Rangers at Work: Creating, Studying, and Preserving Memories

Yearbook Staff Diligently Works to Preserve Ranger Memories

4-kjames-stef-morgan-layout-1Did you know that photographers from Woodard/Prestige Photos help to train our yearbook staff members on the finer points of taking photos? Or, that it takes approximately 15 hours to put together a double-page spread — before Mrs. James ever lays eyes on it? Neither did  we! However, this week, the Ranger Roundup had the opportunity to check in with Mrs. James and our Writing for Publications/Yearbook class to learn more about the hard work and dedication it takes to put together our Northwood yearbooks!

Mrs. James explained that the primary goal of Writing for Publications/Yearbook  is to create the 2017 Northwood High School Yearbook. She explained, “To that end, we are in a 3-lexie-camera-1cycle that begins with the first day of school and continues well past graduation: planning, interviewing, photographing, processing, and laying out each spread to tell the story of our year.” Currently, the yearbook staff is working on winter sports layouts and the “faces” section. Additionally, to get a better read on the student body, the staff has created detailed surveys for students in each grade level, in hopes that their feedback can be integrated into the grade-level pages. Mrs. James explained, “That way, when students look back at their yearbooks 20 years from now, those survey results will help them remember what mattered — and didn’t — in 2016-17.”

5-tayler-layout-1Senior, Tayler Metcalf, explained, “I like being able to design everything – putting photos where I want them and knowing that my choices will be in print forever – and then seeing everything before anyone else.” Junior, Kyra Simmons, added, “Yearbook has definitely improved my writing and organization skills. Class is really hectic, especially when deadlines are approaching. I’m forced to be on-task and be on top of things. Time management is definitely key. On the plus side, I’m really involved with school and it’s forcing me, a real introvert, to talk to people and do those things I didn’t do before. Then, I get to share those new experiences through the yearbook.”1-bscaggs-camera-1

Students and community members can still order a yearbook for the 2016-207 school year. Contact Mrs. James at kjames@northwoodschools.org or buy online at www.yearbookforever.org  


Seventh Graders Study Ancient Civilizations


Mr. Lewin’s seventh grade social studies students are currently studying ancient civilizations. Students have been using interactive activities such as webquests and Quizlet Live to help with their studies. Currently, students are working on studying Asian cultures from the 6th century to the 16th century in China, Japan, and India. Mr. Lewin explained that students have really enjoyed group work, which always helps to change up the pace from regular class work, and Quizlet Live, which has helped students to review previously learned material.


Sixth Grade Math Students Utilize Self-Directed Learning

file_001In sixth grade math, Mrs. Wilson is working with her students to develop a self-directed learning environment. Mrs. Wilson explained that students are currently working in three different chapters. Each student works to develop a working knowledge of each topic within the chapter. Mrs. Wilson added, “Some lessons may take longer for some than others, but in sixth grade math, that is fine!” She stated that there are always teachers and peers to help when it is needed.

Recently, pretests were added to lessons so that if students already have a strong knowledge base for a lesson they can skip that lesson and move on to the next. file_000Students who need instruction meet in groups for a lesson. Sometimes this might be whole class or only one or two students at a time. After the lesson, students take a self-check quiz to determine if they have grasped the concept and can continue working through the lesson or if they need to meet with the teacher for additional instruction. Currently, students demonstrate their knowledge of each chapter by taking a test. However, in the future, Mrs. Wilson is hoping that students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge through various types of assessments. Mrs. Wilson explained that the goal is not just to be able to do the math computations needed, but to be able to apply the concepts to the world around us.  She added, “We are continually working through new challenges to make this a positive learning experience for all students in the sixth grade.”


NES Student Council Holds “Name the Ranger” Contest


It has finally happened! We now have our very own Ranger mascot! There is just one problem…he doesn’t have a name! No worries, as the NES Student Council has developed the “Name the Ranger” contest to help us find a new name for our Ranger! NES Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Turner, explained that the Student Council collected ideas for the contest and drew up their master plan. They decided to collect possible names for a couple of weeks and to compile the information. In order to collect the names, a Google form was created, with the link being sent to students and staff through Schoology. Next up, is for the Student Council members to narrow down the choices to 3-5 names for an entire district vote! Mrs. Turner hinted that Student Council members are looking for the most creative names submitted! The Ranger name reveal will happen at the boy’s basketball game on February 17th!



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