“Brian Matters” Assembly Scheduled for NHS Students

Spring is in the air, and with that comes the excitement of Prom festivities, graduation parties, and other celebrations. Here at Northwood High School we want to remind our students of the importance of their choices in regards to drugs and alcohol. The choices our students make matter to our families, school, community, and beyond. This year we will welcome Drs. Cindy and Brian Hoeflinger to speak to our high school students. The Hoeflingers have four children: Kevin, 18, Julie, 17, and Christie, 14. They lost their oldest son, Brian, at age 18 in an alcohol-related accident on February 2, 2013. Brian was a senior in high school and aspired to be an orthodontist. Dr. Brian Hoeflinger is a full time Neurosurgeon and his wife, Dr. Cindy Hoeflinger, is a retired Forensic Pathologist.

The death of their son Brian has been one of the worst singular events that any family could experience. It has changed each of them forever. In the wake of this tragedy, the Hoeflingers have chosen to share their grief and their story in hopes that it may save the lives of others. As a result of Brian’s death, the “Brian Matters” organization has arisen. Through this organization and the family’s efforts, a new awareness of teenage binge drinking is arising. Through letters they have written and placed on numerous media outlets, parents and teenagers across the country have begun to pen a new line of communication. Drs. Hoeflinger have spoken to tens of thousands of teenagers and adults in their local area and across the country regarding the topic of teenage drinking. They have spoken to over 50 high schools and colleges as well as on national television on the Katie Couric Show. They graphically show the outcome which can occur from even one night of drinking. Dr. Hoeflinger has also authorized a book, The Night He Died: The Harsh Reality of Teenage Drinking, which chronicles their son’s death and its aftermath.

The focus of the Hoeflinger’s presentation is to enlighten teenagers as to the unexpected and very real dangers of binge drinking. As their son Brian once wrote, “Life. One word that means everything to humans. Life is precious, and it is easy to forget that sometimes.”

Through Brian’s life and death, the Hoeflingers show how much each one of us matters and how each individual can positively impact the lives of others.

Northwood High School would like to welcome any parents who would like to attend the presentation that will take place this Friday, April 22nd at 1:30pm in the auditorium.
More information regarding the Brian Matters Organization can be found at Brian Matters


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