Bringing the Community into Our Classrooms!

Disc Golf Course to be Built at Brentwood Park


Recently, it was announced that a new disc golf course will be built at Brentwood Park in Northwood. The Ranger Roundup had the opportunity to sit down with NHS Government teacher Ms. Wills, NHS alumni Evan Hardek, and current NHS senior, Corey Juhasz, to learn more about the disc golf project.

Ms. Wills explained that Government students were required to create a portfolio of work for a larger Government Participation Project last school year. The overarching goal of the assignment was to encourage students to apply the knowledge from the course into an individually determined action plan that included such activities as additional research, volunteerism, participation in local government meetings, attendance at political rallies, or other Government related events. Many students in the class expressed interest in making the parks of Northwood more appealing and suggested ideas to do a clean-up day, renovate the baseball diamonds, and add signage and flowers. However, Evan Hardek’s proposal of a disk golf course was the only project to really take off and gain momentum.

discgolf2When asked about the steps that the students went through in order to propose the disk golf project to the City of Northwood, Ms. Wills explained that once Evan determined that he would like to put a course in Northwood, he was required to research the costs, space needed, potential land in Northwood to use, and other details necessary to sell the idea to whomever would be able to grant the request. She added, “We decided that City Council was where we were going to start with the proposal and Evan presented his idea at a meeting in the spring.” Council was impressed with the idea and very receptive to it, but had some concerns about location and cost. Bob Anderson, Northwood City Administrator, suggested an idea to write a grant to the Wood County Parks Department because they give out monies to communities for local park improvements on a yearly basis. Ms. Wills added, “So, Evan and I went to meet with Jeff Baney of the Wood County Parks Department in Bowling Green and began the detailed research necessary to complete three potential grant proposals. After we received confirmation of our formal request of Northwood City Council to sponsor our proposals, and facilitating implementation of any monies awarded, we began the writing process.” These grant proposals were written to include the disk golf course and other requests, like soccer goals for the Northwood Soccer Club, shed and tools for the NHS’s outdoor science lab, and a walking track at Brentwood Park.

Once the grant and project ideas had been started, Evan enlisted the help of friend and NHS student, Corey Juhasz, who was a junior at the time. Corey is a student at Penta Career Center and was able to use his knowledge and experience from his Computer-Aided Design program to help in the design, researching, and mapping of the disc golf park. He was also involved in making sure that the course was built using the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) guidelines. Corey graciously added, “I didn’t come up with the idea, that was Evan and Ms. Wills. I was simply there to give the information we needed, help design the course, and help my friend bring the project to life.”

On June 25th, three total grant proposals were sent to the Wood County Parks Department for a final decision. On November 10th, the committee announced that Northwood City would receive $9,181 to put in the disc golf course, plant trees for obstacles, and purchase a set of goals for the Northwood Soccer Club! discgolf3When asked how he felt when he heard that the grant had been received, Evan explained, “I was ecstatic and relieved. I was laying in bed and I immediately jumped up to go tell my parents. It was a very surreal feeling. I had waited so long to hear whether or not my grant request was accepted; to finally hear that it was, just made my week!” Corey added, “When I heard that we had finally received the grant, I was elated. I was also quite proud of my friend Evan for initiating a project for our community and taking the appropriate steps to continue this project to where it is today. As for me, I feel quite accomplished in myself that I was part of a project that will help build our community and used my knowledge and skill to do so. I am more than happy!”

Now that the grant has been received, Evan, Corey, and Ms. Wills will continue to attend city meetings in order to finalize details for the project. This will be done with the help of the members of city council. Corey explained that additional plans need to be made in order to gather the resources and people needed to actually build the course. Evan added that volunteers will be needed in order to help build the course and plant the trees. When asked about their hopes for the future of the disc golf project, Evan stated, “I hope that the disc golf course will bring more people to this side of town.” He added that some people don’t even realize that Brentwood Park exists. With this project, he hopes to change that! Corey added that he hopes that the project continues to run smoothly and he really hopes that people enjoy it. He stated, “I want the course to bring lots of people out to the park, maybe even some that usually wouldn’t. As for the future of Brentwood Park, I hope more initiatives like this one are proposed and completed to create a better park and a better community.”

Ms. Wills explained that the majority of the work for this project was actually done after Evan had graduated. Additionally, Corey was never actually a Government student! She explained, “This was truly an opportunity for these two to volunteer time and efforts for their community and exemplified the intent of the project perfectly!” Evan ended by adding a “big thank you to Ms. Wills.” He stated, “This never would have been a thing if she hadn’t helped me out.” He also added thanks to Bob Anderson for helping get the attention of city council and for being the group’s “go-to-guy!” Corey ended by stating, “It was so nice being able to be a part of this project, one that builds our community. I feel like I’m really making an impact and hope to keep working on this project until we see it’s end.” He also added thanks to Ms. Wills and Evan for letting him be part of the project. Corey added, “I hope people really enjoy it and that our initiative inspires others to bring about more changes that better our community,”

Rotary Club Presents Dictionaries to Third Grade Students


Last week, several members of the Oregon/Northwood Rotary Club presented each Northwood third grader with a Webster’s Dictionary! Mrs. Hammel explained that this is an exciting annual tradition as the children are truly grateful for their own dictionary. Each dictionary is personalized with the child’s name on the front cover. Angel Adamski, our school treasurer, who is also a member of the Rotary Club, spent time with the third grade students to discuss the mission of the club as well as helping pass out the dictionaries individually to each student. Upon receiving the dictionaries, students wrote thank you notes to the members of the Rotary Club, explaining how the dictionaries are being used. Students used their thank you notes to explain how the dictionaries help them to look up meanings of words, words they didn’t know before, and help in learning how to spell words. The best parar-bulletin-boardt is that the students get to keep the dictionaries forever!

Mrs. Hammel explained that her students are also continuing to read books to try to accumulate Accelerated Reader points! She explained, “We regularly read books and take quizzes on the Accelerated Reader iPad app.” She added that as students accumulate points, they are able to move to move their pictures on a bulletin board in the hallway. It is exciting to watch the bulletin board fill up with children progressing on the Accelerated Reader bulletin board!


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