Studying Apples, Creating Parodies, and Achieving Excellence

First Graders Are Ready for Fall!


Miss Anderson’s first grade students are ready for fall! Students explored apples in img_2673preparation for their field trip to Erie Apple Orchard. Miss Anderson’s students first learned about the cycle of apples. They read many books and watched videos about how apples grow and change. Students also learned about the the variety of things that can be made from apples. They also participated in graphing their favorite type of apple.

This unit is very important because it ties into first grade science and social studies standards. Plus, it’s a very hands-on unit! Students had a great opportunity to pick their own bag of apples and to see exactly where they came from. Additionally, students enjoyed being scientists as they completed an experiment called, “exploding apples.” Students predicted what would happen if they put baking soda and vinegar in the middle of one of the apples. They also placed apple slices in several different glasses (air, water, vinegar, and lemon juice) to see how the apples would change.

Miss Anderson also added that first graders have begun a postcard exchange with other first graders around the country. Students learned all about our state and created postcards about Ohio. If you drop by Olney, you will notice a map in the hallway where students will begin showing off the postcards received from around the country!  


Mr. Dickey’s History Students Study the Gilded Age

Sophomore U.S. History students are currently in the middle of the Gilded Age unit where they are learning about the second Industrial Revolution and the men of industry that came out of this era. Mr. Dickey explained, “It’s one of my favorite topics to teach because this sets the stage for the U.S. to step up and become a dominant world power. There is also a lot of overlap between the monopolies of the past and today!”

During this unit, students create parody songs that help explain how monopolies are formed, do analysis on political cartoons, and participate in protests involving child labor issues. Later in the unit, Mr. Dickey will reveal how the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” is actually a history lesson!

When asked what students have enjoyed the most, Mr. Dickey explained that though many were apprehensive at first, students really enjoy making the parody songs. This year, some groups included fully choreographed songs, brought in instruments, and participated in an epic rap battle! 

Additionally, students are also doing weekly preps for the AIR test and preparing for their semester portfolio. Mr. Dickey also invites everyone to his room to see wonderful examples of student work or just to keep up on fun history facts!

Want to see some of the fun history parodies? Check out the short videos by following Mr. Dickey on Twitter!


NHS Yearbook Staff Earn Excellence Award!


Yearbook advisor, Mrs. James, is excited to announce that last year’s yearbook staff just received notice that they have won a place in the 2015-2016 Gallery of Excellence, a showcase of the best yearbooks published by Walsworth Yearbooks! In addition to a lovely plaque, the NHS yearbook will have an honored place on the display tables at all conferences, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the country. One of the yearbook’s spreads may even be included in Waslworth’s idea book and website in the future. Mrs. James added, “I can’t tell you how proud I am of the hundreds of hours our staff has invested to make our yearbook a success. I was proud when I first cracked open the cover, but it is immensely rewarding to know that those in the business admire the results of those efforts for our spreads, photos, coverage, and layouts.”

Please share your warm and happy thoughts with these students and graduates:

Anna Garza
Kamille Berry
Gabbi Kirchner
Taylor Dippman
Morgan Satkowski
Bri Martinez
Kyra Simmons
Stefania Saenz
Kaylee Schultz
Gabe LaPlante
Delaney Genson
Jessica Dombrowski
Karigan Spetz



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