Mrs. Fish’s Students Study Ocean Currents


img_0203Mrs. Fish’s seventh grade science class is currently completing their Ocean Currents unit. Mrs. Fish explained that this unit is important for students to understand the impact that oceans have on our environment and how taking care of our Earth’s waters is so important in an age of global climate change. The unit began by engaging students with the story of the 29,000 rubber bath toys that were accidentally spilled into the ocean by a ship hit from a storm. Oceanographers followed the path of where the rubber toys ended up so that they could understand ocean currents. Students created EduBlogs to highlight the learning targets for the unit and were able to re-count the story of the rubber bath toys in their EduBlogs. They also just completed a POE (Predict, Observe, Explain) to understand how global winds affect surface currents. Additionally, students created videos to show how their predictions turned out. Mrs. Fish added that students did a great job on their videos!

When asked what students have enjoyed the most during this unit, Mrs. Fish stated that students have really enjoyed the hands-on activities, the story of the rubber bath toys, and making videos to show what they know about ocean currents! Mrs. Fish concluded by explaining that students will go on to learn more about surface currents, the Coriolis Effect, continental deflections, ocean topography, deep ocean currents, the effects of temperature and salinity on ocean currents, the Gulf Stream, El Nino and La Nina, and how oceans of the future and the organisms that live in the ocean will be affected by global climate change.

Check out a few of the 7th grade Science videos here:

Ocean Currents

Ocean Surface Currents Experiment

Ocean Currents 2

Ocean Currents Project 

Check out a few of the 7th grade EduBlogs here:

Emma Welsh 

Max Closson

Bethany Gillespie

Meiah Smith

Cameron Brice

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