Reading & Writing from 1st Grade to Freshmen English!

First Graders & Gingerbread Babies! 


img_0185Mrs. Linkey’s first grade students have been working on reading and writing skills. These young students have been focusing on comparing texts, sequencing events, retelling, and the writing process, which consists of planning, writing, editing, and publishing. These first graders have read six different versions of “The Gingerbread Man,” ranging from traditional to silly. They compared how they varied by recording their findings in Venn diagrams. Students then used graphic organizers to sequence the story events of Jan Brett’s version, Gingerbread Baby, in preparation to re-tell the story in writing. Currently, students are re-telling their img_0194story in writing and are looking forward to editing and “publishing” a digital version.

Mrs. Linkey stated, “Students have enjoyed creating gingerbread people following a glyph, using certain colors and shapes for age, pets, birth month, number of family members, and personal interests.” Students also made gingerbread houses to capture their Gingerbread Babies! These first graders are looking forward to creating digital books using EduCreations, where they can read and share their written creations with their families!

Freshmen Study Shakespeare 

Miss Holcomb’s freshmen English students have been busy studying William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Students spent time analyzing particular characters and their motivations as well as predicting how the plot would develop. Students just finished “Speed Debating,” an activity much like “Speed Dating.” Students worked to debate and discuss who they thought was ultimately responsible for the tragic ending of the play. Students are now beginning to write an argumentative essay. Additionally, Honors img_1671-1students are continuing their Pen Pal project. They have connected with students in Pennsylvania, and are using their emails to discuss their thoughts and feelings regarding Shakespeare’s play.

When asked how students felt about the famous Romeo and Juliet, Miss Holcomb stated, “Most students, though some find the play romantic and others find it too cheesy, have still found the play entertaining and enjoy debating who is to blame for the deaths that occur.” She added that freshman Trevor Knisely wanted to go on record and say, in regards to the play, “It was phenomenal!”





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