Investigative Learning at NES

Mrs. Geerken’s 5th Graders Study the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald


Mrs. Geerken’s fifth grade students have been studying the wreck of the Edmund 5th-grade-map-and-ship-displayFitzgerald, which happened on Lake Superior in 1975. Students each wrote a report that included the latitude and longitude of the wreckage, weather and storm information that caused the wreck, people involved, and more. Then, students created a museum display for the glass case outside of the gifted resource room.

This unit focused on this important historical event involving the Great Lakes and the people affected by the wreck. Mrs. Geerken explained that there are many locals who either knew someone who worked on the Edmund Fitzgerald at one point or who knew relatives of people that were on the Edmund Fitzgerald that fateful night.

Wh5th-grade-display-ship-drawingen asked what students enjoyed most about this unit, Mrs. Geerken explained that 5th-grade-songstudents definitely enjoyed creating the museum display. She added, “Three students created a scale design and model of the ship made out of cardboard and duct tape. “ Two other students created a map showing the path the ship traveled and where it went down, including the latitude and longitude to the degrees, minutes, and seconds. Another pair of students included information about the height of the waves, the stormy weather, and what experts think happened to cause the wreck, as well as the name of the Captain, and people aboard that were lost. Finally, another pair of students wrote and recorded an updated song that showcases the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald!


Miss Murphy’s Students Learn Life Lessons in Argumentative Writing Unit


img_2226Miss Murphy’s sixth grade language arts students just finished an argumentative writing unit.  Students wrote argumentative essays, created PSA posters for their topic, used surveys and interviews to collect evidence, and evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of arguments from other writers. Miss Murphy explained that this is a very important unit because it teaches students how to responsibly and respectfully give their opinion on a certain topic. It also teaches them that people can have different opinions than their own and still have strong points for their beliefs. Additionally, students learn the difference between valid and invalid evidence and reasoning and how to spot the difference. An example of this would be an opinion piece that students might see posted on social media in the future. Students also had the opportunity to work on animg_2229 issue that is important to them and to research current events concerning those issues.

“My students have enjoyed creating their own arguments,” said Miss Murphy. She added that students have been very excited about exploring their topic and doing the necessary research to make their arguments strong. Students have also enjoyed creating the visual element, the PSA Poster, to pair with their essay. Be sure to check out all of the sixth grade argument posters and essays that will be hanging around the NES building in the near future!


District Reminders:

Coming Home 2017

This evening, February 17, 2017 is our “Coming Home” Ceremony. Come on out to support our JV/Varsity boys basketball teams as they take on Toledo Christian. Be sure to stay for the crowning of our “Coming Home” king and queen. Also, we will finally reveal the new name of our Ranger Mascot from the “Name the Ranger” competition! The “Coming Home” dance for our high school Rangers will take place directly following the varsity game. Congratulations to all of our “Coming Home” candidates!


Ranger Construction Instagram 

Have you checked out our “Ranger Construction” Instagram page? Be sure to follow us @ranger_construction for the most up-to-date photographs of our construction project!



Northwood Fire Department to hold Chili Dinner

Don’t miss out on a great chili dinner and the opportunity to support our Northwood Fire Department!


Northwood Soccer Club Spring Registration



Alumnus of the Year Nomination Information

Northwood High School is seeking nominations for its Annual “Alumnus of the Year” award.  Nominees must have graduated from Northwood High School in or prior to spring of 2016, and the recipient will be recognized at the Academic Awards Banquet in May. Letters of nomination should include the nominee’s name, current address, year of graduation, and a description of his/her accomplishments since graduation.  These can include, but are not limited to, post-high school education, honors or awards received, employment history, and any other relevant information to support the nomination.  Deadline for applications is Friday, February 24th.   Letters of nomination must include the name and address of the person making the nomination and should be sent to:

Jason Kozina, Principal

Northwood High School

700 Lemoyne Road

Northwood, Ohio 43619

Free Children’s Dental Exams


Bowling Green Curling Club




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