that could be a threat to student safety.

Please be selective with what you post on social media as not to spread unwarranted fear. Should there ever be a credible threat to student safety, our school will always communicate with the community and take appropriate steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

Additionally, we encourage you to attend our school safety meeting on Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm. Student safety is our highest priority.   

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