Crispen Wins Poetry Contest & Art II Studies Screen Printing

Mariah Crispen Finds A Passion for Poetry


Junior, Mariah Crispen, has found a passion for poetry! You might remember, last year, the Ranger Roundup featured Mariah’s first poetry contest win and publication. Mariah is back at it this year, as a winner of The American Library of Poetry 2016 Winter Student Poetry Contest. She once again can look forward to having her selected poem published in the collection Imagine. There are several grade divisions for this contest, and an overall winner will be selected March 30th. This winner will receive $500 and the Editor’s Choice Award. Mariah added that her poem had to meet very specific requirements. It could only be 20 lines or less and could not be a blackout or concrete poem. To be published in this contest is quite an honor, as less than 20 percent of submissions are selected for publication!

For this competition, Mariah chose her poem “It Started in May.” She acknowledged that much of her writing is rather dark, but she explained, “I believe some of the darkest writing holds the most emotion and has a deeper story.” Mariah’s selected poem is about a couple who starts dating in May. An affair takes place and someone seeks revenge. Mariah stated that she didn’t have any personal inspiration for this poem, but rather found words that rhymed and created a story based off of those words.

When asked about the benefits of having one’s poem chosen for this contest, Mariah stated, “I like to share my thoughts and writing with others.” She explained that she found comfort in Jennifer Niven’s novel, All the Bright Places, and so she hopes to provide that comfort for someone else. She added, “If my work gets published, it’s out there for others to enjoy and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I plan to continue submitting poems to every competition the American Library of Poetry has, along with any local poetry competitions, such as the Rossford competition, in which I won third place last year.”

Reflecting on her passion for poetry, Mariah explained, “I enjoy all kinds of writing. I enjoy writing poetry because you can fit so much emotion and a deep story into 20 lines with a  couple words in each. Poems can be vague, and the reader interprets it how they want.” She added that not every poem or story will have a happy ending, and the best kinds of writing are those that evoke emotion in the reader. She continued, “I always have a lot going on in my mind, so writing helps me relieve that as well.” When asked about the importance of seeking out competition and publication opportunities, Mariah stated that being published is an amazing feeling! She concluded, “I’ve never been the competitive type, but I know that I’m good at what I do and I want to share it with everyone. I found comfort in a book when I was at a dark place in my life, and maybe my writing can do that for someone else.”


Screen Printing in Art II


Art II students have recently been studying the art of screen printing. Within this unit, students create a design and cut a stencil out of Ulano film using an exacto knife. Students also learn how to stretch silk screen on a wooden frame. Once the stencil is cut, it is adhered to the silk. Students then learn how to pull a print from the frame using a squeegee and screen printing ink.

Ms. Rohloff explained that this unit gives students the opportunity to discuss various artists and to generate creative ideas. She added, “We specifically look at Andy Warhol and how his screen prints were influenced by popular culture. We also compare and contrast block printing and screen printing.” Finally, when asked what students have enjoyed most during this unit, Ms. Rohloff stated that students really enjoy the opportunity to not only create a design, but to actually print it on clothing!


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