Kindergarten Election & Newton’s Laws of Motion

Kindergartners Take Part in Election 2016


Miss Roach’s kindergarten students are currently learning about the voting process. First, students had to fill out voter registration cards. Then, they voted for book characters (Duck vs. Farmer Brown with the book Duck for President), a favorite cookie (Oreo vs. Chocolate Chip), and a class president, Ava Schimmel vs. Griffin Andrews. Ava offered gum and eating lunch in the classroom if she won. Griffin offered extra iPad time and a pajama day.

Students enjoyed voting and learning about the voting process. In the end, Griffin really spoke to his classmates with the promise of iPads and pajamas, and ended up winning the election! Students enjoyed the extra iPad time and pajama day received upon Griffin’s presidential win!


Science Students Study Newton’s Laws of Motion


Mr. Donegan’s freshmen science students are currently working on a tiered project in regards to Newton’s Laws of Motion. Students are able to pick and choose how they would like to demonstrate their mastery over Newton’s Laws of Motion. Students are responsible for writing up their own labs, creating their own activities, or creating collages of images that demonstrate each of Newton’s Laws of Motion.  Mr. Donegan explained that the tier project allows for students to choose an activity they might be interested in, rather than having the project be teacher directed. Additionally, this work helps to lay the foundation for the physics course, which many students will take as juniors or seniors. Mr. Donegan stated that the freedom to be able to choose a project has been very beneficial to the students.

Finally, in honor of Mr. Kozina, Mr. Donegan ended his interview with a simple, “GO CUBS!”  





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