Athletic Boosters Serve Our Ranger Athletes

The Ranger Roundup recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Athletic Boosters President Joel Whitmore to discuss the role of the Athletic Boosters within Northwood Schools. Mr. Whitmore explained that while many people believe that the Athletic Boosters is part of the school’s athletic department, the boosters are actually a group of parent volunteers who help raise funds to support all of the sports teams and athletics in Northwood. Mr. Whitmore stated, “The booster program has been around as long as I can remember. Thinking back to when I was in school, I remember going out with other athletes helping with booster membership drives.” He added that the number one fundraiser for the boosters is where they are most visible, working the concession stands at all high school sporting events. All of the money raised is directly reinvested into our Northwood athletes!

When asked to discuss some of the accomplishments of the Athletic Boosters, Mr. Whitmore explained that, since 2014, the boosters have supported the athletes by spending over $55,000 on various items, not limited to, but including: uniforms, equipment, and field improvements. The boosters also help pay for “The Hudi,” which is a web-based video editing service that allows coaches to improve the team’s performance by watching and editing game and practice film. Additionally, this service has been used by several athletes to build recruitment videos as they prepare for college.

This past fall, the boosters partnered with the school to split the cost of the installation of sprinkler systems in the baseball and softball fields. The boosters helped to coordinate the manual labor that was required to do the installation. Last year, the boosters also paid for new outdoor batting cages for baseball and softball. The boosters have helped offset the cost of the Senior signs for athletes. Additionally, for the last two football seasons, the boosters have partnered with Summit Rehabilitation, a locally owned physical therapy business, to provide a shuttle service for people who have difficulty walking from the parking lot. In the fall of 2016, the boosters began a new fundraising opportunity with monthly bingo at the high school. The next dates are: February 6th, March 6th, April 3rd, and May 8th! Mr. Whitmore added, “We are looking for volunteers to help and more players to play!”

Looking ahead, the boosters are really hoping for successful turnouts for the monthly bingo nights. If the bingo nights are successful, the boosters plan to work with the athletic department and Penta County to construct new dugouts for the baseball and softball teams. The boosters are also attempting to secure pricing for special designer windscreens for the outfield fences on the baseball and softball fields. There are plans to follow up the installation of the other sprinkler systems with other systems at the football practice field and the soccer field (once the field is rebuilt, after completion of the new school building is finished). Next, the boosters are working to partner with Summit Rehab and other potential sponsors to purchase a cart to move fans around campus at all sporting events. The current cart that is used for football is rented only for Friday night home games. Finally, the boosters will continue to provide the teams with great uniforms!

Mr. Whitmore explained how integral the Athletic Booster volunteers are. Over the years, the dedicated booster volunteers have worked at Mud Hens games, the Toledo Air Show, and the US Senior Open Golf Tournament, in an effort to increase fundraising opportunities for our Northwood athletes. Mr. Whitmore emphasized that anyone can participate as an athletic booster. He added, “Over the years we have had students, parents, grandparents, and other family members assist with things such as concessions. In the past, we have had some volunteers who worked games after their kids graduated from school. We are looking at expanding our fundraising opportunities. To do this, we need more people to get involved and help with working to improve the athletic experience for our kids!”

If you are interesting in volunteering as an Athletic Booster,  please contact Joel Whitmore at 41-265-8022 or at


District Reminders:

Is There Someone You’d Like to Nominate for Alumnus of the Year?

Northwood High School is seeking nominations for its Annual “Alumnus of the Year” award.  Nominees must have graduated from Northwood High School in or prior to spring of 2016, and the recipient will be recognized at the Academic Awards Banquet in May. Letters of nomination should include the nominee’s name, current address, year of graduation, and a description of his/her accomplishments since graduation.  These can include, but are not limited to, post-high school education, honors or awards received, employment history, and any other relevant information to support the nomination.  Deadline for applications is Friday, February 24th.   Letters of nomination must include the name and address of the person making the nomination and should be sent to:

Jason Kozina, Principal

Northwood High School

700 Lemoyne Road

Northwood, Ohio 43619





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