Camp Michindoh, Entrepreneurship, & the 10th Grade Leadership Team

5th Grade Students Take Annual Trip to Michindoh


It is well-known that our 5th grade Rangers always look forward to the annual Camp Michindoh trip! This trip is an integral part of the social studies and science curriculum, as well as an all-around great experience. Mr. Chrysochoos explained that 5th graders are currently learning about the importance of Native American culture and the three laws of motion as it pertains to archery. During their time at Michindoh, students enjoyed various activities, including a Pioneer Craft Fair and Archery. Mr. Chrysochoos explained that students really enjoyed the hands-on learning activities and a week without technology. He concluded, “5th grade camp is a highlight for the 5th graders and a memory that they will have forever and ever!”


Business Finance & Management Study Entrepreneurship


Mrs. Myers’ Business Finance & Management classes are currently focusing on skills necessary not only to be a leader, but specifically an entrepreneur. Mrs. Myers explained that, “According to the Small Business Association, 70 percent of businesses owned in the United States are sole proprietorship’s. More than likely, several of the business students will one day own or operate a business!” As part of this Career Exploration & Employability unit, students are creating cover letters, reviewing resumes, completing applications, and participating in mock interviews. Students are also researching careers in business and creating presentations to enhance their public speaking skills. This unit also introduces students to Business Professionals of America (BPA), the well-known student association that all NHS business students will take part in.

img_3777A very special aspect of this unit involved bringing in young entrepreneur, Mark Brahier, as a guest speaker. Brahier, an alumnus of both St. John’s Jesuit High School, and the University of Notre Dame, is currently working full-time with his company POINTS Test Prep, while applying to medical schools. Brahier, whose parents and brother are educators, explained that his journey to entrepreneurship was a product of both nature and nurture for him. He stated that his parents always encouraged him to explore his passions and that he also always sought out entrepreneurial opportunities. He added, “As in the case with most business ventures, POINTS Test Prep was my response to a problem I had observed: a lack of accessibility to standardized test preparation. I am fortunate to have an opportunity to pursue this business as a full-time entrepreneur.”

When asked to explain POINTS Test Prep, Brahier explained, “POINTS Test Prep is a premier standardized test preparation and curriculum development company that strives to eliminate accessibility barriers that are often present in test preparation. We achieve  this goal through high school partnerships that allow schools to offer their own high-quality test prep courses to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.” In this way, POINTS Test Prep works to eliminate financial barriers, help students to achieve college acceptances and scholarships, as well as to improve the profiles of high schools. When discussing what students should know about preparing for the ACT and other college entrance exams, Brahier explained that such entrance exams are critical components of the college application process, not just for admission to the university, but also for scholarships and honors programs. Brahier noted that students should remember that these exams demand preparation in the form of content review, strategy, and practice. One of the best things students can do to prepare, is to take full-length practice tests and thoroughly review them.

In response to what our young people should know about entrepreneurship, Bimg_3778rahier expressed that young people should understand that entrepreneurship is an attainable goal! He encourages students to explore their passions and seek opportunities for entrepreneurial endeavors by observing the world around them and contemplating creative solutions to the problems they encounter. “Too often, we have a pre-existing notion of what it means to have a successful career. Rather, it is my hope that other young people like me, will dare to pursue their passions in the form of business ventures. It does not take large sums of money or graduate degrees to be an entrepreneur. Instead, it requires intangible attributes, such as attentiveness to the world around us, hard work, and perseverance,” he stated.

img_3774Upon the conclusion of his presentation, Brahier expressed, “I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to students at Northwood High School. I could feel their excitement and am confident that there were future entrepreneurs among us!” Mrs. Myers added that students enjoyed Brahier’s tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur. She added, “He encouraged students to not make excuses for things they either can’t control or change at the moment. But rather, spend some time to determine how they can take the situation and shine.” she concluded that many of the students’ comments after Brahier’s presentation, noted his excellent presentation skills. Students acknowledged the importance of rehearsing, rather than reading from slides, as well as engaging the audience. Students added that they could use the strategies Brahier discussed for many different types of tests, that they could apply the traits he discussed to just about any aspect of life, and that his presentation was very motivating. It is clear, that students thoroughly enjoyed Brahier’s visit!


Developing Student Leaders with the 10th Grade Leadership Team 


Recently, we were able to sit down with members of the 10th grade leadership team and their advisor, Mr. Andrew Dickey, to learn more about the responsibilities of the team, as well as well as their role in helping to plan this year’s Homecoming festivities. This year’s 10th grade leadership team consists of Philip Brice, Alyssa Danyi, Kirsten Dombrowski, Amber Elliot, Colton Falk, Lami Fox, Corey Fry, Kylie Grant, Rylee Hazlett, Alex Hoffer, Olivia Randall, Brooke Scaggs, and Brooke Schmitz. Mr. Dickey explained that the main responsibility of the team is to be an engaged member of the sophomore class. The goal is to get students involved after school and to be a good NHS representative.

img_3872When asked about the leadership team’s role in the fall homecoming festivities, Kylie Grant explained that the team helped with window decorating as well as organizing the homecoming pep rally. She explained that the team has, “created events within the pep rally, such as skits and relays.” Looking toward the rest of the school year, Philip Brice explained that the leadership team is hoping to help organize another pep rally and a Sophomore Lock-in. Olivia Randall added that the team is working on organization of Battle of the Classes in the spring, which includes assigning team colors and organizing the various games.

Alex Hoffer explained that the most enjoyable part of being on the 10th grade img_3871leadership team is planning all of the events. “We have so many great, creative ideas and love to put them to action. I also enjoy having Mr. Dickey be in charge. He makes the meetings fun and interesting,” she said. Lamai Fox added, “I enjoy planning everything to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone.” Kylie Grant stated, “I enjoy the feeling of having a responsibility toward my school and my fellow classmates. I enjoy having fun organizing all of the events that leadership is involved in.” Finally, Mr. Dickey concluded that the best part of being the 10th grade leadership advisor, is getting to know the students and watching them grow as student leaders!



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