Appreciation for our Administrative Professionals

Who is the person that greets you when you come into our buildings or answers your phone calls during the school day? Chances are it is Lynn Schumaker, Shelly Sherman, Karen Donegan, or Linda Canaday! In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, we here at the Ranger Roundup, wanted to share a little more about the fantastic ladies who keep Northwood Local Schools running each and every day!


Lynn Schumaker is a secretary at Northwood High School. Prior to having children, Lynn worked at a Stock Brokerage firm and Advertising Company. While there, she gained many experiences handling money and juggling paperwork. After having children, she started subbing at NLS. Each year her work load increased a little bit more until she was a regular in the district. She has been working at the high school full-time for the last two years. When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Lynn explained that she enjoys that every day is different. She explained, “The office is a revolving door with constant traffic and you really never know what the day will bring. You ‘may’ have great intentions on what you ‘want’ to get accomplished, but it can change in a heartbeat.” She expressed her gratitude for the dedicated staff and great group of students that keep things interesting! She added that she loves that Northwood is a small school and that she gets to know so many students. Lynn stated that the most rewarding part of her day is being able to help whoever is in need, whether it is a question about field trips, paperwork, or planning an event. She added, “We try to provide answers to all those big and little questions.” When Lynn is not at NHS she enjoys fishing, especially saltwater fishing! She also enjoys cooking Mediterranean cuisine!


Shelly Sherman is also a secretary at Northwood High School. Shelly explained that her current position was somewhat accidental! She began substituting at NLS for different positions and one thing led to another! Shelly worked at a bank prior to having children. She stayed at home for about 14 years before beginning to substitute. This year is a big year for Shelly as it is her first year as an “official” NLS employee, as she subbed for Rachel Wixey for two years prior. Shelly expressed that she enjoys working with students and fellow staff. An added bonus is being able to work in the school district that she lives in. The most rewarding part of her position is helping students with what they need throughout the day. When not in the NHS office, she enjoys getting lost in a good book. She also enjoys seeking out new recipes on Pinterest!


Karen Donegan can be found at Northwood Elementary School. Prior to her secretarial position at NES, she worked at AT&T for 20 years. Throughout the years she has subbed at NLS as a study hall monitor, secretary, and in the cafeteria. Eventually she was asked to fill in for a secretary and was hired that June. Karen worked at Lark Elementary for 12 years and the Middle School for 3 years, prior to her current position at NES. Karen explained that even though she has lived in Northwood her whole life, it is still nice to get to know more community members and their families through her job. She added, “I also enjoy the friendships with staff that have developed over the years.” When asked about the most rewarding part of her position, she stated, “making sure that when there is a need, our staff makes sure that those needs are met.” A fun fact about this Northwood native is that in the 1970 Yearbook there is an aerial view of the school on the front cover. Karen’s dad actually took one of the yearbook staff members up in his plane to take the picture. There is also a picture of the plane and a thank you to her dad in the yearbook! Finally, Karen expressed her gratitude for all those that have made NLS such a great place to work!


Linda Canady is the secretary who works with our youngest Rangers at Olney Elementary. Linda worked as a secretary for 10 years. She explained that she “retired” to be a stay-at-home mom. But, once her children were at Olney, she was active in the parent group and also worked as a substitute for the secretary, librarian, and playground aide. At this point, she has worked for Northwood Schools for about 15 years, including being a teacher’s aide in all three buildings. She returned to Olney, where her Northwood career began, to become the Olney secretary! Linda explained, “I love working at Northwood Schools because I can use my skills as a secretary on a daily basis and no two days (or hours!) are ever the same! Making a difference has always been my goal. I had a student come to me a few years ago and say, ‘I told you I’d graduate.’ That is something that I will always cherish!” Additionally, Linda expressed the most rewarding part of her position is the opportunity to help others. She enjoys being the first person that others come in contact with when they enter the building and making everyone feel welcome. A fun fact about Linda is that she and her husband share the same birthday. She kiddingly added that this year, they will turn 113 years old! She also enjoys telling people that since she works at the PK-2nd grade building, that she has “225 grandchildren!” Linda and her husband have two children who are both Northwood Alumni. She added that she also loves to cook, bake, and read. She is a firm believer that a potluck is never complete without her famous Mac n’ Cheese!


When asked about Karen and Linda, Ms. McVey had much to say. She explained that Karen greets students with a smile every morning. She added that she is polite, helpful, and understanding. She added, “Most of all, she is very compassionate and does all she can to make others feel good. She is great to work with and helps me out so much!” Ms. McVey said that Linda interacts with students and parents in a positive manner. She knows all of the students names and enjoys talking with them. She added, “Linda makes people laugh and adds a sense of positivity to our office. I really appreciate all that she does for me and our students!” Mr. Kozina expressed that Shelly and Lynn provide our NHS office with a positive, welcoming atmosphere. He added, “No matter how busy they are, they will drop everything to help a student in need. They keep our building organized and every teacher and administrator in the building depends on them more than they realize.” He stated that our recognition of these ladies should never be about one day, ending with, “we all realize how lucky Northwood is to have these ladies helping to head our building!”

On behalf of all of us here at Northwood Local Schools, the Ranger Roundup would like to thank Lynn, Shelly, Karen, and Linda for all they do. NLS simply wouldn’t shine as bright without them!


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