Mrs. Hammel Brings the Iditarod Race to 3rd Grade

Social Studies Avery Foster, Nathan Dukeshire, Alex Peart, Michael Kretz

Mrs. Hammel’s third grade students are learning about the Iditarod race that is currently taking place in Alaska. This race always starts on the first Saturday of March. This year, thePotato Party - Michael Mendoza and Grace Sakac race started on Saturday, March 5th, and will take the mushers and their dogsled teams ten to twelve days to complete. The mushers and their dogs travel over 1,000 miles across the Alaskan terrain in hopes of winning the race!

Bubie Papenfuse and Tori KidwellIn reading, the children read a novel called Stone Fox. This book , while not specifically about the Iditarod, tells the story of a young boy who wants to save his grandfather’s potato farm, and does so, by entering a dogsled race! As a culminating activity, students had a Baked Potato Party! All of the students brought toppings to make the potatoes delicious! In art, the students made theJulien Chappell with his dog's birth own dogs out of a socks, rice, and lots of creativity. Then, in math class, the dogs were weighed, measured, and given a birth certificate. Finally, in social studies, the students chose a musher to follow throughout the race. Students use their iPads daily to look online and write a journal entry about each day of the musher’s race.

Mrs. Hammel explained that students love this unit! She stated, “All children love dogs, so they have really enjoyed reading, writing, and learning about dogs and this special annual race that takes place in Alaska!”


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