Right Triangle Trigonometry and School Lunch Heroes!

Honors Geometry Students Take Studies To the Gym



Mr. Moore’s Honors Geometry students have been using Trigonometry to determine measurements in real life situations. For this unit on “Right Triangle Trigonometry,” Mr. Hurley (Mr. Moore’s student-teacher) has been leading students as they work in small groups to find different measurements in the high school gymnasium. Students have really enjoyed getting out of the classroom and into the gym to apply the Trigonometry concept!

NLS’s Very Own School Lunch Heroes


Have you ever heard of School Lunch Heroes? Well, we have a few at NLS! This week, the Ranger Roundup was able to sit down with Erin Wauford, Kenda St. John, and Ginger Cairl, to learn a little bit more about their duties within the school cafeteria!

Wauford currently works in the Olney building and has been with NLS for a year and a half. Wauford’s duties include working as a cashier and cleaning up after lunches. While getting elementary students to provide their full names when they don’t know their lunch numbers can be a bit of a struggle, the most rewarding part of her job is seeing the kids, including her own, e20160506_104650very day!

St. John can be found working in both the Olney and high school buildings. She has worked for NLS for nine years. Her responsibilities include preparing and making breakfast, helping put away stock, running the register, making sub sandwiches and wraps, helping with clean-up, washing dishes, and taking out trash. While it can be stressful making sure that all foods are ready to serve on time, St. John added that she loves serving and talking to the kids. The most rewarding part is, “knowing I got everything done on time and that the kids like the food!” She concluded that she loves working in the kitchen, serving and making food for the kids. She also enjoys working the school catering events!

If you have been at NES recently, you most likely found Cairl working in the cafeteria. 20161027_121417Cairl has worked for NLS for 14 years. Her current duties include preparing food for breakfast and lunch, as well as clean-up. Additionally, Cairl orders food and is responsible for making sure that all food is stored properly. This includes making sure that she has the proper amount of food so that the first and last student served get all of the same choices. Cairl lives in the community and so being at NLS and interacting with the kids is another great aspect of her job. Finally, when asked about the most rewarding part of her job, Cairl exclaimed, “The kids! They make my job wonderful! Whether they are singing to a song on the radio or just coming up to chat with me. They are the best part!”

On behalf of Northwood Local Schools, the Ranger Roundup would like to thank all of our school lunch heroes for all they do to make sure that we have a clean, well-stocked cafeteria for our Ranger students!


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