Adventures in Reading!

4th Graders Read 43 Cemetery Road


IMG-3261Mrs. Chrysochoos’ 4th grade Language Arts students just finished their October unit where they focused on theme, main idea, and summation. Students read the book 43 Cemetery Road and then wrote persuasive essays where they took the point of view of realtors trying to sell the haunted mansion that was in the story.

Students will begin Turkey Trouble this month and disguising turkeys. IMG-3262Students will focus on first and third person narration and will continue working on summarizing with this story along with Daily 5 skills. 

“Every year the students love 43 Cemetery Road,” said Mrs. Chrysochoos. There are seven books in the series and every year they fly off of the Northwood Library shelves as soon as the class finishes the first book!


Ms. Holcomb’s Freshmen Begin an Epic Voyage


Ms. Holcomb’s freshmen English students are currently gaining background knowledge about the time period in which The Odyssey was written, learning about some of the characters, and understanding what makes an epic. She added that during this unit, students practice identifying character traits, specifically traits that are heroic. Students will be comparing and contrasting heroic traits Odysseus displays with someone in their life who they feel is a hero, and will create a blog post about their hero, as well. IMG_0062

One of the pre-reading activities that students really enjoyed was going on a class odyssey/voyage. Ms. Holcomb explained, “We traveled around the school to fight a supernatural creator! Students chose a weapon, location, and some assistance to take with them into battle to get them thinking about the battles Odysseus will have to fight and the obstacles he will have to overcome!” Students enjoyed the opportunity to take their lesson outside of the classroom walls and to take on the persona of an epic hero!


“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”

NHS School Guidance Website:

Did you know that our Rangers have access to the NHS School Guidance website? Be sure to check this site frequently for information regarding the ACT, scholarship opportunities, and more! NHS Ranger Guidance

Website (1)

5th and 6th Grade Holiday Concert:

5th and 6th holiday concert

Kevin Hines at BGSU:

Were you unable to attend the Kevin Hines presentation at NHS? Kevin Hines is returning to Northwest Ohio and will be speaking at BGSU!

kevin hines bgsu

Food Giveaway 2017:

Food Giveaway 2017

NLS Dedication Ceremony:

If you are planning on attending this very special ceremony, please RSVP by Nov. 10th to Kelly Modlinski at either or 419-691-3888 .

dedication ceremony

The Salvation Army Thanksgiving & Christmas Applications:



Mark Your Calendar!

Tuesday, Nov. 21st: NLS Building Dedication Ceremony 

Wednesday, Nov. 22nd – Friday, Nov. 23rd: Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 27th: School Resumes

Tuesday, Nov. 28th: Marco’s Pizza Night

Friday, Dec. 1st – Saturday, Dec. 2nd: Derr Memorial Tournament


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