Career Research Projects


Mrs. Metzger’s Family and Consumer Science students are currently completing Career Research Projects. These eighth graders took a variety of Career Assessments to assist with discovering which Career Clusters and Careers might be a good fit. They chose one career to research more thoroughly and created a presentation to teach other students about that career. Students used a variety of credible resources to gather information. Students were also encouraged to create a commercial to “sell” their career! Mrs. Metzger added that during this unit, students really enjoyed learning about how much money they could earn as well as what kind of education, training, licensure, certification, and experience they needed for each career.


Red Party!


Betty’s Spaghetti Dinner TONIGHT:

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Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, Dec. 22 – Tuesday, Jan. 2 – Holiday Break

Wednesday, January 3 – School Resumes

Friday, January 19th – End of Second Quarter/1st Semester


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