Catching Up with our Ranger Bands!


This week the Ranger Roundup caught up with Mrs. Petteys to discuss our wonderful Marching Rangers and our up-and-coming musicians in the 5th and 6th grade band! The high school marchers are now focusing on concert band pieces and are working toward their February concert. Fifth and sixth grade students are focusing on their December 14th concert!

img_0556The high school band just finished the marching season with a performance in the Toledo Holiday parade! Mrs. Petteys stated, “We had a great year supporting our Ranger fans. We also had the chance to perform at the Vermillion Band Festival and participated in Northwood’s first Fall Festival Parade!” Students really enjoyed supporting the Ranger football team and working with the cheerleaders to pump up the Ranger fans! They also enjoyed representing Northwood at events outside of the community! Now that students are moving on to concert band season, students are focusing on a few movie selections, some more traditional pieces, and a march for the February concert. Additionally, some of our Rangers are working on solo and ensemble contest pieces and getting ready to play in pep band for basketball season!

Fifth grade band is working out of their beginning band book Essential Elements 2000. image-1All students in fifth grade band are new to playing an instrument this year. Mrs. Petteys added that 55 percent of the fifth grade class is in band this year! Students’ first day of class included putting instruments together and trying to produce a sound out of the instrument. Students have now been playing for a couple of months and can play six different notes and rhythms, giving them the ability to play recognizable songs! Sixth grade students have moved out of their first-year book and are now playing full length pieces of music! Mrs. Petteys has even thrown in some tricky rhythms and students are doing a great job of learning them! Students are playing “Midnight Mission,” “Lizards!,” and “Soar of the Dragons” for the December Concert!

Finally, Mrs. Petteys added that our Ranger band students are amazing! She ended by stating, “They keep pushing themselves to perform better and I think it shows. All grade levels are a lot of fun to teach!” Be sure to check out the upcoming Ranger Band Performances:

Wednesday – December 14, 2016 at 7pm:

5th and 6th Grade Band and 7th & 8th Grade Choir Concert

Tuesday – February 7, 2017 at 7pm:

Band-O-Rama Concert with Grades 5-12


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