Jay Bershback Visits, Prom 2016, & Mariah Crispen Participates in Local Poetry Competition

What Did Jay Say?


Recently, our Kindergarten Rangers have been discussing weather trends, and instruments used to measure weather. They even hosted a very special guest speaker.  Meteorologist Jay Bershback, from Channel 13 News, visited with our Kindergarten students. Jay discussed weather tools such as thermometers, barometers, and a tipping rain gauge. He also discussed weather safety, especially in regards to what to do when there is a tornado. During his visit, students enjoyed asking weather related questions and sharing their weather stories; they even participated in a Twister Dance! Check out a short clip of Jay’s visit featured on Channel 13’s segment “The Bright Side” http://www.13abc.com/video?videoid=2840


Prom 2016


On April 23, 2016, The Northwood High School Junior/Senior Prom took place at Sunrise Hall and Banquet Center in Millbury, Ohio. Much preparation and hard work took place to put on an event that students won’t soon forget. Advisor Ms. Angie Blausey along with Junior Prom Committee members Madalyn Falk, Brianna Martinez, Bhakti Merchant, Tayler Metcalf, Kara Ray, and Madisyn Schlicher, spent many days after school in Ms. Blausey’’s classroom, sorting through magazines, creating invitations, and putting together Prom favors.  Ms. Blausey explained that the committee looked through numerous Prom magazines and a lot of Pinterest pages! She admitted that “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” wasn’t their first theme, but it quickly became the favorite and therefore, the official theme for the 2016 Prom.

543420423161FA-004Ms. Blausey explained that planning for Prom is really a whole year process. The committee began in early September, picking a theme, booking the DJ, and setting a color scheme. The committee met with the caterers in January/February to plan the meal and the timing of the evening.  The invitations needed to be completed and distributed before spring break. Tickets were sold 3-4 weeks in advance of Prom. Ms. Blausey explained that she often gets questions in regards to why tickets can’t be sold closer to Prom. The simple explanation is that, just as with a wedding or other larger event, the guest list is required to be finalized two weeks prior to the actual event.

543420423161FA-003Ms. Blausey explained that with ordering, organizing, and putting together of the programs, favors, crowns, centerpieces, verification of quest passes, large decorations, music playlists, security, seating chart, and candy buffet, participating in Prom Committee is very much like having an after school job! When asked about their favorite part of the planning process, Madalyn Falk and Tayler Metcalf agreed that decorating the hall was one of their most favorite parts. Madisyn Schlicher admitted that while the planning and organizing could be very stressful at times, she would definitely do it all over again!

All of the hard work certainly paid off as there were 132 attendees this year, as compared to

543420423161FA-084 (1)

Congratulations to Prom Queen and King Lexi Rymers & Troy Schmidtz! 

101 attendees last year. All in all, it was a wonderful evening! When asked what students enjoyed most, Madalyn said that when it came to the food, students really liked the mashed potatoes! Tayler and Madisyn agreed that the candy bar was also a huge hit! Madalyn ended her reflection of the experience by stating, “It was a super fun experience to help plan it. It was a great feeling to see all of my peers enjoy the night that we put together for them!” All in all,  the weather was pleasant, the food was fantastic, and students were very enthusiastic about the event!


Mariah Crispen Receives 3rd Place in Local Poetry Contest


Ms. Lisa Holcomb’s Creative Writing class recently finished their poetry unit. Students had completed a four part poetry project in which they analyzed three poems written by the same poet, researched the poet, and tried to mimic the poet’s writing style in a poem. The last part of the project was to create their own set of three unique poems. Ms. Holcomb’s students held their own competition where “Honeycomb” Awards were received.

Additionally, the Rossford Public Library held a Teen Poetry Competition for grades 7-12 in honor of National Poetry Month. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, along with receiving a feature in the Rossford Record Journal. Also, winners are being asked to read their poetry at the library on May 9th at 6pm, where there will be awards and prizes. Just this week, sophomore Mariah Crispen was notified that she has received 3rd place for her original poem “Lost.” A huge congratulations to Mariah on this accomplishment. You can read her poem below:





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