4th Grade Scientists and Mayor Schimmel

Mrs. Sheets’ 4th Grade Scientists

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Mrs. Sheets’ 4th grade Science students are currently studying the state of matter characteristics and changing matter. Students are utilizing interactive websites, class imagediscussions, and hands-on experiments during this unit as they begin describing physical and chemical characteristics of matter. Mrs. Sheets explained that during a chemical reaction, students look for evidence of a change in matter. For example, they might notice changes in light, heat, or gases being produced. They might see a whole new substance being formed during a chemical reaction. Students often see that such changes are often irreversible.

image (2)Students have really enjoyed participating in Science experiments during this unit. For example they were able to see the reactions when vinegar and baking soda are combined (a gas is produced) or when steel and wool are combined (gas, light, heat, and color changes), as well as what happens when sugar is heated (gas is produced and color changes).

Upon completion of the studying of matter characteristics and changes, students will move on to their last unit of the year, focusing on electricity. Students will learn how to complete a circuit using batteries and wires. As a culminating activity, these fourth grade scientists will read directions and work together to make an array of circuits with kits of Snap Circuits!


Mayor Schimmel: A Lifelong Ranger! 

E. Schimmel Jan 14, 2016

The Ranger Roundup recently took some time to catch up with our Mayor of the City of Northwood, Mr. Edward L. Schimmel. Mayor Schimmel attended Northwood Local Schools from kindergarten through his senior year, graduating from Northwood High School in 1995. Mayor Schimmel lives in the City of Northwood with his wife Carolyn (Howard) Schimmel, who graduated from Northwood High School in 1996. All three of their children attend Northwood Local Schools. Mayor Schimmel comes from a long line of Rangers, as both his father and grandmother both attended Northwood, as well!

Upon graduation from Northwood High School, Mayor Schimmel attended the University of Toledo, where he received a degree in Political Science (99’) as well as his law degree (03’). He currently practices law in the Toledo area. He was elected to serve on the Northwood City Council for two terms (8 years) prior to running for mayor in 2015. In his free time, Mayor Schimmel enjoys farming and fishing!

Reflecting on his experiences at Northwood Local Schools, Mayor Schimmel stated, “Attending Northwood Schools helped make me who I am today. I enjoyed the small class sizes and the one-on-one treatment I received from teachers.” Mayor Schimmel was very honest in explaining that he wasn’t the best student in high school, mainly because his focus seemed to be on things other than school work. However, when he attended college, he turned his focus to school. He explained, “The skills that the staff at Northwood had taught me, helped me to succeed in college. I graduated with honors, went on to graduate law school, and passed the Ohio and Florida bar exams.”

When asked about anyone who made a specific impact on his life, he mentioned the legendary Mr. Roger Fisher. “Mr. Fisher taught me a great deal. He was definitely one of the greatest teachers I have ever had,” said Mayor Schimmel. Additionally, when asked about his best memories as a Ranger, Mayor Schimmel stated, “Playing sports and establishing lifelong friendships. Going to a small school like Northwood, offers an opportunity to participate in many sports. I enjoyed playing baseball, wrestling, and golf. I made lifelong memories and learned about teamwork and perseverance.” Finally, when asked to give advice to our current Northwood students, Mayor Schimmel, who also stated how fortunate he feels to be able to serve the community of Northwood, concluded, “Aim high. Never give up. Everyone has failures in life, and those failures should teach you what to avoid in order to succeed in your future endeavors.”


District Reminders:

Weekly Update from Principal Krontz

Check the following link for important elementary reminders including information regarding Kindergarten registration! https://www.smore.com/4254w



Music Boosters Trivia Night

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Northwood Easter Parade 

Mark your calendars for April 8th!

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Join Us For the Final Walk-Through of the Olney Buildings

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Northwood Night at Funny Bone


Guy Torry @ Funny Bone

April 9, 2017


6140 Levis Commons Blvd.

Perrysburg, Ohio 43551


(419) 931-3474

*Two item order minimum

*Must call for reservations

*Check-in 30 minutes before show time

Northwood Safety Town

Safety Town Flyer




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