Booms, Bonanzas, and Pep Rally & Field Trip Highlights!

Booms and Bonanzas


Mr. Dickey’s sophomore students just completed an activity covering the Mining, bb3Farming, Oil, Ranching Bonanzas and the Railroad Boom. Students were divided  into two separate groups, which were created based upon their expertise thus far in their studies. Both groups were tasked with creating a matrix of information that all students could use to determine the causes and the impacts of each Boom or Bonanza. The students in Group A, after reading more about each Boom and Bonanza, used their matrix to create an acrostic  poem that highlighted all the positive aspect of the Booms and Bonanzas. Then, the small group took it one step further and created an acrostic poem that rhymed. Sophomore, Anthony Williams, even put his version to a catchy beat! The students in Group B took their matrix information and created billboards and commercials to draw attention to the West, giving the public information or to just entertain the public. These students created personalized scripts tailored for their billboard and recorded them. Justyce Luna’s farmer character was a big hit in the 8th period class!


6th Graders Study Theme



Ms. Murphy’s 6th grade Language Arts students are currently studying theme and main idea. Ms. Murphy explained that this is important for students “because it helps them IMG-0844read with purpose and take away meaning from any text.” She continued that the lessons learned by identifying themes in a text can be applied to real life, as themes should be universal.

IMG-0851Students just finished a fun mini-project on theme. They worked in groups to analyze a Disney song and find a theme that was appropriate for the song. They also had to find evidence using the song lyrics to support their theme. Finally, students created a poster to illustrate their theme and evidence.

Ms. Murphy stated that students have really enjoyed reading different kinds of texts to determine theme, and they especially enjoyed the mini-project, as it incorporated many different kinds of learning styles!


Holocaust Memorial Center

Our 8th grade Rangers recently visited the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This field trip is the culmination of an in-depth study of the Holocaust and the memoir Night.

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Pep Rally Highlights!

Check out highlights of our recent Pep Rally. Thank you to Mrs. Fish for putting together this great footage for us!




“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”


NLS Dedication Ceremony:

If you are planning on attending this very special ceremony, please RSVP by Nov. 10th to Kelly Modlinski at either or 419-691-3888 .

dedication ceremony

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater This Saturday!!!

Murder Mystery Dinner Poster


PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE for Financial Aid Night:

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 4.16.05 PM


Support These Great Local Events:

craft and feather


The Salvation Army Thanksgiving & Christmas Applications:



Mark Your Calendar!

Sunday, Nov. 5th: Daylight Saving Time Ends

Wednesday, Nov. 8th: NES Picture Day / Parent-Teacher Conferences / Financial Aid Night / HS Fall Sports Banquet

Thursday, Nov. 9th: NHS & PK Picture Day / Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, Nov. 10th: No School for NES / NES Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Nov. 21st: NLS Building Dedication Ceremony 

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