Miss Murphy’s Alliteration Ice Cream Challenge


img_1771Miss Murphy’s 6th grade Language Arts students are currently studying alliteration as part of Figurative Language in a fun and tasty way! Miss Murphy explained that this unit is important because it helps students to make their writings more interesting and helps them to understand an author’s point-of-view and writing style. The 6th grade students first watched a video and then completed an interactive notebook page. Students worked in partners to create alliteration word art, tongue twisters, and silly sentences. The final activity was to create ice cream flavors using alliteration in each flavor. This idea is based off of the poem, “Bleezer’s Ice Cream,” which students did a close-reading of before beginning on the creation of their own ice cream flavors.

Miss Murphy explained that students have enjoyed working together, especially on creating tongue twisters. She added, “They were very eager to share their creations with other teachers and students.” Additionally, students loved putting unique food flavors together to create and illustrate the alliteration ice cream cones.  Once the ice cream flavors are completed, students will hang their ice cream cones in the hallway to let the lower grade levels vote on the most unique, silly, and gross flavor combinations!


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