AIA Design Competition & Healthy Relationships with Mr. Hess

2016 American Institute of Architects 66th Annual High School Design Competition

IMG_34661Penta Ranger, Corey Juhasz took part in the 2016 American Institute of Architects 66th annual competition along with several of his Penta Career Center CAD peers. Corey competed in the BGSU Digital Media Competition and received Second Place. Great job, Corey!


Health Students Discuss Quality Relationships


When most people think of Mr. Jeff Hess, they often think of the Physical Education teacher who can frequently be seen taking students outside for various activities, or as “Coach Hess” the varsity coach of our Ranger baseball team. However, one of Mr. Hess’ most important roles is as the junior high Health teacher. Mr. Hess discusses a myriad of topics with our junior high students, from one’s emotional well-being, to physical safety, and currently, the importance of healthy romantic relationships. This week, students have discussed the qualities of romantic relationships, the importance of balance in relationships, responsibility for one’s self, allowing each partner to change and grow over time, and the importance of trusting and respecting one another. In what is often a discussion-based classroom, Mr. Hess shares real life stories from his own family and from what students observe through pop culture. Students ended the week discussing good communication strategies such as, not raising one’s voice when attempting to resolve conflicts, and muting the television when having important conversations with loved ones.


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