Applying Math in the Real World

Mrs. Semler’s Students Take on Scientific Notation


Mrs. Semler’s 8th grade math students are currently studying scientific notation. This unit is especially important for students who are interested in going into a science related field. Scientific notation is a topic that can be used in real life , especially for students who choose a science related career!

img_3917The 8th grade students have been working on comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers in scientific notation. Mrs. Semler stated, “We have done several hands-on activities as small groups to practice converting and ordering. Students have enjoyed working in groups, moving around the room, and understanding how scientific notation can be used in real world experiences.” Mrs. Semler added that the 7th grade students who are currently taking this math course are doing an awesome job! Next on the list of topics for Mrs. Semler’s students is an intrimg_3918oduction to Algebra!

Finally, Mrs. Semler added that there has been a new face in the classroom on Mondays. Bowling Green State University student, Sarah Wildenhelm, is currently completing her methods course which includes assisting Mrs. Semler one day a week. In November, Ms. Wildenhelm will be teaching a short unit. She will then serve as Mrs. Semler’s student teacher in the spring!


Mrs. Turner’s Students Learn Multiplication and Division


Mrs. Turner’s 3rd grade math students are currently studying multiplication and division. Students are beginning to understand the importance of multiplication and division in various areas of the real world. Third grade students are exploring the math with manipulatives, music, computer programs, projects, videos, small groups, games, and movement. Some of the specific activities have included adding to the flock of “flying pigs,” playing “Skip Count Sparkle,” and watching Annie and Moby from Brain Pop Junior! Mrs. Turner expressed that students have enjoyed all aspects of this unit!


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