“Choose Your Own Adventure” & The People v. Andrew Madison

Bringing Back the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Story!

Do you remember those great “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories from the 80’s and 90’s? Ms. Lisa Holcomb is bringing back the nostalgia of those books with her “Choose Your Own Adventure” unit in Creative Writing 9-10. Ms. Holcomb explained that this type of writing is unique because it allows students to explore multiple plots. Students practice creating events that have different consequences for the characters. This writing style also requires students to incorporate the various creative writing elements that students have been working on all year, such as sensory details, figurative language, and dialogue.

Students participate in an array of activities during this unit, from brainstorming and group stories, to individual stories, peer reviewing, and class presentations. Ms. Holcomb shared that students have enjoyed reading sample “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories and expanding the plot as a group. Students have also enjoyed using the Popplet app for brainstorming and organizing their individual stories. Students are working hard and look forward to presenting their final products in class!

Government Mock Trial takes over NHS

IMG_3301Northwood High School was buzzing last Friday with students asking “Guilty or Not Guilty?” as Mr. Dickey’s 11th grade Government students participated in a Mock Trial. Mr. Dickey explained that after sharing his own recent jury duty experience with students, they wanted to know more about the criminal justice process. 

IMG_3296The People of Ohio v. Andrew Madison mock trial took the collaboration of two Government classes as well the participation of several staff members. Students had two weeks to prepare for the case. Lessons included trial procedures, ethics, etiquette, rules of evidence and more. All members of the class were given a specific role in the trial procedure. In the case, Defendant Andrew Madison (Christian Vickers) was charged with assaulting a police officer in violation of code DJ 32-9, assault and battery in violation of code DJ 32-8, and disorderly conduct in violation of code DJ 41-1231. Lawyers representing the defendant included: Mr. Dawson Newman, Mr. Riley Bisbee, Mr. Daniel Rau, Ms. Taylor Metcalf, Ms. Jade Lavolette, and Ms. Alexa Hoffman. Witnesses for the Defense included: Jamie Lincoln (Kara Ray) and James Lincoln (Marco Kelly), Penelope Carter (Mady Falk), Peter Carson (Maddie Schlicher), and Dr. Gupta (David Rodriguez). Briana Martinez acted as the Court Stenographer and Amy Roscoe and Michael Tovatt acted as the Press Team.  The Prosecution representing the State of Ohio included: Mr. Chandler Wyland, Ms. Bhakti Merchant, Ms. Hannah Moore, Ms. Allison Roach, Ms. Alexia Rednicki, and Ms. Emily Lopez. Witnesses for the Prosecution included: Officer Kevin Bates (Ben Goins), Officer Tommy Major (Kenneth Wilson), Mark Snow (Aaron Grant), and Ken Powers (Nick Bonnette). Morgan Satkowski acted as the Bailiff, while the Court Officers included Evan LaPlante and Josh Roach. High school counselor Michelle Reid acted as the judge for the trial.  

IMG_3298Overall, students enjoyed the simulation experience. Alexis Rudnicki stated that she really enjoyed working as part of a team. She added, “I also really liked watching the lawyers cross examine the witnesses; it was the most intense part of the trial.” Nick Bonnette, who served as a witness for the prosecution, explained that in order to prepare for the trial he had to memorize the characteristics and background of “Ken Powers” and had to prepare himself for any questions presented by the defense. Nick explained that he enjoyed seeing and learning how court cases work by actually being involved in the process. The Defendant, Christian Vickers, appreciated that everyone took the mock trial seriously and now feels confident knowing how a trial works if he is ever chosen for jury duty. Mady Falk concluded by stating, “I really liked that it was a more hands-on approach. I find actually doing fun activities like this teaches me more about what I’m learning. Also, this was much more entertaining than just taking notes in class!”



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