Kindergartners Learn Letters & Juniors Study Homelessness

Mrs. Calmes’ Kindergartners do the Phonics Dance!

Mrs. Calme14222165_312228445797689_7805551574847610242_ns’ kindergartners are currently working on letter and sound recognition. The current focus is learning the letter names and sounds so that students can build on this information to read and write words. Students use the “Phonics Dance,” which are fun chants to learn the letter names and sounds. Students also participate in hands on activities such as partner games and writing letters with finger flashlights. Mrs. Calmes explained that students enjoy working with partners to practice these skills and have enjoyed learning the chants for each letter!



Ms. Heidenburg’s Students Study Homelessness Through Novel Study

Juniors in Ms. Heidenburg’s Honors English 11 course are currently studying the novel, “The Glass Castle,” which tackles the issue of homelessness. As part of their analysis of the novel, students are currently creating presentations which highlight a certain segmimg_6197ent of the homelessness population (elderly, children, veterans, etc.). Their job is to present an overview of their population and the government policies in place to help, then address ways the community can help combat homelessness. Ms. Heidenburg explained that students have enjoyed activities that help them understand poverty and homelessness in our area. For example, one activity involved taking students to the gym, each with a card listing a different socioeconomic status. Students then took steps forward and backward based on the advantages/disadvantages associated with each social class. Ms. Heidenburg stated, “Students found this to be very eye opening.”


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