Studying Leadership Skills & The Northwood Spirit Squad

Mrs. Metzger’s Students Learn Leadership and Communication Skills


The 8th grade students in Mrs. Metzger’s Family and Consumer Science class are currently in the midst of their Leadership and Communication Skills unit. Students are learning about the opportunities available from the student organization FCCL20160914_140207A (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) by completing a webquest activity, researching prominent leaders and their accomplishments, as well as lessons and games that practice the use of good communication skills for success. Mrs. Metzger explained that students have really enjoyed creating and giving presentations on the famous leaders chosen for their research. Mrs. Metzger added that students will use some of the completed work to help develop future goals and life planning. She ended by explaining that, “The practical skills developed in Family and Consumer Science can be applied to all areas of a student’s life.”


Northwood Spirit Squad Cheers on Rangers


At this point, you’ve heard them, you’ve definitely seen them, and you might even have one of their Ranger Nation t-shirts…who are we speaking of? None other than the Northwood Spirit Squad! The Ranger Roundup took some time to sit down with Juniors Skylar Kyser, Hannah Garno, and Megan Goins, as well as Senior Jade Laviolette, to discuss this spirited group! Skylar defined the Spirit Squad as, “a group of students who are dedicated to making Northwood a friendly, more spirited environment.” Hannah added, “We want as many people to come to the Spirit Squad to cheer and have fun, while feeling as if they are part of the team!” When asked how one joins the squad, Jade explained that anyone can join the Spirit Squad. She added that there are Spirit Squad leaders that one can go to with fun, spirited ideas, but that anyone can join and cheer LOUD for Northwood! Hannah stated, “Anyone can join the Spirit Squad! All you have to do is come, sit in the student sections at the sporting events, and help cheer on the team! If you want to be even more involved than that, just contact Mr. Dickey [the ultimate Spirit Squad Leader] and he will let you know the details!”

ssquad1When discussing why the Spirit Squad is such an integral part of our school, Megan explained, “In order to have a successful team, you need to have a successful fan section. The Spirit Squad tries our best to provide that and motivate our athletes to do their very best!” Looking forward to the rest of the school year, the Spirit Squad already has a few plans in mind. Jade explained that the squad has planned all of the spirit days for Friday night football and will do the same for basketball. Additionally, the squad takes part in organizing the high school pep rallies. Skylar added that the squad has made signs for the Ranger teams and are currently working to get spirit busses for away games. Additionally, the Spirit Squad has helped plan the design for the first-ever Ranger mascot! Megan added that the squad is looking for students who are excited, energetic, and willing to wear the mascot costume during NHS and NES events!

Skylar ended by saying, “The Spirit Squad can never have too many members! ssquad3The more people we have helping, the more we can accomplish to make our student body more spirited and supportive of each other.” Megan added that the squad needs more students. Those interested in helping with signs, props, themes, or promoting games, should contact Mr. Dickey. She added that sitting in the student section at games is fun and very exciting, especially with the pom poms, noise-makers, and props! Jade stated, “It’s just a great time because everyone there wants to cheer on Northwood!” Hannah concluded, “we are ALWAYS open for feedback and ideas! You can always talk to the Spirit Squad members, Mr. Dickey, and even tweet us @NHSspiritsquad!”



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