An Important Message from Supt. Clark


With Open House behind us and the Labor Day Holiday upon us, the #Fallof2017 is here! School starts on Tuesday the 5th of September for our students in the new school and we are not only very excited by all of the possibilities, everyone here has been working very hard to make it a great start to our new era for Northwood Schools!

In my message to our team here at school, it was stressed that this opening of a beautiful new facility designed to promote collaboration is a unique opportunity for all of us in the Northwood Community. New is very exciting. New also comes with some fears for most of us as human beings. And this new is more than the usual new school year. This year, almost everything we are doing to open the new year is new for every student in the school, for every parent sending us their most precious people to educate, for every teacher charged with those duties, and for every member of our team supporting our great school staff so our mission can be accomplished. It is a whole bunch of new!

As we kick off this new school year in our beautiful new school, I ask that everyone in our community try to remember that everyone is experiencing a lot of new things. There has been a great deal of planning and practicing and working with the new school to try to have everything go off like clock work, but we are all humans so it won’t be perfect on day one. Even without as much new as we are about to experience this coming Tuesday, the first few days of school create wrinkles that get solved as we all get into the routine of school.

We are going to experience some bumps…probably with transportation and drop off and pick-up by parents. I can guess this because no matter how much we work to communicate everything with everyone, it takes a few days of practicing with everyone to get to where we want to be. Please be patient with one another and with our school team as we work with you all to get it “right” over the next few days.

With regard to transportation, it always takes a few days to shake out to the times we will end up with. The first few days are impacted by all of us getting used to a new school year so boarding at each stop before school and getting everyone loaded after school takes a little longer than it will once everyone gets used to the routine.

Please remember Student Drop Off will be in the Front of the new building.  Pull up to the doors using a single file lane on the right side of the loop.  Allow your child to exit the car and enter through the front doors where a staff member will greet them.

Elementary Students may enter the building starting at 8:30 for breakfast.  If they are not eating breakfast, they are to arrive between 8:40 and 8:45.  School starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:10.  Elementary Students should be picked up at 3:10.  When picking up your child at 3:10, you will need to park your car in a designated parking spot in the parking lot.  Walk up to the front doors and enter the building (Parents may not enter before 3:10).  Check in with the staff member.  Please have your ID to assure student safety.  Then take your child back to your car with you.  

The loop in front of the building is for active loading and unloading ONLY.  No cars should be parked in the the loop at anytime.  

If you have any questions you need answered, please call the office at 419-691-3888 and we will do our best to assist you and make the start of the school year a productive one for everyone.

Welcome Back Rangers!

Greg Clark


2 thoughts on “An Important Message from Supt. Clark

  1. Are medical appointments earlier in the day handled by a note or email to school or teacher & enter the building at the notified time for pick-up? Are we allowed to park anywhere in the parking lot for these kind of pick-ups? Also, weekly CRC & STARS dropoffs & pickups? Thanks


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