Ancient Civilizations & Election 2016!

Quinten’s Ancient Civilization



This week, the Ranger Roundup, would like to take a moment to acknowledge the wonderful scholarship shown by sixth grade student, Quinten Batdorff. Quinten is currently a student in Mr. Roach’s social studies class. The class is currently studying early river civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley, and China). As an extra credit opportunity, students were allowed to create their own civilization. The civilization needed a new government, religion, jobs, organizations, statues, and other important details. The students were allowed to write about their civilization, make a Powerpoint presentation, picture, model, or video. Quinten went above and beyond for the extra credit assignment by creating an amazing model and writing a story to go with it.


Mr. Roach explained that he really enjoyed Quinten’s creativity and the descriptive story that went along with his civilization. Mr. Roach explained, “He not only created an excellent model, but fabricated an elaborate and believable story about the civilization’s history, and eventual end.” Additionally, Quinten created a letter from the civilization’s queen, written in both English and German. Mr. Roach added, “I am very proud of his attention to detail, and effort on this project.” The Ranger Roundup would like to congratulate Quinten on a job well done!


Government Students Take On “Presidential Election 2016”



img_0074“We the People” is the focus of the current unit in Ms. Wills’ junior government class. Ms. Wills explained that the United States identifies itself as a “democracy,” from the Latin “demos” and “cratia” (the people rule). The goal is to become an informed and active populace, taking a more responsible approach in our government. Because it is a Presidential Election year, the junior class is focusing on current events related to the election process. Students have discussed bipartisan politics, role of the third parties,  political party philosophies, and the electoral college process. img_0069Ms. Wills stated that students have enjoyed becoming knowledgeable enough to maintain political discussion and to get involved in government action. As the unit progresses, students will continue looking at all of the candidates/issues on the ballot this November. Students will be creating and posting their research on a Weebly website that will be shared with Ranger Roundup readers upon completion. This is sure to be a helpful resource for information on all things regarding Election 2016!


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